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Comment: Re:How the Patent System Destroys Innovation (Score 1) 97

by JasterBobaMereel (#47711505) Attached to: How Patent Trolls Destroy Innovation

A system where Inventors get paid for other people developing their ideas, or people they sold the idea to get paid for other developing the idea is broken

If the Patent system encouraged people to innovate *and* develop their ideas then it would work, but the current system does not

Comment: Re:Surprise? (Score 2) 579

by JasterBobaMereel (#47702247) Attached to: Munich Reverses Course, May Ditch Linux For Microsoft

The same Power Users are the ones that complain every time Office is upgraded because it broke their carefully made system of spreadsheets/documents etc ...

They are using Office to it's limits already and any change will annoy them at minimum, they are almost certainly using office as a substitute for a custom built package and do not represent the vast majority of users ..

LibreOffice is no substitute for these people because a) it is not MSOffice (they use all the features and rely on the quirks) and b) they use Office beyond it's real purpose and so any substitute will not do

These are the same kind of people who cannot use any substitutions for any package (even earlier versions of the same package) it is nothing to do with the inherent usefulness to the majority of the alternative packages

Comment: Re:Alternatives? (Score 1) 240

by JasterBobaMereel (#47654135) Attached to: Patents That Kill

An industry without copyright, and where nothing has been patented for years woudl be without innovation and would not make much money ...

Except the fashion industry has no copyright, nothing novel enough to patent has been seen for years, yet they do nothing but innovate, and seem to making large profits ...

Comment: Re:Experiment not the problem (Score 1) 315

by JasterBobaMereel (#47628863) Attached to: Why the "NASA Tested Space Drive" Is Bad Science

Exactly, this was a test to see if investigating the drive was worth pursuing at all, and if the the inventor was right about how it worked

The outcome seems to be that as far as they can tell something is going on that might be interesting (but probably will not..) ..and the inventor is wrong on how it works

If the drive is not exploiting some flaw in current theories, then it will turn out to be just a massively inefficient conventional drive, but if not it will be revolutionary

Comment: Re:It's a scandal! (Score 1) 242

by JasterBobaMereel (#47361141) Attached to: Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries

It's not that they don't spy on them (USA, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) it's that they have agreed not to spy directly on them, just to spy on their links to other countries and terrorism ...

So they will not spy on you if :
you live in one of these countries,
and you have no links to any of the other countries
and you have no links to terrorism
and you have no links to anyone who has any links to terrorism
and you have no links to anyone who has any links to any one with links to terrorism
and you have no links to anyone who has any links to any one with links to any one with links to terrorism.....

Comment: ISP is an ISP ... (Score 4, Insightful) 286

They provide a single service, an internet connection, continually reclassifying this depending on if it is Copper, Cable, Broadband, DSL, Fios ... etc is a red herring they provide an internet connection and nothing else ...

They are already a common carrier, they just don't want the service they provide to be classified as this as it would introduce the possibility of competition into the market ...

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