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Comment Re:Old news (Score 1) 125

A Medical test that had a failure rate of 10% would be considered useless...but the failure (in both senses) of polygraphy is much worse than this ...

A medical test that only indicated the people who had similar conditions but not the one you were looking for, and did not spot the people with the condition in the majority of cases would be never used ...

Polygraphy is not effective or an aid to other methods, it does not spot the very people you should be investigating, and instead highlights a large number or false positives that you then have to waste time with

It is not "reasonably accurrate" is it a wildly innacurate, operator subjective, and has been shown repeatedly to not work!

Comment Re:Old news (Score 1) 125

The people who pass fall into two groups:

      the People who are not worried by the test, because they have nothing to worry about - They are fine
      the People who are not worried by the test, because they can beat it - These are the very people you are trying to detect!

The people they detect are mostly those who stress about minor issues, and are often the people who are most valuable ...

So it not only does not work, it weeds out people you want to keep, and fails to detect the very people you shuld be worried about

Comment Re:National level? (Score 3, Insightful) 171

If a company registered in the USA, launches from the USA, mines asteroids in space, and returns to the USA, the the US senate currently says that the company will own what they mined and brought back at least according to the USA... others may dispute this

Taking off elsewhere, landing elsewhere, the journey there and back, and exporting to other countries could be very interesting ...

Comment Re:Slight devil's advocate (Score 1) 262

The only people who have produced any evidence that polygraphs work are polygraph companies ...

They are not admissable as evidence in court, which should tell you something

At best they will only tell you if someone thinks they are lying, not if they are ...At worst they will tell you that someone is worried about failing a polygraph test

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