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Comment: Re:shenanigans (Score 1) 381

by JasterBobaMereel (#46723911) Attached to: UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country

The rates for the USA are 4.7, the same as Latvia (Semi stable, recently independent from USSR), Yemen (Terrorist training ground), Niger ( lowest-ranked in the United Nations' Human Development Index (HDI) ... also until recently the Ukraine

Why does the USA consistently have the same murder rate as semi stable, struggling economies ...?

Comment: Re:Adobe and ebook DRM? Color me surprised (Score 1) 304

DRM cannot work (Except in the USA) the logic is, here is a locked box, and here is the key, please only use the key how we say ... (in the USA it can be illegal to use the key except how specified! )

The fashion industry is an perfect example of why copyright is not needed... there is no copyright on clothing design, yet the fashion industry still exists and makes lots of money ... but is forced to continually come up with new ideas, which because there is no copyright quickly propagate around the entire industry

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by JasterBobaMereel (#45163421) Attached to: Scientology's Fraud Conviction Upheld In France

Some religions are strictly non-violent, but not perfect and have still harmed their followers, and families ...

Some Atheists are violent, just as some people are violent ... and remember most 'Communists' are/were Socialist republics and the atheist dogma was anti-religion mostly because then the only religion was the state, and the leader was the leader of a cult ....(Stalin, Mao ...)

Most/All religions say that killing is wrong, but almost all of the allow killing of certain people in the right circumstances ....

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by JasterBobaMereel (#45089101) Attached to: Nest Protect: Trojan Horse For 'The Internet of Things'?

A smoke detector has one job, it needs to do this flawlessly, so smoke detectors are very very simple and are designed to have a near zero failure rate ... ...adding anything to the basic device will make it more complex and more likely to fail ... a cloud based smoke detector is all very well until your house is on fire ...

Comment: Re:Time to homeschool! (Score 1) 745

by JasterBobaMereel (#45080673) Attached to: US Adults Score Poorly On Worldwide Test

Homeschooling assumes you have enough education to teach your kids, or enough money to pay for someone else to do so, and enough time or money to spend the time to do this, and that you actually already care and actively participate in your child's education

All of this means that these statistics probably do not apply to you ...

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