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Comment: Facebook is Meh (Score 2) 183

by Jay Tarbox (#40207353) Attached to: Why Facebook's Network Effects Are Overrated

Recently the wife and I tried an experiment, we put an ad on Facebook for a few days about her eBook. I targeted it to 18+ females with an interest in reading/romance/kindle and so on... In theory it's pretty cool how you can target an audience based on their profiles. Facebook will tell you dynamically exactly how many people meet the criteria as you add and remove options.

We saw no effect in book sales. Before, during and after the advertising, sales remained on average the same.

Comment: Re:Hey dumb ass (Score 3, Insightful) 848

by Jay Tarbox (#38513598) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Handing Over Personal Work Without Compensation?

There are lots of sysadmins and programmers without work that have much better attitude. People who would actually care about the company and their work.

While admirable, the problem with this line of thought is that the company does not care about you. Not a bit. If it benefited the company to let you go, you would be gone in a heartbeat without a thought to your loyalty.

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