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Comment: Re:LOAD "*",8,1 (Score 1) 218

by Jay L (#40851603) Attached to: Commodore 64 turns 30

You really wanted to LOAD "0:*",8,1, though, because if you left off the "0:" you'd trigger a bug in the 1541 ROMs that would eventually cause you to corrupt a program if you used save-and-replace. (The 0: indicated drive 0 of a dual drive; IIRC those were only produced for earlier PET/CBM computers with an IEEE-488 bus, and not for Commodores - though we did eventually see Lt. Kernal hard drives with partitions 0-9.)

Comment: Re:Feature, not Bug (Score 1) 85

by Jay L (#39706813) Attached to: The Cybercrime Wave That Wasn't

Remember, the people funding this research have a vested interest and a strong desire to have the numbers come out the way they want them to and, no surprise, they generally do.

Yep. I worked on a cybercrime startup idea for a while, and every single "cost of cybercrime" calculation I found - even from government agencies - was based on the same estimate from MarkMonitor. After a few years, MM was able to cite the more "official" sources with a circular reference.

Comment: Performance vs. security (Score 1) 108

by Jay L (#39554909) Attached to: GreenSQL is a Database Security Solution, says CTO David Maman (Video)

Others have commented on the security benefits of prepared statements, but one problem with them, at least on Postgres: Since you're planning the query before executing it, the planner doesn't have as much information as it will at execution time, and it might not pick the optimal plan - especially if the database changes significantly between PREPARE and EXECUTE.

OTOH, I suppose you could take every statement and turn it into a group of PREPARE/EXECUTE/DEALLOCATE. Not sure if there are performance implications with that, though.

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