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Comment: Re:Adroid's Reputation is Ruined (Score 1) 214

by James Carnley (#48321389) Attached to: Android 5.0 Makes SD Cards Great Again

I'm not seeing how Google caused your problems. Maybe be angry at Samsung for not giving you access to Lollipop?

This API specifically makes your "organize my pictures on it" use case possible in an easy fashion. Instead of being happy that Google is working to make your use cases easy you somehow turn this into a tirade about Google. I'm just a little confused.

Comment: Re:Sounds good until Google pulls the plug (Score 3, Insightful) 126

by James Carnley (#44266453) Attached to: Limitations and All, Chromebooks Appear To Be Selling

No, they wouldn't.

Killing Reader doesn't mean Google is shutting down all of their products. Reader is the only "important" project they've shut down and that's only because we are all nerds and used Reader constantly. Most people on the internet don't use RSS or even know what it is.

Chromebooks are one of the major pieces of Google's ecosystem. There's no way they will be shut down or neglected unless Google completely changes its business model. At that point we will have more to complain about than Google shutting down a few products.

Comment: Re:The French will come back (Score 1) 350

I just wish Google News allowed end users to filter out sources that are more propaganda than anything (Drudge, Newsmax, Fox...)

You can personalize your sources in Google News right now.

First, open the configuration menu (the gear icon) then look towards the bottom of the pane. You will see an adjust sources section. Throw in Drudge and set it to Never.

Now you can read your own personalized information bubble.

Comment: Re:Barcode scanner app (Score 1) 163

by James Carnley (#39151161) Attached to: Mozilla Partners Up With LG To Combat Apple and Google

You are not understanding my point and it looks like you are not paying attention to what the OP is saying.

It takes under a second for the sample images to be scanned on my machine. It's fast. It's pure client side HTML/JavaScript.

If you look on the same page that I linked to then you will see that it can also process video in JavaScript doing the same checks.

Further more, barcode scanning algorithms are plentiful and are not nearly as complex as other processing we are already doing in JavaScript. This demo's algorithm is doing harder work than a barcode algorithm would be doing and performance is very good.

The bottom line is that a barcode scanner application is technically and practically possible. This demonstrates that very well. The Mozilla app store will have no problem creating a shopping app using their web capabilities.

Comment: Re:They can do whatever: IE is part of the OS... (Score 2) 476

by James Carnley (#38387794) Attached to: Microsoft Upgrading Windows Users To Latest Version of MSIE

How did this not get modded Troll?

Good luck uninstalling Safari on OS X or WebView on Android.

The OS has to have an underlying web rendering engine so that apps built to show HTML in an internal window work correctly. It's a core part of the application SDK and nearly all applications would break in some way if you deleted them.

Comment: Re:Minecraft is proof... (Score 1) 272

by James Carnley (#38063780) Attached to: Minecraft Is Finished

I've played it before. It's not like playing with LEGO. You just take LEGO pieces and use them in a board game.

If anything it furthers Goaway's point. They had to add rules and special pieces in order to make a "game" out of LEGO. Without the game you are left with just LEGO, which is not in itself a game. Just a tool for expressing creativity. Like a paint program. Or early Minecraft.

Any given program, when running, is obsolete.