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Comment: We should do what GPS does (Score 1) 233 233

by plover (#49946943) Attached to: June 30th Leap Second Could Trigger Unexpected Issues

Ignore it. How much does it impact humanity if the clock noon drifts a tiny bit from solar noon? We're looking at an impact of shifting noon by about a minute over the course of an average human's lifespan. The impact of ignoring it means that people who rely on sundials are left to solve the sync problem on their own, and that's a whole lot less of an impact than NTP.

Other systems that synchronize with natural phenomena, such as automated irrigation systems or automated lighting systems, can be adjusted by their owners.

If some purist insists that we have to fix it, let's agree to fix it once per century, and let the people 100 years from now figure out if it's important enough to them to worry about.

Comment: Re:change (Score 2) 37 37

by plover (#49945439) Attached to: Twitter To Introduce Curated Information Stream

"It's not about people, jokes, and #brands. It's about information, about news and pictures and stories."

Look at every other mass communication system, ever. They all have had to deal with noise. Online site owners have evolved some things that work pretty well, like Slashdot's moderation system with metamoderation, voting schemes, "like" buttons, etc. More than 20 years ago usenet news had cancelmoose. Offline we have long had people like newspaper editors, publishers, standards and practices teams, and even government censors.

Either publishers find a way to deal with spammers, trolls, and griefers; or readers abandon them once the signal-to-noise ratio gets too low as they collapse under the weight of carrying terabytes of gibberish and spam. Frankly I'm surprised Twitter hasn't offered this kind of solution sooner.

Comment: Re:Update the resume (Score 2) 229 229

by Altus (#49937675) Attached to: After Uproar, Disney Cancels Tech Worker Layoffs

What rights exactly. At least in a "right to work" state you don't have a lot of recourse unless you are being discriminated against. If an entire department is being laid off it would be hard to show that you were laid off for anything but legitimate reasons. Under what circumstances is a worker really going to end up better off turning down the money (plus the ability to collect unemployment right away, at least here in Mass).

I coukd see delaying signing to consult a lawyer maybe but I suspect in most cases they will tell you to take the money and run. its better than nothing.

Comment: Re: simpler? exclusive ad channel? (Score 1) 161 161

by Altus (#49899689) Attached to: iOS 9 To Have Ad Blocking Capabilities

Yeah what would we do without the Google+ app.

Google makes a ton of money on the data they acquire from those apps. iOS users represent heavy consumers. Google needs access to those users and their data more than apple needs Google. That's why Google pays Apple to make sure Google remains the default search option in iOS.

Comment: Not on (Score 1) 231 231

by plover (#49897361) Attached to: Microsoft Research Paper Considers Serving Web-ads From Localhost

Metro apps have ads built in - the provided Weather app has a block ad permanently lodged between the hourly forecast and the radar maps, for example. This has nothing to do with the web, the browser, or slashdot.

You deleted all the relevant bits of the post to make a non-point about some random ad blocker that would have no effect.

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