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+ - Mellon data breach now estimated at 12.5 million

Submitted by Jamil Karim
Jamil Karim (931849) writes "Originally thought to be 4.5 million clients, the total number of clients effected by the Bank of New York Mellon Corp's data breach is now estimated at 12.5 million. Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell states that a fine against the company is being considered. Meanwhile, Mellon has setup a response web site to address those possibly impacted by the situation."

+ - Ameritrade Acknowledges Database Leak->

Submitted by HunterGT
HunterGT (931849) writes "While investigating stock-related spam, TD Ameritrade has uncovered "unauthorized code" that allowed access to a database containing email addresses, names, birth dates, phone numbers, account numbers and Social Security Numbers. While TD Ameritrade claims there is "there is no evidence" to suggest that the most sensitive of this information was taken, we all know that "unauthorized code" isn't likely to be logging its activities."
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+ - Jack Thompson rushed to judgement

Submitted by
Jamil Karim
Jamil Karim writes "MSNBC has an interesting article criticizing Jack Thompson not only for blaming video games for the Virginia Tech massacre when "police hadn't even identified the gunman", but also attacking his argument:

"And for all of Thompson's claims that violent video games are the cause of school shootings, Sternheimer points out that before this week's Virginia Tech massacre, the most deadly school shooting in history took place at the University of Texas in Austin... in 1966. Not even "Pong" had been invented at that time.""

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