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Comment Re:Vast majority will be in landfill... (Score 2) 63

I wonder how many infected systems either were originally VMs or physical systems turned into VMs that will live on in VM farms far longer because they support some obsolete or unupgradeable system or because nobody wants to turn them off.

It's not hard to see systems that should eventually die off live on far longer thanks to virtualization.

Comment Everything but sexism (Score 1) 326

I'm pretty sure the answers are everything but sexism.

Let's start with differing official and fashion-driven clothing standards. Women and men dress differently. Women's clothes tend to made of more sheer material and they generally wear less of it, especially younger women. Women get to adapt to hot weather with skirts, light blouses, Even though many men don't have to wear suits, men are still expected to wear pants and in some cases jackets even if ties aren't required, but there are still places that require old-school suit and tie apparel.

Then there's HVAC systems that were designed for buildings or floors when they were built but not changed to new floor layouts. In those rare times where somebody thinks of the computer network and invites the network guy to a couple of remodel/new space meetings, I've heard building maintenance managers suggest changes to ducting and airflow balance and heard it rejected outright. So now you've got a redesigned/re-purposed space that has poor airflow characteristics -- some areas end up hot because they don't get good airflow, some end up cold because of it. Often the areas that are hot are more uncomfortable, so the thermostat gets changed to try to fix it when the ductwork needs to be changed instead.

And it wouldn't surprise me that in many buildings built before the desktop computer and the "open" office plan became commonplace that zoned heating can be tricked by having a bunch of people and computers concentrated in one place, locally heating an area near a temperature sensor that causes badly balanced airflow to over cool spaces further from the temperature sensor.

Then there's the fact that HVAC equipment doesn't last forever and I doubt that replacement and repair decisions are always made with ideal climate control goals. I'd wager that cost is almost always bigger factor, allowing the cheaper fix/replacement to get made, making the overall system somewhat worse than it was before.

And then there's the fact that no matter how good the HVAC system is tuned, some non-trivial percentage of people will be unhappy and some of these people will be the more dramatic types who amplify the perception that the space is too hot or too cold often leading to counter-productive changes.

Comment Re:But 32 bits is enough for anybody (Score 1) 211

It could be either agency really. In theory, the FTC can get involved in cases of false advertising (such as claiming to offer internet access when offering only a portion of the internet).

In reality though, they've been asleep at the switch for a long time, so probably it will have to be the FCC.

Agreed, A government phase-out of v4 would speed things along.

Comment Re:She won't be president (Score 1) 502

I think you're right about Hillary's likability which partly explains why her policies seem to be an awkward attempt to be right, smart and popular all at the same time.

I think you underestimate her as a candidate, though. Depending on who runs against her, she may stand or fall based on her likability, but that assumes someone gets a fair chance to run against her. Politics isn't an equal access contest, and you can be damn sure her connections and decades spent raising money for the DNC have bought her the kinds of favors and brass-knuckled leverage that might dissuade potential challengers from making a run at her.

I think she got a little blindsided by Obama in 2008 but also was willing to cede to him for both semi-principled reasons involving party loyalty but also for strategic reasons knowing she could resurrect her campaign easily in the next go-round.

This is her last shot now, and I think she's willing -- and able -- to call in all her markers, twist every arm and squeeze every dollar she can to get into office. Lousy personality or not, nobody else in the Democratic party has the juice to challenge her, no matter how likable they may be.

Bernie Sanders is a side show, hitting all the progressive talking points but can never attract the donor dollars for that reason. It would be hilariously fun if he would take it just a little crazier and at least feint a touch of right-wing populism on guns or immigration (the latter I think he did recently with regard to immigration and wages). I think there's an awful lot of tea partiers who hate wall street but love their guns more who might find a little honest Yankee common sense appealing.

Trump is just a clown indulging his ego. He probably believes his own bullshit, too, but he's like a sports-loving millionaire who buys a pro team to indulge his ego. Trump is just spending money to promote Trump. I also think he's potentially dangerous -- you don't do what Trump did in NY business and real estate (with Trump's personality to boot) without some brains and a lot of balls. Trump is a survivor in a city of pretty heavy predators, from Wall St. to Gracie Mansion to the unions and the garbage and building trades. He's got a zillion dollars with no strings attached and if he's not afraid of the city, the Gambinos or pretty much anyone else.

Comment Re:Real Name Policy (Score 1) 266

And just to top it off, if you didn't use your real name, they would kill ALL of your linked accounts, not just Google Plus. Given all the double talk leaving people unsure of what would be acceptable at various times, and no assurance at all it wouldn't get tightened up again, there was a significant risk to using Google+.

Comment Re:Obama should do a fact check... (Score 5, Informative) 347

For all the fear mongering, the oceans haven't risen,

Yes, they have.

the weather is fine,

Is that a joke?

and life has been carrying on.

Well, except for the mass extinction.

If AGW supporters are correct

AKA "PhD scientists studying this for the last few decades".

then the changes being proposed won't change the outcome by enough to matter.

There is no one grand solution to AGW. There are a lot of smaller steps that added together might make a difference. Failing to do any of them certainly will not help.

You cannot have a science without measurement. -- R. W. Hamming