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+ - Windows 7, OS X or both: multimedia dream machine

Submitted by James_Rolevink
James_Rolevink (146424) writes "Much esteemed nerds and geeks of /., my hardware is in desperate need of upgrading. I am involved in hardcore content creation, i.e.: desktop publishing, photography, movie creation/editing, audio editing etc.; basically, I need a beast multimedia workstation.

The immanent release of IvyBridge rigs has got me wondering, is there any need to stick with OS X these days? In fact, I need to write a business case for either OS X, Windows 7, or an integrated environment. Money is no object, not if the genuine advantages are there to justify it; [Gobbo voice cut] time is money, friend! [/Gobbo voice cut]

So, adhering tenaciously to plausible/justifiable/credible factoids — and avoiding at all times any fanboidom/flamebaiting — I need the comprehensive pros and cons. I was looking to any possible advantages, either way, in things like:
* 100% POSIX + 100% Unix *and* runs Photoshop
*Image handling/rendering?
*Font handling/rendering?
*Colour correction/accuracy?
*Latency (for a/v especially)?
*Hardcore multithreading/multitasking?
*Raw performance (speed)?
*Inbuilt features (e.g.: backup/security)?
*Ease of use, e.g.:
      * Universal and easy high ÅSÇÌ chäráctèr shortcuts?
      * Automation/workflows? AppleScript, Unix/POSIX
*Plug and play/integration (e.g: a/v peripherals, storgage/output devices)?
*Advantageous platform-specific core technologies (e.g.: Core audio/video, Quartz, Grand Central, ColorSync etc.)?
*Any platform-specific software must-haves?
*Anything else, either way?"

Comment: Re:implausible? it's magic! (Score 1) 258

by James_Rolevink (#33246090) Attached to: Aussie National Broadband Network Will Be Gigabit

Is it really surprising that it seems implausible to a man who doesn't even understand the concept of "peak speed"?

As Kerry O'Brien discovered on Lateline the other night, Tony Abbott is "no techno-head", "no Bill Gates".

How scary all this new fangled techno-babble must seem when running for PM and, by his own admission on national tv (another marvel of technology) Tony Abbott's limits of understanding are defeated by the concept of "peak speed".

Oh for the time when Tony would be right - on penalty of death - just because the Pope said so. The world was so much simpler when it was flat...

Comment: Yes gritty, film noire, dystopian and awesome (Score 2, Interesting) 489

by James_Rolevink (#27098111) Attached to: Watchmen Watched

It follows the spirit of the comic in a Hollywood package (read, can't possibly be identical). In some ways it's better - real people doing the same things is quite vivid and confrontational, thus the 'R'. The characters convey the same foibles and characteristics in much less 'time'. I like the revised ending... the alien thing seems a bit gratuitous to me anyway; at this point, we are meant to be left pondering the fact that Ozymandius is right, damnit!

The soundtrack rocks too. Make sure you see it in a decent theatre on a big screen with a honking sound system, so Jimm'y's All Along the Watchtower and Archie's thrusters can have full effect.

All in all, given there is an Director's Cut, extended edition with the comic book in a comic book coming, I'd almost be prepared to think this could grow into a cult film (not certain though). It's good enough to warrant watching the Watchmen again.

The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side. -- James Baldwin