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Comment: Headphones (Score 2) 262

by JamesRing (#45275155) Attached to: Do You Need Headphones While Working?
The whole point of getting people into an office together is so that they can communicate and get work done faster than if they were all telecommuting. I think headphones hurt that, it's annoying to have to tap people on the shoulder to ask them something. Obviously you shouldn't bug people if you don't have to, but this applies with or without headphones.

Comment: Re:Pilot error? (Score 1) 506

by JamesRing (#44217999) Attached to: Boeing 777 Crashes At San Francisco Airport
Your emphasis is on the wrong runway. He was on runway 28L, the glide path component of the ILS was out of service, thus he would have been flying a visual approach. The PAPI lighting (giving a visual cue about the glide slope) was working at the time. Even if the ILS was working I'm sure many pilots would have opted for a visual approach given the perfect weather conditions.

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