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Comment: Re:Obama is but a puppet (Score 5, Interesting) 180

by hairyfeet (#47942981) Attached to: Apple's "Warrant Canary" Has Died
I simply think they know what is coming, we are about to hit (if we haven't already) the singularity, that moment in history where the world is completely changed forever, like the invention of the engine and the airplane but the coming one? Its NOT gonna be nice if the "Ayn Randiates" in the halls of power have their way.

So what is the new singularity? Simple its the day when human labor is no longer needed to maintain and advance the world. Its the day when everything from picking beans to paving roads can all be done by machines that never get paid, never ask for days off, its the corporate idea of heaven!Its the dark reality of John Henry, that no matter how hard you work, even if you work yourself to death, the machine will just keep on working and will run you down without a bit of remorse.

When that day comes there is really only 3 paths, one of which we partially do now which is 1.- "make work" where you pay somebody for doing a pointless "job". We do that now at fast food joints, if you raised the minimum wage to a living wage and quit letting the corps hand out "how to get government handout" videos to new employees? You'd find within a year all the fast food workers replaced with an automated system that not only wouldn't get paid but would probably have a better track record than the underpaid overworked employees do know when it comes to getting orders correct.

The second option would be the "Star Trek Socialist paradise" which would be the most humane of the three, basically give everyone a basic wage and let them do what they will with their free time while giving extra benefits and credits to those that choose to "serve the greater good" by devoting themselves to science and medical research. It sounds now but sadly too many greedy bastards at the top would rather burn the forest down than share the trees which brings us to #3 which is what I think all the 3 letter agencies are ramping up for..

A fascist dictatorship where the elite rule with an iron boot using fear and violence where those at the top commit systematic genocide by forcing the "useless people" to live in ever worsening squalor, probably while claiming they are just "lazy" because they can't compete with the Asian slaves building our electronics. You would need the 3 letter agencies for several jobs in such a shift, to inspire fear and paranoia, to monitor and allow you to remove anybody that could possibly lead the peasants in an uprising, and to get enough dirt on those with weaker stomachs to insure they "get with the program".

Considering how much we have been seeing the mask fall off when it comes to those in power, how they just ignore any and all promises without fear of punishment and how many in power seem to get almost sadistic glee at the thought of stomping on the poor? Sadly I have a feeling its gonna be the third option. They'll use a major false flag to excuse "extraordinary measures" that will simply never end and get worse...war on terror anyone?

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by hairyfeet (#47921225) Attached to: Canon Printer Hacked To Run <em>Doom</em> Video Game

THIS, this right here, is what royally pisses me off with the "Linux is ready for the desktop" crowd, because its fucking trivial to show that even the most basic consumer hardware just DOES NOT WORK while basic common sense features, like having a way to roll back drivers when an update hoses them or roll back the system when something goes wrong, that Windows has had for a decade and a fricking half just do not exist. I mean how bad would the FOSSies be laughing if you had to wipe and reinstall Windows every year to year and a half just to get the latest security updates? Well I get that trotted out as a viable "solution" to the fact that no Linux distro can pass the Hairyfeet challenge, which boils down to "get 5 years worth of updates without shitting yourself". Last time I saw that level of shitty in Windows was WinME!

And its sad but I realized years ago that most security problems, both on and offline, could be solved by merely applying the "douchebag rule". Act like the world is filled with vicious trolling POSes that will do something nasty even when they don't gain from it? Watch your issues disappear. Its sad that we have come to that point but we have so many worthless excuses for human beings with nothing better to do than cause grief and misery because they can that this is the world we live in. Hell did you see that article in yahoo about SWAT kicking down the door of a COD player and coming within a hair of killing the kid? Turned out somebody he beat online got butthurt and deciding to call SWAT on him just to be a giant fucking prick, THAT is the world we live in now.

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by hairyfeet (#47921027) Attached to: Say Goodbye To That Unwanted U2 Album

Bono is a douchebag hypocrite who says that somebody who downloads a song on P2P should be given jail time while he has no problem with his band ripping off other artists wholesale. See "U2 rips off song" in any search engine to find more examples than I can count.

I have found being a fucking hypocrite can generate more hatred than pretty much anything else and seeing how fucking reviled Bono is I'd say his hypocrisy must rub a lot of folks the wrong way. If U2 disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow? I'd have no problem with that and the music scene would probably be a better place.

Comment: Re:the tip is enough (Score 4, Insightful) 291

by hairyfeet (#47915481) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming about constantly shifting in game ads to pummel you where you can't escape or use adblock? How about selling your playing habits to advertisers because "hey hardcore players do the dew!" or how about disappearing expansions so if you want to play with everybody else better whip out that CC, because "its only good for x number of days!"

All one has to do is look at EA and Activision to see if there is a douchey way to turn players into walking ATMs some game company WILL do it.

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by hairyfeet (#47915465) Attached to: Canon Printer Hacked To Run <em>Doom</em> Video Game

THANK YOU, as it doesn't matter if you can squeeze a driver set down to 1Kb if the damned things don't work or work half assed which is what I found trying random printers on Linux at the shop last year. Some would print but NOT scan, some would scan but came out lousy, and frankly NONE of them worked OOTB without seriously fiddling. Compare this to a Windows printer install...1.- Put CD in driver, 2.- Follow instructions....there is no step three! And the driver is 30 Mb, oh noes...who fricking cares? What kind of garbage are you dumpster diving where 30Mb or even 300Mb makes a damned bit of difference? Hell the cheapest shittiest used towers I keep around just to have something under $99 have 160Gb drives so who cares about drivers in the Mb range?

As for anybody REALLY surprised, I mean really? These corps never think about security until it bites them square on the ass so while I'm glad its a white hat and not a black pulling this I really wouldn't be surprised if all consumer printers with net features is equally shitty, its just not something they even bothered considering. It reminds me how there was zero security on faxes until assholes started spamming black faxes, most of these companies just don't think "What would a giant douchebag do?" which sadly today is EXACTLY what you have to consider right off the bat.

Comment: Re:I've been on data roaming since last Monday... (Score 1) 608

Well, Apple did think of that - large downloads do not download over your data connection, you have to connect to wifi.

Also, auto-download is off by default.

Also this album simply appears in iTunes in the Cloud and doesn't download automatically.

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by wierd_w (#47903115) Attached to: If We Can't Kill Cancer, Can We Control It?

This is true for "general" treatments. (Treatments applied to the whole body, EG-- "General Anesthetic") However, there are also local treatments that are more targeted that can change the environment locally.

Several such treatments exist. In the feild of cancer specifically, you have the various direct radiation treatments, the various nanoparticle+radiowave treatments, and of course, local excision treatments.

In the case of colon cancer, the inner wall of the colon has evoloved to handle some pretty extreme changes in pH, and also insane levels of salinity. Circumstances that if presented in the rest of the body would kill the patient in minutes. (If not seconds).

This tissue is also very thin, only a few millimeters thick.

The crime that the OP really has comitted is assuming that all cancers are interchangable as a general category. They arent.

In the case of colon cancer, a concentrated baking soda enema (or even a supository) would work to keep the ambient pH inside the colon quite low, and would be in direct or nearly direct contact with the cancer spreading in the colon wall at the same time. Healthy colon cells would be easily able to handle this environment, but diseased ones would not.

The major risk of complication comes from disruption of GI Flora from prolonged alterations of the pH in that environment (and from administration of probably not-very-sterile sodium bicarbonate solution directly introducing new microbial strains), and from the risk of possible impaction (if using a supository) or rupture (from overzealous enema use)

As long as the cancer has not yet metasticised, there is no real compelling reason not to couple such a clinically untested treatment like bicarbonate exposure along with a more well documented anti-cancer regimen, but some caveats apply. (If surgery was used to remove the cancer from the colon wall, then common sense applies. Dont use enemas unless directed to do so by your physician. You DONT want your colon to rupture, especially when you are immunosuppressed from having cancer.)

Just understand that not all cancers are created equally. Colorectal cancer is a very real, epidemic form of cancer. However, the ways you treat it are very different from how you would treat, eg, blood cell type cancers, or cancers in bone tissue. You dont need general application of treatment with some forms of cancer.

Comment: Re:Helium? (Score 1) 296

by hairyfeet (#47900575) Attached to: WD Announces 8TB, 10TB Helium Hard Drives

If you trust SMART I have a bridge you may be interested in as I have dealt with drives at the shop where you could literally hear the head slamming that SMART said was just hunky dory. You also can't trust any kind of "old age" metric because that ignores the simple fact that some companies build better products, it would be like judging the reliability of all cars based on what the bottom of the line Kia is like in 5 years. Hell when it comes to reliable I will take a used or refurb Samsung over a brand new Seagate consumer line drive as I've found everything above 500GB on the consumer line is buggy firmware and flimsy as hell, I swear you can look at a Seagate 1.5Tb funny and it'll commit suicide.

At the end of the day surely to God it can't be THAT hard to put in a simple helium gauge so you would know its going down and by how much, in fact the only reason I could see not putting one in is to fuck folks over on the warranty.

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by jo_ham (#47897633) Attached to: Early iPhone 6 Benchmark Results Show Only Modest Gains For A8

There is no PIN code weakness. You can set it to wipe the phone after 10 failed attempts, or set it to not do that, allowing infinite attempts, but if it is set this way then it will lock out after a few failed attempts and force you to wait to try again.

The level of security you choose is up to each user.

You can also set a PIN that is longer than 4 digits, and if you do so then you can use letters as well as numbers.

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by jo_ham (#47895247) Attached to: Ozone Layer Recovering But Remains Threatened

I have no doubt that CFCs are damaging to Ozone. You can easily test this out in a lab.

What I have not seen an explanation for is how CFCs, which are much heavier than air molecules travel from the developed areas and end up in the upper atmosphere above the south pole.

You've never seen an explanation for that? Really? How hard did you look?

Diffusion, convection, mixing. All basic processes that are well understood for fluids.

If you put a sugar cube in water and stir it, why do the heavy sugar molecules end up at the top of the mug, far from the bottom where the cube started?

Also, you seem to be doubting the fact that CFCs are in the stratosphere. You think it's a guess? They can be detected so we know they are there, and unfortunately for those who want to be science deniers, there are no natural sources of CFCs, so whatever is up there was as a result of human factors.

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by hweimer (#47878571) Attached to: When Scientists Give Up

I wouldn't be surprised to see countries such as BRIC members, EU members, or other countries start trying to woo the best and brightest for economic gains.

I think this focus on the "best and brightest" is actually a part of the problem. Sure, you'll need certain skills to run a research group, but these skills are found in many people and not just in the top of the batch. Beyond a certain point, the individual abilities of a researcher tend to be only weakly correlated with the actual research outcomes. There are many examples of people doing amazing science even though they are generally not considered to be top-notch scientists, even including Nobel laureates.

Science is an inherently risky business, with most scientists not finding out anything really exciting during their entire career and only very few ones will hit something that turns out to be really big. But you cannot possibly know in advance what this next big thing is going to be and who will find it, otherwise this wouldn't be science at all. In such an environment, the best investment strategy is to allocate your funds evenly across as many scientists as possible (I think it was Taleb who showed that). Of course, you have to make sure that each scientist gets enough money to run his or her group, but this optimal strategy is exactly the opposite of the current trend towards mega-chairs involving multiple labs and dozens of grad students and postdocs.

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