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Comment: Re:Pioneers get arrows in back (Score 1) 122

Its a bad idea, full stop. Its a watch that requires a phone to be of any real a time when most under 30 look upon a watch as a throwback to the days of disco.

Both of my boys are in their early 20s, neither have owned a watch...why? Because they have been surrounded by things with clocks built in since birth, that's why. I work less than a mile from the local college so I work around college kids all day...damned near zero watches, why? They already have a smartphone AND a tablet AND a laptop AND a clock in their cars....WTF they need a watch for? Hell I'm nearly 50 and haven't worn a watch in over a decade, the wife is 7 years older than me and doesn't even own one, that is what the phone in her pocket is for.

It just shows IMHO that Apple has run out of ideas as all the previous hits of the past decade plus, iPhone,iPad,iPod,etc were all things that people already used and had uses for that had bad UIs, the watch? The few people I know who refuse to let go of their watches are traditionalists that value things like Swiss movements and have NO desire to add high tech crap to their wrist, the rest? Well as one group of college kids in the shop said when the first talk of iWatches came up "If I have to have my phone...what do I need the watch for?". I couldn't think of an answer then other than "to give something for Apple to sell to hardcore fanboys" and I still can't come up with anything else, as for an ever growing segment of the population a watch belongs next to a rotary phone in the dustbin of history.

Comment: Re:Did they mention the yummy GMOs (Score 1) 288

by hairyfeet (#49499469) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

Look at the circletimessquare account history....its a corp account designed to derail threads, the current clients appear to be Monsanto and any of the oil corps. It goes dead for months,then the "poster" cops a superior attitude and spams if any of the above are the headline (at last count "he" is up to nearly a dozen on this thread) while at almost the same instant a wall of ACs join in to heckle anybody that disagrees.

You might want to look up "how corporations control social media" and you'll see its following the plan to the letter, have 1 account to speak "from authority" on the subject while a wall of ACs parrot agreement while heckling those that disagree, thus causing the majority to go along for fear of being the minority. Its classic psychology 101 stuff.

Comment: Re:Sadly, I don't see an "out" for AMD (Score 2) 120

by hairyfeet (#49495315) Attached to: AMD Withdraws From High-Density Server Business

That is because Phoronix tests are compiled with GCC, the benchmarks used on the gaming sites (which just FYI Cinebench just got caught cheating, 30% bonus hit for any AMD chip over Intel thanks to the flags they used on the ICC) is using the Intel Crippled Compiler which has been designed from the very first release to DISABLE any and all SSE functions on any non pushed Intel chip. They have been doing this since 2005, have admitted they are doing it, and still no sanctions by DoJ. Again the DoJ proves they are absolutely worthless and might as well not exist, as they have been bought off since the MSFT trial ended in 03.

BTW before any of the fanboys chime in with their "herpa derp, Intel knows how to compile better for their own chips, derpa de do" I have 2 words for you.....Pentium III. When the ICC was released every benchmark was showing the P3 curbstomp the P4 by as much as 35%, ICC gets released, Intel throws money at benchmark sites to use ICC and...wadda ya know, P3 is suddenly losing to the exact same chips they beat a year before isn't that amazing? You can also go buy yourself ANY Via CPU, change the CPUID from "Centaur Hauls" to "Genuine Intel" and .......gasp! Suddenly the exact same chip scores nearly 40% higher than the previous run, all thanks to the magical CPUID!

The fact that GCC magically puts out code that paints a VERY different picture ought to give you a clue guys, its hilarious that you scream when companies like Comcast manipulate your Internet to push you to use their services yet here is a company that has gone on the record stating flat footed they are manipulating the market which not only kills competition but makes YOU pay higher chip prices (as if the benches weren't rigged Intel's actual performance numbers wouldn't be high enough to justify the cost and they would have to lower prices, a win for the consumer) and what do you do? Defend the corp raping your wallet.

Rigged markets are bad for everybody BUT the corp doing the rigging, its bad for competition, bad for consumers, and bad for the market as a whole. I don't care which chip you like the fact that a corp is getting away with such blatant rigging? Ought to piss you off!

Comment: Re:Sadly, I don't see an "out" for AMD (Score 5, Insightful) 120

by hairyfeet (#49491993) Attached to: AMD Withdraws From High-Density Server Business

If you are like sadly many others going by the benchmarks please note that even Intel admits they rigged the benchmarks and when you use actual programs instead of the rigged benchmarks? You'll find that AMD chips are trading blows with chips that cost 3 times as much while the actual power they use is low enough it would take 18 years for you to come out ahead on power savings. Sorry for two of the links being from one site but Tek Syndicate is one of the few hardware sites that isn't getting the majority of their ad revenue from Intel.

If anybody still doubts that the US DoJ is nothing but a toothless joke? Intel should be all the proof you need. Here you have a company that admits flat out they are rigging the tests every major website uses to judge performance, was allowed to pay off its rival after several CEOs got on the stand and admitted Intel was bribing their companies, used their leverage in one market (CPUs) to wipe out a competitor in another market (chipsets) while memo were leaked talking about how they were gonna "cut their throats" and they STILL didn't get fucking busted? If the MSFT antitrust were to happen today I have no doubt Gates could walk right into the deposition room and take a big dump on the table as his response and the DoJ would be lining up to offer him TP!

So don't buy the bullshit, or "tests" done by sites where the majority of their advertising budget is filled by Intel, get an AMD and see for yourself. Here in the shop I've had just about every Intel and AMD chip come through the door and on everything but the over $600 chips? You are seeing MAYBE mid single digits difference, with everything under $400 a chip trading blows back and forth....except of course on price, where it will cost on average double to trade blows with the AMD chip. Sadly the rigging doesn't just extend to benches though, you go to sites like Tom's and Anand's and you'll see writer admit that most of the new games coming down the pipe require quad cores to even play....and then push an Intel Pentium dual core over even a hexacore in the same price bracket. Of course when you turn off adblock you'll see why, as the page is covered with ads for Intel boards and chips. Never in all my years in computing have I ever seen one company be so damned blatant in their market manipulation and not even get so much as a slap on the wrist for it, I only hope the EU investigation has more teeth and hits them with enough fines that Intel will finally have to play on a level field which they have not done since the day the P4 was released!

Comment: Re:Terrible Film? Why? (Score 1) 114

by hairyfeet (#49480005) Attached to: Daredevil TV Show Debuts; Early Reviews Positive
The pacing and editing was terrible, as well as the writing for Dr Doom. With every bad guy in the GOOD Marvel movies you felt like you knew why they did what they did and why they would do it that way, whereas Dr Doom was just "yeah...he's evil, just roll with it". They couldn't just let moments happen or tension build, it was like the director had ADHD and couldn't stand letting the camera linger.

Comment: Re:Terrible Film? Why? (Score 1) 114

by hairyfeet (#49456025) Attached to: Daredevil TV Show Debuts; Early Reviews Positive
I didn't get it, it was a perfectly ok film. It wasn't Captain America or Iron Man 1 great but it sure as hell ain't Fantastic Four terrible, it was pretty much just an "I watched an ok superhero flick" for me...maybe THAT is why its hated? Because it didn't turn out to be the epic that the uber fanboys wanted?

Comment: Re:Debunking a myth (Score 1) 297

He didn't write the rule you idiot, their prophet did and in case you haven't bothered to read the book or even learn a damned thing other than SJW political correctness (surprise surprise) they take what Mohammed said AS LAW, so yes Virginia a rule written by the prophet DOES take precedence over whatever bullshit your PC friends are shoveling.

In case you can actually read (that is if your PC beliefs don't make anything that isn't dogma verbotten) perhaps you should try educating yourself before you open you mouth, hmm? BTW you won't hear any of the "religion of peace" pushers mention this because it is holy to lie to non Muslims as long as it furthers the political goals of Sharia and Islam.

Comment: Re:Debunking a myth (Score 0) 297

I'm so damned tired of people not understanding how to read the Koran. Their prophet saw that with the other religions they would have conflicting passages so he wrote in a "fix" for this issue. Quite simply he wrote "If a passage comes later it supersedes the passages that came before" and by doing so fixed the issue of conflicting passages (because one had to have been wrote later than the other) in a single sentence.

By using the rule guess what you find? All the "religion of peace" passages are replaced by "jihad jihad jihad" written by the blind mullah in the 1700s, sorry I can't remember his name right off the bat. You cannot judge the Koran by the same rules you judge any other religion because they do not have the supersedes rule so with them you have to take the entire book as a whole, with the supersedes rule all conflicts are removed and whomever wrote the latest Hadiths overrules those that came before, simple as that.

Comment: Re: mode of death (Score 2) 96

by hairyfeet (#49452971) Attached to: Being Overweight Reduces Dementia Risk

Insightful? Really mods? As someone whose father in law has it let me clue you in on something pal, they can literally feel their minds going and can't put their fingers on WHAT is going wrong, just that something IS going wrong. Result? Either they cry as another guy said or even more likely they get ANGRY and stay that way for the rest of their days.

Picture a wounded animal, snapping at those around it because it is in pain and cannot help itself...THAT sounds like fun to you? I know you are probably basing it on vids of Douglas Adams.....DON'T DO THAT, Adams had a VERY rare form that attacks the back of the brain instead of the front and center, that is extremely rare, for the other 99.9995% it attacks the front and center and while you may end up as nothing but a quietly laying lump that takes a very loooong time to get there and for the rest? You are dangerous (because you refuse to accept you can't do the things you always did), mad (because you know you aren't right but cannot create the words to express it which is frustrating as hell), and you often refuse to have a damned thing to do and will outright attack those that try to help you like your family because you cannot recognize them no more except for a vague feeling that leaves you uneasy...and THAT sounds like its "not bad" on the inside?

Personally I'd rather eat a damned bullet than end up like that, at least it would be over quickly.

Comment: Re:Time to stop considering individual components. (Score 0) 85

by hairyfeet (#49447649) Attached to: Intel's Core M Performance Is Erratic Between Devices

This is why I tell folks unless they are doing something where they have to have a mobile computer? Buy a desktop, hell even if they have to have a mobile computer they are often better off buying a cheap desktop AND cheap laptop than trying to do it all on a laptop because of the compromises required for the insane "thin is in" trend we are getting pushed by the OEMs.

Remove the crazy low temps that mobile devices have to hit? You can have a computer that can play Titanfall on an APU that costs just $36 bucks shipped. Spend an extra $16 for the 5350? You can run just about any game out there on low, which means in the real world you can do every task your average user does in a day, from MSO to 1080P video, and have a nice experience doing so. Of course that is what happens when you remove the insane-o temp barriers the mobile devices have, you remove the boat anchor and let the chips really stretch their legs.

But the dirty little secret in the PC biz is as I've been saying for years, which the numbers back up is that for Joe and Jane Average? That first gen C2D or Turion X2 laptop is more than good enough for what they do,surf the web, play FB games, check webmail, we've had multicores for a decade now so more and more are finding they just don't need to replace until the unit wears out. Even Apple's much discussed and lampooned "gotta have the new model!" fanboys seem to be thinning out as they find their last gen Macbooks and iPads do everything they want them to do.

To use a car analogy its like having a Ferrari to drive to the store while the car lot brags " Come buy the new Ferrari, with 20% better gas mileage and 15% more speed!"...we already got more than we need now for the tasks at hand, thx anyway.

Comment: Re:regulation? (Score 4, Insightful) 244

by hairyfeet (#49445667) Attached to: 3D Printed Guns Might Lead To Law Changes In Australia

What common sense? Largest mass murder by individuals in USA? Didn't involve any guns, they used box cutters, care to ban those? Second biggest maybe? Nope diesel and to ban those?

Ya know why I personally think gun banners are hypocrites? Because they sit there and go "wahh drug laws do not work, legalize pot because the drug laws cost us billion for nothing waah" and then turn right the fuck around and do the exact same stupid shit with regards to fucking guns!

In case nobody bothered to fricking tell you we have this thing called a border? Go down to it and you can buy anything from sex slaves (bigger than a load of guns) to a fricking truckload of any drug you want (bigger than a load of guns) and if you pay a little extra? They deliver to your door! So how in the hell do you think you are gonna keep a load of guns, which can easily fit into a fricking foot locker, out when you can't do a damned thing about the slave or drug trafficking trades NOW?

Now here is the kicker, pay REAL close attention now, okay? You see criminals do not follow your laws....which is why they are called fucking criminals and not go-go dancers! I know, what a concept! SO just like the stupid drug laws they will NOT affect those that do not give a rat's ass about your laws like...drumroll, criminals that want to commit violent crimes, but will only affect those that want to legally own a gun thus making it EASIER for the very same criminals to prey upon them since hey, no worries about them defending themselves huh?

Finally here is some food for thought.....did you know when you support gun restrictions and bans YOU sir are supporting racism? Well guess what, you certainly are! Feel free to look up "Fear of an Armed Negro" on YouTube which traces the gun laws and gun bans back to the very first ones...wanna guess why they were passed? If you say "To keep them uppity niggers from fighting back" then you win a prize! Why do you think one of the first guns demonized was the "Saturday Night Special"? It was because they was cheap yet well made self defense weapons which appealed to blacks! Please feel free to watch, they have interviews, even quotes from the ones that wrote the actual gun laws where they don't even pussyfoot around the issue, they make it clear in their own words that yep, them uppity Negroes ain't staying on the back of the bus, better make sure they can't defend themselves if we decide to open a can on them!

So as you can see, multiple reasons why all these anti-gun laws? Are stupid, pointless, a waste of resources, and more than a little, hell more than a LOT, racist. This isn't even bringing into account the logical arguments, like you can build weapons that will kill more in any household with things you can find around the kitchen, the knowledge to do so can be downloaded in a couple seconds with a Google search, hell if you want to build a lethal weapon that fires projectiles again simple Google search will show you how to build several designs that don't need anything you can't get in a hardware store, from crossbows to coilguns,and finally you don't even need store bought bullets to make a weapon as its not like lead is hard to get and a wide range of substances have more explosive potential than gunpowder!

So no matter which way you want to slice it, gun bans? Fucking stupid.

Comment: Re: why do "tech savvy" install these again? (Score 1) 45

You use Chrome (or Dragon, or Chromodo, or Firefox or Palemoon, those are the ones I know about) and simply have it sync across your devices? Its a hell of a lot better than the users only having a single password for everywhere or having to constantly deal with "I forgot my password, help me".

And please don't bring up password managers as I have yet to see one where the user can 1.- just start surfing without having to deal with the manager, 2.- have the manager sync every new password and password change automatically between devices, and 3.- Do all of this without the user needing to babysit the thing. Remember folks that users will only put up with a tiny amount of irritation before they say "fuck it" and just use a single password they can always remember, so if its that or save in the browser? then let 'em save in the browser.

Comment: Re:ad blocker? (Score 0) 358

by hairyfeet (#49436555) Attached to: Google To Offer Ad-Free YouTube - At a Price

What gives them the right to risk our financial security?

If a store you went to told you that you have a 1 in 10 chance of being robbed and they would NOT do anything about it, would you shop there? Well those are EXACTLY the odds you take when you allow ads to run, as the absolute best scoring AV on the planet is a hair over 90%...that means 1 in 10 nasties WILL get through, throw in 0 day bugs where they don't have signatures? Your odds drop to around 1 in 7 last I checked. Considering we have bugs now that can lock ALL your data up for ransom which even the FBI can't crack? You'd have to be insane to allow ads to run, because even if you get "lucky" and the malware you end up with (which you WILL end up with, we've seen malware served in that past by pretty much every major website at 1 time or another) isn't ransomware? You will get to shell out to have your credit monitored, CC changed, have to change all your passwords...that is if they don't get to 'em first and hijack your accounts to spew spam and malware that is. Will the website that infected you pay for the cleanup? Not a chance in hell.

So until they are held to the same standards as B&M stores I do not care if they all go under, its not my fault they based their business model on putting their users at serious risk of being robbed.

Comment: Re:I patched my tape library, that changed (Score -1, Troll) 53

by hairyfeet (#49433311) Attached to: Heartbleed One Year Later: Has Anything Changed?

Laugh out fucking loud, you know who you sound EXACTLY like? The Cult of Steve who swore up and fricking down that MacDefender "didn't count" because it didn't fit the third definition of "virus" in some dictionary,ha ha ha ha!

Accept your failure already, I guarantee that you would NOT be making those kinds of fucking excuses if it were Windows or Mac, and since these can always be chained together, for example use a local exploit that gives you root after you use a network exploit that gives you local access? Just more excuses which like assholes stink.

If you don't have time to do it right, where are you going to find the time to do it over?