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Comment Re:So using this logic.... (Score 1) 848

With physical property, the onus is on the owner to both demarkate the protected area and mark it as "no trespassing". For example, I own a couple of vacant lots in town. Kids play there, college students cut across them as a shortcut to the local 7-11 etc. It's MY land, shouldn't I be able to sue every man-jack of 'em for using my resource without permission? The answer is "NO". They're not violating a physical structure (which is assumed to have an implicit no-trespassing sign). I would have to fence (or otherwise deliniate) the area and post "No Trespassing" signs prominently around the perimeter before I can prosecute. The open, unfenced, unposted land is considered an implicit invitation. So why, for real property, does the lack of a fence imply permission, while in the wacko-world of IP using an open router is a crime? The physical property laws, to me, are pretty logical. For the record, I'm happy to see kids playing on the lots, and a bit less happy to have to pick of the trash folks drop there. However, I have no intention of slapping "No Trespassing" signs up and start suing folks. Can't we all just get along??? ;-)

Distributed Dirt Digging for Life-Extension Research 31

ReasonAtFightAging writes "When was the last time you really looked down at the ground you walk upon? The soil from your backyard - or the next street over, or a nearby graveyard, or the park across the way - could contain the key to advancing real anti-aging science: bacterial enzymes capable of repairing biochemical damage that accumulates with time and leads to age-related disease. So the dirt you stand on could contain a scientific breakthrough, and scientists want you — all of you, all around the world — to send a sample for analysis! One of the funding organizers notes: 'We're working hard to secure more funding to bring more manpower onto the project, so there is no danger of your sample being discarded because the researchers are swamped!'"

AOL Targets Digg, YouTube With New Netscape Site 84

Dotnaught writes "AOL has re-launched its Netscape.com portal as a place where user participation is balanced by moderator control. The renovated site will feature community-driven news and user-submitted video, guided by editors called anchors. "The hive mind sometimes doesn't do a thorough job," says Jason Calacanis, CEO of Weblogs, Inc., a blog network acquired last year by AOL."

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