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Comment: Re:Already covered over at Hacker News (Score 0) 304 304

Also, OP's

Google is pushing the web as far as it will go

is just plain BS. Google is pushing the web where Google wants it to go, and that is neither near its capability or, if you just ask people, very close to WHERE it wants to go.

I dumped Chrome a long time ago, for very good reasons (bloated, slow, Google-centric) and even if they've improved those things, it's still not good enough. No thanks.

Comment: Re:So, ignorant people are easily influenced (Score 1) 133 133

Why the neverending insults and accusations, Jane?

Please explain what they are.

I repeat: I'm only responding to YOUR OWN insults and accusations. I point out the fallacies in your arguments and accusations.

For the most part the only things I've "accused" you of are things I can prove beyond reasonable doubt: misrepresentation, misrepresentation out-of-context, outright libel, and intentional, malicious defamation of character.

What else do I need to say? In fact I don't think I've "accused" you of anything else, and the truth isn't an "insult". It is just the truth.

Comment: Re:Bill Hadley is going to be disappointed (Score 1) 233 233

I don't make "baseless" comments, as I have explained to you innumerable times. And you have never -- not once -- demonstrated that my comments were "baseless".

You seem to think you can "wear me down" by making the same false accusations over and over.

All that really accomplishes is another entry in the journal.

Comment: Re:So, ignorant people are easily influenced (Score 1) 133 133

Does distorting what other people actually say make YOU feel like a big man, Bryan?

Seriously... if you had the courage of your convictions, wouldn't you just repeat what other people actually said and then refute it?

As opposed to, say, your actual habit of misrepresenting what other people say so you can try to knock THAT down with straw-man or out-of-context misrepresentations?

Do you really want to have a testerone contest? Ooops... wait... you already did, and you didn't come out smelling very good.

I will ask again: WTF is wrong with you?

Comment: Re:I'm not American so why would I care? (Score 1) 138 138

What the hell is wrong with making an actual rational argument with what I actually wrote, rather than your fevered imagination?

Repeat: what is wrong with being held LIABLE for your transgressions? You have a problem with that?

So hmm, whom do you sue when they blow themselves up as well as others?

The same people you sue when anybody else does the same thing. What, you think any of this is new?

Do you think any of your answers are new? That they haven't been done before?

Comment: Re:So, ignorant people are easily influenced (Score 1) 133 133

In a discussion completely unrelated to climate science, suggesting out of the blue that "we can just fire all the climate scientists right now" sounds like a personal vendetta.

Climate science was a rather obvious example of the principle being discussed. It was just an example of something about which one might improperly assume a bias which might not exist. Nobody singled it out as either good or evil.

Until you stepped up and jumped into it with both feet. WTF is wrong with you? Do you realize just how much that made you look like a complete moron?

Comment: Re:Bill Hadley is going to be disappointed (Score 1) 233 233

How could MY comments be a personal vendetta when that only exists in your own mind?

How could MY comments be a personal vendetta when they're only replies to your own insults?

Think about that.

Believe me: many people have reviewed our exchanges. You're the one not doing well. I'm stating that politely.

Comment: Re:So, ignorant people are easily influenced (Score 1) 133 133

Also, this anti-trust bullshit is bullshit. Call Google whatever you want in the media and.... let consumers decide. They know Yahoo and Bing exist. They know others exist as well.

If you consider source of funding to be an automatic bias and cause for disqualification, then we can just fire all the climate scientists right now.

Sound good?

Comment: Re:Where do I send ... (Score 1) 152 152

How dare they possibly charge you in the future for a service they are providing that you make the choice whether to use or not!

They're welcome to try. I don't mind. But as EFF explains, it's much BETTER to run your own WiFi hotspot as a public service. I'm already paying for the bandwidth, so who cares?

It's part of the battle which will decide whether we will be a friendly, cooperative society or permanent slaves to corporations.

Make your own choice. I already have, and I don't really give a damn which way you go.

Comment: Re:Must it be a condom? (Score 1) 171 171

Public Service Announcement --------------- It is my policy to not respond to this person because he seems to have some kind of personal vendetta, plus a nasty habit of publicly lying about other people.

Please don't feed the troll.

(And let the dumbshits identify themselves.)

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no substitute for a good blaster at your side. - Han Solo