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Comment: Re:Similar Performance to Nvidia (Score 1) 103 103

Well I looked on the forums and apparently RAGE used some VERY Nvidia specific OpenGL "tweaks" that gave a couple of cards a problem (namely 7970,7990) unless you did a little editing on the .ini files to bypass the bullshit.

Does it suck that in this day and age we still have to occasionally edit .INI files like its Win95? Yep but as long as you have one side playing dirty (Look on the forums about Nvidia Gameworks, looks like they have been trying to "pull an Intel" and code certain features to purposely gimp the framerate on Intel and AMD GPUs) or refusing to use standard APIs? Shit like that WILL happen. Maybe I'm just lucky in that I never get the top tier, preferring to stay at least 1 rung below, in that these kinds of problems almost never happen.

But I can say I went from the Athlon X2 7550 to the Phenom II X4 965 to X6 1035T to my current FX8320E, and from the HD4650 to HD4850 to HD7750 to R9 280 and my gaming experience? Nothing but candy and cookies. And the money I saved allowed me to get 6TB of HDD, an SSD for boot, and 16GB of RAM which makes all my games just as smooth as butter. The only "problem" I'm having is getting used to using a flight stick again after all these years (what can I say, got addicted to War Thunder) and getting used to (finally) giving up my trusty 20 inch 1600x900 monitor for a 27in 1080P, now everything is soo big.

But I'm glad Nvidia is working out for you, but after Bumpgate I wouldn't take one of their cards if it was hand delivered by Playboy Bunnies. Say what you will about AMD but that 4650? STILL RUNNING in a PC I sold awhile back, the twin Nvidia cards I had before that? Yeah they are in a landfill. Fool me once...

Comment: Re:Hangouts "loses" messages (Score 1) 54 54

You are lucky that you didn't get the flipside, which is when it syncs a bunch of shit you don't want!

The Gmail account I use for phone sync is one I use at the shop for mostly dealing with companies, requests for RMAs, parts inquiries, stuff like that.....can you guess what the new Hangout/SMS did the first time my new smartphone sync'd up? If you said "overload your contacts with tons of worthless contacts" you are correct! All those "do not reply" addresses sending me RMA info, companies I hadn't dealt with in a couple years that I had one or two dealings with, its obvious they just scraped every single email address they possibly could from that account and dumped ALL that shit into my contact list! I ended up having to download a third party tool just to clean that shit out, immediately followed by me dumping Wangout (love that name, so apropos) for Go SMS.

The Google Fanboys can throw shit at me all they want, but I have been using Android since Donut and since going public Google has really gone downhill. Before they were like these cool crazy engineers just cooking up shit because "Hey this is something we'd like to have" and now it feels like its being run solely by MBAs standing in front of a powerpoint going "Our focus group says the crucial 18-35 demographic likes" followed by drivel somebody that reads Forbes would think kids like and it fucking stinks.

Lets hope Google gets their collective shit together or one of the alternatives (C'mon Cyanogen!) gets some real traction because right now I feel like the choices in smartphones are just trying to find the least amount of suck and frankly ALL of them have pretty high degrees of suck right out the gate.

Comment: Re:Similar Performance to Nvidia (Score 1) 103 103

Did you contact Steam support? Because it sounds like you were having an issue, the question is WHY were you having the issue? Did you test the memory of the GPU with a stress test? You may have had defective cells in that particular card. I've seen that happen at the shop too and most never think to check that.

But I can tell you that I have the exact same game (got the Deluxe Edition) from the same place (Steam sale) and on a stock HD7750 I was getting consistent 30FPS+ with most settings medium or above. So if I was able to get those numbers and you weren't, despite having 2 generations more powerful hardware? Yeah I have to wonder if there was something wrong with your particular card, as you should have been getting 3 times what I was easily.

Comment: Re: Hate to be that guy, but Linux (Score 1) 513 513

Uhhh...he asked for a bunch of shit to be integrated into the OS which just FYI but NOBODY integrates into their OS by default (even your mainstream Linux distros don't come with an IDE and compiler in the base install) which was obviously designed to either 1.- Make it so the only OS which could fit his :criteria" would be Lunix, or 2.- Appeal to programmers, which again less than 1% of the population is a fucking programmer.

So if you are one of the above? The world does not care about you, sorry and I ain't gonna sugercoat shit for your consumption, that is the job of your mommy not me sweetheart. As I told the other dumbass quit your damned whining, get your cheap ass employer to pony up for a decent IDE and compiler because the other 99.2% of the planet? Has ZERO fucks to give about your needs.

Comment: Re:Why Firefox pisses me off the least (Score 1) 142 142

Actually talked to the oldest today....he went back to the last Presto version and disabled updates because of them pulling shit like that LOL, once a diehard Opera user always a diehard Opera user. BTW I hear some of the ex-Opera team are making their own browser, maybe the oldest will get lucky and they'll make a new port of presto.

Comment: Re:Why Firefox pisses me off the least (Score 3, Informative) 142 142

Luckily this isn't the bad old days where it was just IE and netscape, today you DO have options! There is Comodo Dragon (what I use, better security features and no phone home to Google) Chromium, SWIron, and Opera which my oldest boy swears is the greatest thing ever (boy is he still pissed they quit using presto) and on the gecko side there is Firefox, PaleMoon (the other browser I use, I prefer the UI over IceDragon and it seems snappier), SeaMonkey, IceDragon, if you need really low resource there is always Kmeleon which runs really well even on a P3 running Win98SE and if you want to avoid BOTH the Chromium and Gecko engines you can go with QTWeb which is just what it says on the tin, a cross platform browser that uses Webkit and QT.

Comment: Re:Demographics (Score 1) 256 256

Or maybe, juuuust maybe, I'm just throwing this out there....we should actually take the words of Dr King to heart and judge people by the content of their character instead of making quotas based on racism?

Remember boys and girls, reverse racism is STILL racism and two wrongs? Never make a right.

Comment: Re:The answer's simple... (Score 3, Insightful) 136 136

Exactly, why leave money on the table when you don't have to? Those that are care about gaming (instead of bragging rights) will pick up the AMD version and use the savings for increased RAM and SSD space which will make for a faster system overall (since games haven't been CPU bound in years) and those that want to brag "I got teh fastest of teh fastest!" can grab the Intel...and AMD gets paid either way, smart move.

Just remember boys and girls do NOT buy your CPUs based on the benchmarks because Intel came right out and admitted they rigged them (which just shows you how toothless the DoJ is these days, I have zero doubt the CEO of Intel could walk out on stage and drop his drawers and tell the DoJ to kiss his ass and the only response would be the DoJ asking what color lipstick he preferred) and this is backed up by Phoronix which shows that with GCC you "magically" get a 30%+ performance boost and their numbers match up almost perfectly with Tek Syndicate who has the $140 FX8350 trading blows with Intel chips costing more than twice the price.

I know I've got to try just about every Intel and AMD chip at the shop and using real world applications side by side and testing them?'ll be lucky to get 8% difference in real world uses, sorry. Now sure if you buy a $1000 Intel chip you might get 20% higher....for an increased cost of 600%+, in my book that math don't work so good. I can say I was impressed enough with the FX chips I grabbed the FX8320E and I'm loving every minute of it, its a multitasking beast and even after 6 hours of transcodes I have yet to be able to break above 118F and paired with an R9 280 I can play all the latest games with all the purty and never have a skip nor shudder. If you want to build a badass gaming rig cheap? Go with the FX chips, you will NOT regret it!

Comment: Re: Hate to be that guy, but Linux (Score 2, Insightful) 513 513

Lets see...don't care as I'm not a programmer,don't care as I'm not a programmer,Ninite has LO...yeah why don't you try a little harder to just list "shit nobody but Linux users gives two shits about" huh? Maybe you should add GIMP and those googly eyes or the rotating cube desktop crap?

NEWS FLASH less than 1% of the planet is fricking programmers, hence why Linux user base is so low its listed as "other". If this really bugs you so much may I suggest you try thinking different? And to suggest Windows should come with a fricking IDE and compiler...BWA HA HA HA, why should MSFT load up the OS with crap that won't be used just to please the 1% of the world that is programmers? Get your boss to spend a buck or quit whining and find a better boss, LOL!

Comment: Re: Hate to be that guy, but Linux (Score 1) 513 513

Uhhh...why would you do that? Windows can take care of drivers through WU, if you just have to have the ones that came with the board? Most come with a CD that has a "1 click install" option. As for third party...Ninite. All automated, NO ADWARE, just pick what you want and run the're welcome :-)

Comment: And yet you can still get the Nazi memorabilia (Score 1) 815 815

As you can see here...BTW when is everybody gonna wake the fuck up and realize they are using this trivial bullshit to get us to ignore the corporate fucking they are trying to sneak through the back door with the TPP fast track?

Comment: Re:Similar Performance to Nvidia (Score 1) 103 103

It wasn't the drivers dude, if I were to hazard a guess it was your OS, specifically the registry and Windows love of reinstalling drivers on reboot. The reason it didn't affect your Nvidia card? Because that would have written new entries in the registry.

Next time you have an issue like that? Uninstall the drivers and then use a good registry cleaner to blow out the registry along with removing the old driver from the driver store BEFORE you install another driver. All your driver switching simply added good code on top of bad code and just made the mess that much bigger. I've seen it countless times in the shop, this is one place where MSFT fucks it up BIG time.

Remember if you haven't removed the driver from the Windows Driver Store Windows will reinstall it the second you boot back up,so the only way to truly install clean on Windows 7 and above is remove the particular drivers from the driver store.

Comment: Re:Thanks but no thanks (Score 2) 85 85

Let me translate..."Wahh I don't like the laws as written because it hurts the OS I wave a flag for, so its "exploitation" to use the patents as the law intended" that REALLY your position?

If you don't like the laws? Form a PAC, do a ton of E-Begging, then bribe congress critters until you get the law changed.....but don't be surprised when you go to big Linux corps like Google and Red Hat and they tell you to pound sand, because the current system benefits them too by raising the barrier of entry to potential competition....or is it your position that GOOG and RHEL are "exploiters" too?

Comment: Re:What's the score now? (Score 3, Informative) 77 77

Citation please? Because the last press release I saw from AMD on the subject said they were releasing docs as fast as the lawyer could sign off on them and that they hoped to replace their binary blob in the future with the FOSS driver. To that end they had gone so far as to hire a couple extra devs to work on the FOSS drivers to help them get closer to release parity.

Now I can understand why you will never have certain features supported by the FOSS drivers, why? AMD doesn't own the rights and thus has no legal way of releasing that code, for example HDMI with HDCP is owned by Intel and I'm sure their codecs are covered by the MPEG-LA patents but from what I understood AMD has been releasing all their docs not affected by others patents including the APUs which I would assume to be of most benefit to Linux users. Have they changed their position?

Comment: Re:Similar Performance to Nvidia (Score 1) 103 103

Uhhh...except its bullshit? I know because I HAVE the same game, got it on the Steam sale same as he did, and on the HD7750 which is more than 3 tiers below his card? Yeah....never dropped below 35 FPS with most of the game set to medium or better.

If he bought it at release? Sorry but he is a beta tester, he should have known that the game devs are sticking to the "get it out now, fix it later" mentality, just look at Arkham Knight which runs like ass on pretty much every system no matter how powerful. I watched a YouTube vid the other day and the guy reviewing had SLIed Titans and the thing STILL dropped below 15 FPS! A smart player waits for 90 days at the earliest before buying a game, by then all the shitfits from players have born fruit as patches and the game should be playable.

But if my HD7750 could run it over 30FPS for the entire game? Yeah....he's doin it wrong..

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