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Comment Re:Thought Ownership (Score 1) 204

Patents were introduced so that people would publish the idea rather then keep it secret for ever - It does not do this

Copyright was introduced so that people could make money out of an idea they had to reveal in order to use - It does not do this in most cases

Trademarks were to stop people passing off an inferior copy and damaging an established brand - It still does this but not when it is not established or a known brand

Comment Re:We're blowing it. (Score 1) 113

ISIS terrorists do not need to encrypt thier communication, they either speak in person, or communicate on open channels knowing they could be intercepted (but probably won't be)

The twitter accounts, youtube, etc .. are advertising to potential recruits not a way of organising themselves

Note the FBI have a website, they don't use it to communicate with their agents in the field, and agents oftne use unsecured communication known it could be intercepted ...

Comment Re:I guess it's easier... (Score 2) 425

Most people do not eat carbohydrate, protein, or saturated fat, they eat foods most of which contain several of them, and they have meals which contain a variety of foods

Some carbohydrates give humans no energy, some lots, and restricting intake to extremes has been shown to be harmful (as is too much)

Your recommended diet is impossible for most people to understand or follow, and is by anyone's information unbalanced, it is likely (with some exercise) to allow you to lose weight, but is not a diet you should stick to indefinately, your wieght may be fine but your health may not be ...

Comment Re:Painful transition coming (Score 1) 748

The accident rate for auto cars is much less then manually driven cars already, and all the accidents involving auto cars are caused by people...and the auto car can easily prove this...

Once auto cars become more common the police and courts will not even bother looking at the evidence they will just charge the person willfully driving manually ...

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