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Comment: Not heroes (Score 5, Insightful) 389

by JavaBear (#47031259) Attached to: Swedish Fare Dodgers Organize Against Transportation Authorities

These people are parasites, and leeches, whose evasion is helping to drive UP the cost for everybody else.
Public transportation is en expensive service, mostly subsidized through taxes, these hypocritical parasites help make it that much more expensive for everybody else.

I hope the Swedish authorities take an idea that was floated when the same was about to happen in Denmark.

The fines the "organization" pay, are to be treated as taxable income.

Comment: Re:PS3 Optimization: Parallelizing code 7 ways (Score 4, Informative) 152

by JavaBear (#47030361) Attached to: The Technical Difficulty In Porting a PS3 Game To the PS4

"This isn't about shaders."

I'm recalling a story about the production of Uncharted 2, also by Naughty Dog, mentioning that this is definitely about the shaders and other graphical effects.

The game engine is not just general gaming code, pulled apart and optimized, it was written for the specifics of the Cell CPU, and the PS3 architecture, then optimized at a byte level. One of the tricks Naughty Dog learned, was to leverage the 7 active SPE's in the Cell CPU to assist the GPU in rendering the scenes.
They have the SPE's do some of the tasks the ageing GPU can't, as well as physics.
Besides, the GP CPU in the Cell is not an x86 CPU core, it's another relic, a PowerPC core, and not a particularly fast one at that, IIRC its primary job is to manage the 7 SPE's

Comment: Re:Titanfall's pros and cons (Score 4, Informative) 117

MS pulled a fast one at E3, wehre they used high end PC's to demo the XBox One.
IIRC MS later claimed that these were "representative" and also used for development. However, if these were the machines the devs were using to develop their game, it's no wonder they exceeded the available resources on the console.

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