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Comment Re:Outdoor (Score 1) 231

I lived in a house that was totally off grid. It actually was never on grid, because the owners already had a wind turbine back in the day when the utility companies where doing the rural electrification project, and declined to be added to the grid. This house had coal heat, gas and wood stoves, gas refrigeration, and no AC at all. Located in central Montana, it was equipped with a bank of around 12 CAT bulldozer batteries, (which replaced about twenty 1 gallon square glass jars with lead plates) over 200 square feet of solar panels, a small wind turbine (about a 2 foot blade) and a backup propane generator, that was set up to automatically start up and top up the system if it dropped below a certain charge level. So basically, all the system had for load was incandessent bulbs, and occasionally a television. In the winter, that generator ran intermittently during the day, and after dark, it ran until you went to bed, and shut all the lights off. Obviously, using LED's and more power efficient TV's is possible now, but it takes a hell of a setup to go all off grid. (you could not run a modern computer or a microwave on that system, the computers where to sensitive to the square sin of the inverters, and would randomly restart. Microwaves would pop breakers if not plugged in directly to the generator.)

Comment Re:Jamming (Score 1) 368

true, but the impression I have gotten so far is that the people who actually care to build their own advanced multi rotors (like yourself) are generally aware of the regulations surrounding RC aircraft and their use, and abide by them.
The people who fly over crowded sports stadiums, through firework shows, or into the flight path of fire fighting crews are the people with more money than sense, who blew a couple grand on an inspire or phantom, and think they can do whatever they want with it.
I think that safety measures in the mass produced models would probably take care of a great deal of the problems, and the rest is up to the multi rotor community to police itself, which the RC community has done fairly well for decades.

Comment Re:Jamming (Score 3, Interesting) 368

A goodly number of the 'drones' these days have 'return to launch point' modes that activate when 2 way communication with the controller is lost, so jamming those would actually serve to clear the flight space, and locate the pilot/owner. Probably will see that mode become mandatory in any models above the indoor flight only size if this behavior persists.

Comment Re:Maybe it'll be Bollux (Score 2) 227

God, I really hope they follow the Han Solo Trilogy, 1: because I must have read them 10 times each as a teenager, and 2: because they are pretty decent, as far as Star Wars novels go, and did a good job of retconning all the weird shit Lucas did (the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs for example)

Comment Re:Ohh, she's female AND black (Score 1) 371

The point a lot of you bastards keep tying to make is this:

"You don't get equality by tipping the see-saw the other way"
Equality is great, and all but the most assholish of people are for it.
What people are against is giving only certain groups of people things, in the name of equality.
This means, rules like "You can't fire that person for being black/asian/gay/female." are perfectly fine.
Rules like "You can't hire that white man because you don't have enough (X=non white) ethnicity workers." or "Because you are of X ethnicity, you get to be first in line for Y" That concept is what people are against. The denying of anything to one group in favor of another, due to race/gender/etc. which is NEVER equality.
Equality is everyone rising together, and you don't get it by holding any group down, and you don't get it by unilaterally pushing any group up beyond the whole.

Comment Re:are you kidding? (Score 1) 371

I've actually gone polar opposite. I've pretty well stopped caring who I offend, and push it as far as I can whenever possible. Of course, I don't have much to lose, as my job is not particularly special, and I don't have a reputation of any kind to begin with. The point is, I'm sick of everyone being 'offended on behalf of X' and have made a hobby out of pushing people to it, and then calling them on their bullshit. I'll probably lose my job over it some day, but until then, its all hands on deck to teach people to mind their own bloody business.

Comment Re:Possibly misattributed to Isaac Asimov, but... (Score 1) 265

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
- Clarke's Third law.

"Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced."
- Gehm's Corollary to Clarke's Third Law.

"Any technology sufficiently complex will cause the user to generate useless mystical rites designed to aid in its use"
- Jarik's corollary to Gehm's Corollary to Clarke's Third Law.

Comment Re:Needs Independent 2nd Party Verification (Score 4, Insightful) 265

Welp, I've got a laser pointer and a table, you find us some graphene sponge and a vacuum chamber, and we'll test it. Which is the whole point of this. Its literally:

"Hey scientists of the world, we pointed a laser at some graphene, and something weird happened. Here's what we did, will you give it a go and see if we're tripping balls, or have discovered something awesome?"

Comment Re:Obviously (Score 3, Informative) 265

Article says they tested for that, and the tests show that the material is not losing atoms. It seems (according to further tests) that the graphene sponge is absorbing energy from the directed light (they repeated the experiment with sunlight and a traditional lens, with similar results) and finally reaches some sort of critical mass, and sheds electrons in a stream, rather than in random directions, resulting in thrust. If this whole hypothesis pans out, the difficulty in making a space craft that makes use of this phenomenon is that it would eventually build up a large positive charge, which would eventually damage the craft, if it can't be dealt with.

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