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by hairyfeet (#47789251) Attached to: Mozilla To Support Public Key Pinning In Firefox 32
Try Pale Moon friend. Its based on FF so you can keep your plugins, has a native 64bit build, oh and the best part NO STUPID NEW UI, in fact the devs have stated they will NOT be going to the new UI PERIOD. its fast, stable, works so well in fact I've started using it as my default browser even over my beloved Comodo Dragon because its even snappier, just a really great browser all around.

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DVDs. The reasons why is they are cheap, easy to transport, and can hold a lot of data. With DVDs I can hand somebody 4GB+ of data for 15c including the sleeve, and when you can't predict how well or reliable their net is? That comes in REAL handy.

So the pundits can talk cloud this and cloud that but as long as I can get 'em I'm gonna be using DVDs. Hell if I had my way I'd still be using Lightscribe, but now that HP has pulled the plug its getting harder and harder to find new burners with LS. Sucks as it worked quite nicely.

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Mouons are interesting things. Too bad that they need to have tremendous energies behind them to exist for any useful period of time-- As you have pointed out, they can and do cause damage.

It would be nice if they were more easily contained and or directed; Mouon induced fusion would be a very interesting thing to explore if focused high energy mouons were a thing.

Firing such a beam through some hot water would be a very interesting thing indeed.

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except active mouons of sufficient energy are unlikely to be emitted on the fly. A mouon has a life expectency of some few dozen milliseconds, tops.

The reason that we have mouons from the sun this far into our atmosphere?

The mouons are created when highly energetic protons and iron nucleii from the solar wind hit our upper atmosphere. (Collisions many times more energetic than anything currently being done at CERN), and these resulting mouons have a significant imparted inertial energy behind them-- they come into being traveling at relativisitc velocities. So, for them, a few dozen miliseconds pass before they decay-- but to us, they exist for several dozens of seconds. Long enough for them to come streaming down from the sky in an endless daylight barrage of partical radiation.

Mouons that come into being from fission decay reactions arent quite as energetic-- but still useful for imaging purposes. However, being less energetic, they dont live as long to outside observers, like us.

What am I getting at here?

Dr Manhattan is unlikely to come into being from energetic mouons interacting with fissile reactor fuel rods. Transporting said fuel rods by air exposes them to shittons of them. So far, no superheros have been born this way. :D

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Sorry but I've dealt with more failed drives at the shop than you've had hot meals and if they fail "without" warning?

Then YOU sir are not paying attention! Before a HDD fails you will see several rather blatant warning signs, warning about delayed write fails being the most obvious but there is also temp spikes on the drive (as the motor heats up trying and failing seeks) and SMART changes (not talking SMART fail, which is usually at the end, we are talking large changes in the SMART values which can be read by one of several free programs such as HWMon or HDTune) not to mention most modern drives get REALLY noisy when they are getting ready to croak.

Compare this to the "dirty little secret" of the SSD world which is the majority of SSD fails are NOT the flash chips themselves but the SSD controller chip. When that fails? NO warning, NO chance to back up your data, just flip the switch and...poof. this is why I tell my customers they should use a religiously adhered to backup system along with cloud computing to insure no data loss.

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So, basically your counter arguments are:

"You misspelled something! OMG!" + "You disagree with my premade conclusions! Evidence be damned!" +"You pointed out something that's true! OMG, you must be a libtard! (Here's a hint for you, I dont intend to wax philosophically on why government has to spend energy and resources doing those things- Only pointing out that it does, and that because it does, it has a competing focus.)" = "ABORT! ABORT! I cant handle this! YOU SPEAK CRAZINESS!"

Or, in other words, your whole chain of counter arguments basically boils down to "Your statements disagree with my beliefs, so I will simply insult you for being stupid, because I dont have any REAL counter arguments"

There's quite a few other groups in the US which take a similar path to argument. Most have pretty bad reputations, given that they try to bootstomp science, lie, make shit up, and generally ignore objective reality. I am sure you know which groups I am referring to without my specifically naming them.

Any time you have a belief, instead of an opinion, there is going to be this problem where you are going to be systemically unable to process another's ideas. This is NOT a virtue sir.

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I had to tell a ton of folks back in the day they got scammed out of hundreds thanks to fly by night sellers when it came to the first gen Socket A AMD chips for this reason, the scumbags figured out a drop of solder in the right spot would unlock the multipler and with a little hacking they could get even the lowest Duron to report itself as the high end Athlon so they would OC the shit out of it and sell the systems as the much more expensive top line Athlons. It got to the point that when somebody brought in an Athlon the first thing I did was head into the BIOS because the problems with the systems nearly always came back to insanely OCed low end chips being sold as top shelf. Some of them were 60%+ over on the clock and the voltage because all that mattered was getting it to run long enough to make a sale.

But anybody who has worked shop for any length of time has run into these fakes, most are coming from Laos and Vietnam where they must have a pretty large counterfeiting industry going to whip off this many fakes.

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by wierd_w (#47771917) Attached to: Eye Problems From Space Affect At Least 21 NASA Astronauts

This is why the obvious solution is to compartmentalize the artificial gravity habitats:

You have a single, exterior shell, which does NOT rotate. This allows spacewalks without all those nasty issues.

Inside this shell, you have several cylendrical habitats that counter-rotate. The combined rotational force is a net zero, which is why the exterior shell does not rotate.

(Simplest configuration-- One long cylendar, with two cylendars inside. One of these rotates clockwise, the other counter clockwise. The long axis of all cylendars is conserved.)

This would allow you to use the gravitational habitats as reaction control wheels. They could also be spun down for easy maintenance-- Being INSIDE the vehicle's outer shell, the whole interstitial space between the habitat and the outer hull could be pressurized. Maintenance to the moving parts would be radically less difficult, and lost tools would only happen on exterior hull maintenance. Again, exterior hull DOES NOT SPIN.

The reason we dont design space vessels this way is very blunt: It costs a WHOLE FUCKING LOT OF MONEY to orbit just a few pounds of weight. Proper design is easy--- Logistics of lofting something that works, even halfassed, is NOT.

This argument isnt about long term space missions.

This argument is really about why we arent using the moon for staging our orbiting vehicle construction.

If we used the moon this way, we could AFFORD to build CORRECT space vehicles that DO supply sufficient shielding.

We dont, because that means having a real, self-sustaining colony on the moon, which means having joe sixpack in space, and all the trappings that go with it. (Space pubs/bars, and space hookers. No society in the history of mankind has been without them. The moon would be no different.) This is VERY unattractive to high-minded politicians and researchers. NOBODY wants to be the guy who puts space whores on the moon.

However, private industry has no such qualms. They will happily put "Candy" on the moon, to do her low G poledance routine, as long as she can pay the ficket price for her flight.

We will get there eventually; but really, we should have been more aggressive about getting things set up and running on the moon.

Politically, government has to contend with things like "Making sure single mothers and orphans get subsidized health and food services"-- Again, private industry has no such requirement.

It wont be pretty, but at least it will eventually get there. Just dont expect star trek.

Instead, the grim spectre is "The company store". (I wouldnt be surprised if the early privatized space agencies actually negotiate a fee for candy's services, and actually ship her up themselves!) The companies that fund and build the colony sites up there are going to have literal material monopolies on everything from power, to water, to air, to food. And in a potentially unregulatable environment. Nasty business.

But again-- we WILL eventually get there, but the end result wont be roses and sunshine. Government is not capable of the sustained attention focus in the face of voter interests--- and private industry has no real humanitarian interests.

Private indsutry will go anywhere and do anything that people are willing to pay money for, and will tailor its actions to maximize its financial bottom line. -- That's a two edged sword of truth. (If there's a market, and profit to be made in sacrificing babies to Satan, they would cheerfully sacrifice as many babies as possible to get that money given half the chance. Private industry is NOT a moral actor.)

There is a vast and untapped market in space. The need for orbiting telecom, and improved service and uptime of same, is only getting greater by the minute. The first group to succeed in getting a viable colony on the moon to provide manufacturing, orbiting, and service agreements for terrestrial satellites (based from the moon, where such service can be cheap) will have a veritable monopoly, PLANET WIDE. The financial forcast for that is astounding. Properly managed, that opens the door to monopolized interplanetary flights as well. People who dont see this do not see the big picture. Private industry however DOES. That's why bigtime venture captialists like Musk and pals are all over it like flies on shit.

So, again-- it WILL eventually happen, because that's how you win in that game, and given who is playing now.

And again, it wont be pretty.

Until that time however, we are limited in what we can launch, financially. Which is why we have spacecraft that dont simulate gravity, and are literally made from metal foil, like potato chip bags are made of--- which just so happens to be why most astronaughts develop highly conspicuous occupationally derived health problems.

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Might be good for somebody not living in the USA, but here our ISP overlords use any excuse to add ever shittier caps so hosting your own media? Probably not a good idea,especially when there are sites like YouTube and Dropbox. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if this would be a TOS breaking deal, like running your own servers.

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It does work, as does putting paging on a non-OS drive. As for SSD sure it helps as a boot drive...but who fucking boots anymore? Frankly what I saw at the shop was a better boost in actual applications by using the SSD as a caching drive and as a bonus you can pick up 32GB-64GB SSDs for dirt cheap and they make perfect caching drives. That said if you can fit ALL your games AND the OS AND the applications on an SSD? Sure they fly, just be sure to have VERY recent backups as SSDs still fail without warning, unlike HDDs. you'd think they'd have fixed that by now but nope, still no warning when it comes to the SSD shitting itself.

As for TFA this makes me happy as it'll lower the cost on the smaller drives, the 1TB are already down to the $50 range and I'm hoping they'll soon be back to the $35 range they were pre-flood. I have found that most home users can get by FOR NOW with a 1TB but as the amount of media they create and consume grows so too does the space they require. Personally I'm happy (again FOR NOW) with the 6TB worth of space I have but if this drives the 4TB drives into sub $70 territory i could see snatching up another 12TB and putting my entire movie collection in HD on a media tank.

Has anybody tried the Seagate 4TB and 6TB drives in any real numbers? Hows the failure rate? I ask as I still actively avoid the Seagate 1.5 and 2TB because of all the fails i saw at the shop, they were REALLY shitty...did they fix that problem with the 4 and 6 drives?

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If your failure of an OS can't even pass HALF of what Windows can? admit its a failure and STFU. I'm standing here, throwing down the gauntlet and saying your shit OS can't even provide HALF of what fricking Windows Vista can...who is gonna prove me wrong? As for saying I'll change the rules? I can't, they are posted and so simple..well a FOSSie can understand them.

Pick ANY mainstream consumer Linux, PCLOS, Ubuntu, Mint, the only requirement is that it had to exist 5 years ago otherwise it can't simulate a 5 year cycle can it? As for mainstream, distrowatch has a list of the top whatever mainstream distros, listed under "user friendly"...take your choice, pick your poison, they all suck. Then make sure you have working drivers INCLUDING a wireless that can use WPA V2 and then update to current...that's it. NO printer support, NO mobile devices, simply show the world your OS is capable of the most limited of functionality, what frankly should be the baseline for even calling yourself an OS, the ability to apply security updates without shitting yourself...and YOU CAN NOT DO IT because the linux driver model is THAT shitty, it really truly is.

So PROVE ME WRONG, make me eat my words. the challenge is free, takes less than 4 hours, and no requirements on the hardware other than the most basic, sound, video, and wireless...that's it, that's all.

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Show me a distro that will pass the Hairyfeet Challenge, which just FYI simulates HALF of a Windows support cycle, that is a lousy 5 can't do it, because they will ALL shit on their own drivers and fail. the closest ANY FOSS zealot was able to get was by using fricking SCI-Linux, a specialty distro built for research labs (and therefor breaking the first requirement, a mainstream consumer distro) and even after breaking the very first requirement he FAILED because at the end of the challenge? He didn't have functional sound AND the wireless wouldn't even be recognized by the OS...nice.

The challenge is free, takes less than 4 hours start to finish, and gives several advantages to Linux over Windows such as no requirement to support mobile phones or printers yet NO LINUX CAN PASS what honestly should be the absolute minimum that should be acceptable to consider yourself a functional OS, to be able to update without destroying yourself. Just FYI I can do this on Win2K and pass, from RTM to EOL, from XP from RTM to EOL, and on Vista through 8.1 from RTM to current.

So if you truly believe what you are saying? Then film yourself taking the Hairyfeet Challenge and post the results to Dropbox. But I have a feeling this is the last we will be hearing from you because every person who has had the guts to take the challenge and respond has either come back with "but but but...its not fair to expect Linux to actually work!" excuses for why their OS can't even provide the most basic of functionality, or the few truly honest ones who said "Ok you are right, this is an issue because I can't get my distro to pass" which is usually followed by them going to the forum of said distro to point this out only to be attacked for not guzzling the koolaid.

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"Are you saying that if Microsoft made a radical change to their "kernel" (three big DLL's is a kernel, who knew?) architecture those drivers would still work?"

YES because you can use 32bit WDM drivers right now on 32bit Windows 8.1, you can even take Win2K drivers and use them right now in 8.1, as I have used WinXP RTM drivers in Win 7 SP1, that is 14 years of working drivers to choose from. Meanwhile you can't even use 4 year old drivers in Linux without black screen o death and after 8 years not a single mainstream Linux OS can pass the Hairyfeet Challenge which simulates just FIVE YEARS of support, less than half of what you get with Windows.....HAND.

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