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Comment Re:Or maybe... (Score 1) 771 771

I disagree with your comment that if you try to do anything that isn't that exact same stories it wouldn't be Heavy Metal anymore. Heavy Metal magazine has been publishing since 1977 and maybe I'm just being hopeful, but something tells me there might be a few decent stories in there that could be adapted to the big screen to make fans of the original happy as well as any newcomers. Heavy Metal definitely shows its age in terms of animation and soundtrack, but I think if anyone were to do a remake, high calibre directors like Fincher and Cameron would be more than I could hope for. (I think the Dan O'Bannon zombie vignette is still goddam horrifying though.)

Comment Stupid (Score 1, Insightful) 1695 1695

As much as I think this whole is stupid and that a tiny fringe group is being given waaayyy too much publicity for something like this, I don't think shutting down its website is appropriate. They aren't hurting anyone (directly) and by shutting them up you are violating their freedom of speech, no matter how ignorant or idiotic it happens to be. Let them continue to broadcast their idiocy to the world and hopefully everyone will ignore them when they realise how dumb the message actually is. We've all heard of the Streisand effect, haven't we?

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