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Comment: I'm not bothered... (Score 2) 605

by Jawju (#40903947) Attached to: NASA Scientist: Heat Waves Really Are From Global Warming
In the end the planet will be a dry wasteland, but by the time I'm an old man, we'll be able to launch a probe that sends information about humanity amongst the stars - just at the same time I reawaken safe and well to find myself captain of a starship again. Plus I'll have learned how to play the flute - bonus!

Comment: Re:Obvious, no? (Score 1) 594

by Jawju (#29551423) Attached to: Bank Goofs, and Judge Orders Gmail Account Nuked
Who said anything about ordinary requests to Google to recall emails? Not me! I'm talking about the bank approaching the court and making a ludicrous request (after a ludicrous mistake). A bit of common sense could've been applied at least. Ultimately, they were idiots for sending out the email, but they compounded their mistake with another when making a stupid request to cancel an innocent person's email account. If it were me, I'd be livid.

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