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Comment Re:Whatever happened to the do not call list? (Score 2) 190

You know, thats what puzzles me the most about telemarketers. They get someone to answer, and that person calls them a cockbiting fucktard and hangs up, and then, instead of blacklisting that number (because obviously, your not selling them ANYTHING) they call back every day for two years, wasting their own time on calling a number that is guaranteed to not profit.

Comment Re:Caller ID Blocker (Score 1) 190

My greatest achievement in telemarketer trolling goes as follows:
I'd been getting a lot of marketer calls, so I knew the ones calling me where going strait to a real operator, so I made a plan, and when I got the next call from them, I put on my most official sounding voice, and say:

"Thank you for calling the FBI self incarceration hotline. To surrender in English, press 1. Para español presione dos."
There is this pause, then the guy goes "Hello?"
"Thank you for calling the FBI self incarceration hotline. To surrender in English, press 1. Para español presione dos."
longer pause "Hello?"
"Thank you for calling the FBI self incarceration hotline. To surrender in English, press 1. Para español presione dos."
another pause, and then, to my eternal glee, *beeeep* as the guy presses 1.
At this point, i'm trying so hard not to laugh that I break down and shout "Your are an absolute idiot!" and hang up on the guy. I've refined my plan for this, and have several more sub-menus of script in my head for future callers.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 2) 661

I spent a bit of time a while back thinking about the whole subject at hand, organizing my thoughts and opinions, and deciding how to describe my feelings on the subject of "offensive' and "Political Correctness" and the like. It all boiled down to this:

I believe that it is the greatest privilege in the world to be offended by something.

Now let me explain why. Offensive things are the crucible and fire that refines and tempers our personalities. When something offends you, you learn more about yourself in that moment than you might learn in decades of introspection and study. You find out, right then, right there, where the edges of your personality are. Where the line is for you. You learn what your limits are, and how to push them.
There is an old saying, that gets passed around once and a while, that goes something like this:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference. - Reinhold Niebuhr.

I really like that quote, as it embodies a part of my feelings on being offended. As such, I have reached a point in my life where very little offends me, in the 'modern' sense of the word (where I must rant and rave and rail against it) but rather, I find things that I find disturbing, or disgusting, and find myself realizing my edges, but not the need to alter the things that give me those feelings.
I think possibly that some of the reason for the rise of 'triggering' and 'SJW' (ugh, that phrase) and the like, is we have failed somehow to teach people how to deal with their emotions. "Being Offended" has become a catch all term with "I don't understand/like the feelings this makes me have."

I consider myself fortunate that it has only taken me this long in life to understand all this. There is a great deal about the world I disagree with to some degree or another, but I recognize that most of it will not be changed by my shouting, and the rest can be changed by gentle actions. Additionally, I have slowly learned to seek out viewpoints dissenting and polar from my own, and test own against them, discard what I find lacking, and adopt what is superior.

What worries me is that this habit is one that may be impossible to teach to people, but must be found on ones own. I hope that this worry is unfounded, and it can be taught, if only we remember how.

Comment Re:Great.. (Score 1) 276

I know a little about mold making, and making a new mold from existing parts is *possible* but probably not cost effective for them at this time. When making new masters from existing parts, there is a LOT of weird things you have to deal with. For example, if a part has to be bent to a 45 degree angle around a 1inch curve, your master mold is going to have to have special tolerances built in to compensate for the spring and stretch in the material you are making the part out of. (basically, you have to bend it some amount past its final position, and once the clamping force is released, it springs back to its final state) So you cant just take a finished part and make a negative of it and use that negative as a mold, the new parts made would not quite match the originals. Mold making for stamp formed parts is quite the art and science.

Comment Re:Great.. (Score 2) 276

Doubtful, I've accidentally done a bit of research on the DeLorian a few late nights on the internet, and from all accounts, the molds for making the body panels and interior were dumped into the ocean back when DMC shut down, to 'protect trade secrets', which is why they use the warehoused parts, and why they cost so damn much.

Comment Re:I'm one of these guys... (Score 1) 223

Not really, i'm just looking back farther than you are. I'm not talking about 17th century chemistry, with actual scientific method, Robert Boyle, and the like, I'm talking about 420ish B.C. when the idea that everything was made up of some combination of the four elements earth, fire, air and water was considered serious 'science'
we've come a damn long way, but to discount the people who came before, and gave everything names, isolated elements for the first time, and found out that this weird yellow substance burns blue, and seems to keep that fungus from growing on our grape vines when we dust them with it. (sulfur) Many of those people, despite our best efforts to deify them, where fumble fucking around, and learned valuable things, and lived long enough to write them down.

Comment Re:I'm one of these guys... (Score 1) 223

Yeah, and you might stumble on to some neat new applications in the process. People forget, that probably half of what we know about chemistry was discovered by crazy people fumble-dicking around trying to turn lead into gold by mixing random shit together, and happening upon fantastic new chemical reactions, which they managed to write down.

Comment Re: Now... (Score 1) 412

Ok, so here's the plan:
We strip mine the entire asteroid belt, Oort cloud, and half the outer gas giants for materials, we use those materials to bulk up the smallish inner planets closer to earth size and mass, thus adjusting the gravity nearer to earth-normal. While we're doing that, we're gonna need to burrow down into Mars and re-melt its core and spin it up to restart its magnetic field. Then we actually MOVE Mercury, Venus and Mars into orbits closer to Earths, so they are better positioned in the goldilocks zone, and terraform them all. We keep the other half of the outer gas giants to serve their purpose, to sweep up debris from the solar system and reduce impacts to the inner solar system. Any remaining raw materials we have left after that, we build *sections* of Dyson sphere near our new habitable Mercury Venus and Mars, as well as Earth, and use them to scoop up as much power from the sun as we can, but without the hassle of egshelling the actual sun, which physics says you cant do because orbital mechanics don't work that way, and there is no material strong enough to do it. So the net result is we get 4 habitable planets orbiting the sun, with giant solar collectors parked ahead and aft of each of them, with general solar system defense still provided by your favorite gas giants.
After that, we find a HARD project.

Comment Re:Penny (Score 1) 702

Agreed, the dollar coin that is the same size as the quarter is a huge mistake. I'm also not a fan of all the 'state' 'park' and 'presidential' re-designs of the coins, simply because I have to stop and look at the darn thing to make sure its actual US currency, and not a theme park token or some other nationality's coins. There is a lot to be said for consistency of design in metal currency.
I spent about a week in Canada a few years back, and was really taken with their use of 1 and 2$ coins. I especially appreciated them as the perfect vending machine coin. As I was camping, I became quite familiar with pay showers that used 1 and 2$ coins, as well as snack machines that accepted them. Not having to try and iron the wrinkles out of a crumpled dollar bill to get the soda machine to take them is fantastic, and taking paper money into a pay shower seems like a disaster in progress. The larger size, as well as the two metal format of the 2$ coin makes it instantly obvious what it is, and it pretty much never wears out.

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