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Comment: Re:The stupidity hurts my head. (Score 1) 270

by JazzXP (#42769475) Attached to: Oracle Responds To Java Security Critics With Massive 50 Flaw Patch Update
We write an applet based trading platform, and due to the API adding a method with a name we were already using, we had to re-engineer heaps of our code (along with other Java issues). For them just totally discontinuing Java 6 as soon as Java 7 came out (and still had heaps of bugs) was a stupid mistake.

Comment: Good (Score 5, Interesting) 244

by JazzXP (#41578617) Attached to: Assange Seeks To Sue Prime Minister Gillard For Defamation
While I'm not a fan of Mr. Assange (quite the opposite really), I find the way he has been treated by our government absolutely deplorable. Especially when you consider how people like David Hicks (trained with terrorists) and Shappele Corby (convicted drug smuggler) have had the government behind them trying to get them home.

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