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Comment Re:Slight devil's advocate (Score 1) 262

The only people who have produced any evidence that polygraphs work are polygraph companies ...

They are not admissable as evidence in court, which should tell you something

At best they will only tell you if someone thinks they are lying, not if they are ...At worst they will tell you that someone is worried about failing a polygraph test

Comment ..and? (Score 1) 94

Do you think perhaps Siesmologists have not done this already, with better worldwide data, and better resources, and found that it does not work ?

Saying there will be an earthquake in a band of 30 days and getting it right 1/3 times is useless, if the mass evacuations cost more in time, money and lives than the earthquake itself ...

And eventually people are going to accuse them of crying wolf and ignore them ...

Comment Re:I actually have sympathy for the dealers (Score 1) 190

So Tesla or Ford sell a car to a dealer at a fixed price (they have no reason to do otherwise), and you buy it from the dealer at a variable (higher) price, along with some "added value" that you do not want or need

Why cannot I simply bypass the dealer and buy directly... like I can for everything else!

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