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Comment Re:Perhaps, not that bad of a decision... (Score 1) 188

One can never expect any praise for such steps here on Slashdot. But allow me to put my cents in favor of this ban. First, you could look at Ted Bundy's last interview where he confesses that his career as the America's most dreaded serial killer kicked off due to pornography.

So, I'm to take the learned opinion of a bat-shit crazy serial killer as to what "kicked off" his spree. Yeah, right.

Comment All is lost anyway... (Score 4, Interesting) 108

The local TV stations have taken to broadcasting a selection of Tweets about the events they cover, as if what Joe Sixpack has to say is somehow "news". Derakhshan is right, of course, but I don't see the Joe Sixpack's of the world giving a rat's ass about something takes more than five seconds to consume.

Comment Re:As a former expert (Score 1) 112

I've been out of the field for 10 years, but what I've learned since then is that "experts" don't care if the clients can actually use the system. AV? Take it or leave it, but for software updates, well, the cost of breaking corporate software with an update (they just took out our scheduling program for 4 days) is very measurable and affects everyone in the company,

If routine operations (and updates should absolutely be part of a routine) break production you're doing it wrong. The answer is to test changes before committing them to production. The answer is not to forgo needed security updates.

Comment Re:Experts know more than non-experts (Score 1) 112

Jesus Christ. What it is it? The news or a fucking film? How am I to plan my life with this kind of vacillation going on? Huh?

Film. The phrase came about in the days before mobile trucks with microwave links or even video tape. "On-scene" news was shot on film, which had to processed and edited (yes, manually, as in cut-and-splice), and then readied for broadcast later in the evening.

Comment Re:Hiring a witch to protect from evil? (Score 1) 232

So, yeah. You busted us. No Xtian has ever accused a witch of making a pact with the devil (or a demon) because it's not in your version of the bible. Just like no Xtian has ever cherry picked scripture to support their own fears and prejudices while blithely ignoring others.

Comment Re:Hiring a witch to protect from evil? (Score 2) 232

A Christian POV is that witches don't necessarily realize that they've made a pact with the devil

Fixed that for ya. (Most Christians of my acquaintance seem to have heard of that idea but consider it nonsense.)

That lines up pretty well with my experience that most Xtians are a duplicitous lot, picking and choosing freely with parts of their chosen edition of "...the complete, true and unerring word of god" are to be observed (and cited incessantly) and which to disregard as "nonsense".

But perhaps President Bartlet illustrates it best...

Comment Re:Hiring a witch to protect from evil? (Score 1) 232

The Christian POV is that witches don't necessarily realize that they've made a pact with the devil: a demon will be the slave of the witch during the remainder of their lifetime on Earth (the demon is the source of their powers), and when they die their soul will become the slave of the demon in Hell for eternity. That might be why some are interested in life extension technology.

Not that Xtians are often prone to letting reason get in their way, but that theory kinda puts the lie to the whole "free will" argument does it not? If one is hoodwinked by supernatural powers, there can be no free will.

Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 1) 232

There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity.

If you are referring to every religion that ever existed, then I'd the most I could accuse you of is being a bit insensitive. If you're singling out Wicca, then you are applying a blatant double standard and I would call that "absolutely fucking stupid". So, tell me. Are you religious at all?

Comment Re:Feels weird agreeing with scientologists (Score 2) 265

It's up to 4 hours for a raving lunatic to "cool down".

Not sufficient. The widely employed standard period for the detention of the acutely mentally ill is there for a reason. Wild swings in behavior, mood, mentation are common in these people. Leave it to Texas to get the priorities for helping the mentally ill ass-backwards, yet again.

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