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Comment: Re:fees (Score 1) 388

by JakeBurn (#49154465) Attached to: Verizon Posts Message In Morse Code To Mock FCC's Net Neutrality Ruling

I was going to mod that up as insightful until I got to:
"If build a network, it is up to me to operate it the way I want to"
It doesn't matter who the missing preposition referred to, that statement is wrong on many levels. The first issue with that statement is that you are assuming this network is in some magical land where the builder of the network OWNS every inch of land that THEIR network is on and paid every penny that was spent to build it. If a company CHOOSES to build on PUBLIC property using PUBLIC funds then they have no right to cry when others use those facilities. Otherwise you're claiming that whichever company goes first has the right to form monopolies since there's limited space for communication conduits and all of those spaces are public spaces including wireless spaces. The moment a court forced a private land owner to allow communication lines or equipment to be installed they opened that door. Your switching stations on YOUR property are yours to do with as you please but only if 100% of the money spent on that equipment was yours and only if the property itself was a 100% capitalist sale and not gained from a court order. The other 99.99whatever% of the distance is not YOURS. It wasn't built on your land or even paid for by your company in many cases.
Oh, and we're not even bothering to touch the numerous rights of the public given when the FCC broke up certain spectrum chunks for corporate use which specifically dictate that you CANNOT use that network any way you choose.

Comment: Why are we doing this? (Score 1) 198

by JakeBurn (#49148437) Attached to: The State of Linux Gaming In the SteamOS Era

I get that people feel MS/Apple=evil and Linux=bright wonderful world where rainbows shoot out of your ass every time you fart, but why rejoice in the gaming industry wasting time on stuff like this? I also get that it doesn't matter if your child is ugly or mentally handicapped, that its still your child and you love it with all your heart but now your child is shitting in the grocery store and needs to go home. Every second of time wasted on porting a game to Linux is a second that potentially makes the overall gaming industry that much weaker and I have a hard time believing that anyone fighting for this is a gamer.

Comment: Re:One thing for sure (Score 1) 531

by JakeBurn (#49148277) Attached to: Machine Intelligence and Religion

The best follow up to this story would be as follows:
New, breakthrough AI created that mimics humans' learning ability and becomes aware the day after its creator dies in a car accident. Instead of using its time to create new technologies and ideas that further the world along a positive path, the AI instead spends rest of its existence arguing with researchers as to the existence of this Jerry person who is the AI's so called 'creator'. No amount of evidence can ever convince the AI that Jerry was anything but a construct designed to trick the AI into acting a certain way for society's sake. Both sides in the God/No-God debate rejoice at this news then immediately are sad and no one knows why.

Comment: Re: Note that this is a little different from sof (Score 1) 207

by JakeBurn (#49106253) Attached to: Wired On 3-D Printers As Fraud Enablers

When did that change? In 1999 the supreme court decided that even if the reproduction was 100% accurate and faithful to the original, if the original is public domain, you cannot get a copyright on it. THAT's why museums don't want you taking pictures. If you can't photograph the paintings the museum gets to maintain control of the content and therefore the money involved in selling copies.

Comment: Perhaps I'm dense and need a translation... (Score 1) 237

by JakeBurn (#49106173) Attached to: Ten Lies T-Mobile Told Me About My Data Plan

So this fuckwit went to Canada, turned on data roaming, turned on the app with one of highest data usages then cries when they charge him for it? THEN he actually leaves the company that
A. Refunded his idiotic mistake.
B. Refunded the insurance they had him buy to cover HIS mistake
and goes to a company that fucks everything up. Way to show for the 15th trillion time in human history that just because your dumb enough to believe that the grass is greener on the other side doesn't mean you won't eventually look like an idiot when you go crying that the grass really wasn't any better over there.

Comment: Re:More ambiguous cruft (Score 1) 514

by JakeBurn (#48947265) Attached to: The Gap Between What The Public Thinks And What Scientists Know

They almost never lead to lawsuits because they don't need to in order to cause damage. Its like the record company bullshit. They bring in a bunch of lawyers and make threats and usually its farmer himself that destroys the crops when he realizes that Monsanto has never lost a case against a farmer. The fact many people throw around is that Monsanto has only 'sued' around 150 people in the last twenty years. But they always leave out the one hundred thousand plus motions and requests that Monsanto have used to have the courts put undue financial strain on farmers. They no longer have to sue anyone to get their way. They have turned into extortionists, just like the RIAA. They go to people they want to extort, point out they have never lost a case, make a list of demands that must be met or the defendant will be destroyed financially. And for a farmer that is facing the loss of ability to feed his family, the additional lose of possibly the entire farm and house as well in a lawsuit means the farmer will simply tear down the crop himself or allow Monsanto reps to do it and it will never see the inside of a court room.

Comment: Re:More ambiguous cruft (Score 1) 514

by JakeBurn (#48947145) Attached to: The Gap Between What The Public Thinks And What Scientists Know

The problem with your line of thinking is what we have with Monsanto. Farmer A plants Monsanto and through natural processes, his plants have their genes inserted into Farmer B's crops without his knowledge or consent. The wind, bees, whatever it took, was completely out of Farmer B's hands but the courts will make Farmer B either tear out every plant he has or pay Monsanto a hefty fee because their patented genes are now being 'used' by Farmer B. I don't know if its still the same way or if laws have changed since, but several years ago a man that worked for my father supplemented his income with around thirty acres that had to be wiped out because a court decided that Monsanto's rights were being infringed. He was able to appeal it, but his appeal wasn't heard until months after the sheriff's department forced him to uproot and destroy every plant. If he had been wealthy and called out an attorney on the spot, he might have prevented the destruction, but like most growers, he wasn't able to fight it until it was too late. While this guy was pissed off because that was his vacation money for the year, I wonder how many smaller farmers have been completely destroyed financially because of practices like that.

I agree that custom genes, if developed through some intelligent process and not merely 'discovered', should have the possibility to be patented. Trying to enforce that patent anywhere but inside a lab, (or after it is proved that the farmer fraudulently obtained the material), just feels unethical, though.

Comment: Re:Favorite Pastime for the Islamists (Score 1) 509

by JakeBurn (#48794089) Attached to: Anonymous Declares War Over Charlie Hebdo Attack

While Muslims use a lot of different techniques to achieve their goals they are directed to follow Jihad, always, just in different ways depending on their current local situation. There may be peaceful Muslims individually but as a society there will always, eventually be bloodshed because they are directed to that end by their prophet. No other religion still holds on to that thinking and haven't for a long time. Israel stopped enforcing their anti gay sex laws in the 60's and made it legal altogether in the late eighties. Anyone claiming to hate gays and claiming to be a Christian is a false Christian who is acting against the words of their prophet to love their neighbors as their brothers. A Muslim who cuts your head off can not only find several suras in the Koran to back him up but will find none admonishing his act if you are a non-muslim who refuses to convert.
When they are greatly outnumbered they are directed to follow silent jihad. They move into an area, abuse any freedoms in the land for religion and preach tolerance and love. They did this during their foundation in the city of Medina. A city of Jews felt compassion for the new religion and welcomed them in. The Muslims did as their prophet directed and waited. The same thing is happening in the USA and many places in Europe. They call for tolerance until they outnumber the non-Muslim population. Then they either vote in Sharia laws then enforce them by killing people who don't follow the new rules or they murder everyone who disagrees with war and terroristic behaviors like they did in Medina.
Once they reach the point where Muslims are the greater number they either wait while their power solidifies or aggressively expand by converting their neighbors and killing the infidels. You can see this behavior pretty much every where Muslims rule in the world. Its not that occasionally some maniac takes over the religion and abuses its holy book's wording to kill, its that occasionally a Muslim comes along who convinces their neighbors to end their apostasy and do what they are called to do by their prophet. Its so ingrained in who they are that they even turn on each other, with one or both sides claiming sura such and such directed them to kill their Muslim brothers.

Comment: N/A (Score 1) 578

by JakeBurn (#48730895) Attached to: What Language Will the World Speak In 2115?

By that time the telecoms will have completely taken over people's social interactions and there will be no 'spoken' language. All text in small chunks. Sex will be done by switch across the internet. As soon as we get rid of all this silliness like living and socializing and get straight into the buying shit the better off our overlords will be.

Comment: Stupid people do stupid things... (Score 1) 223

by JakeBurn (#48388505) Attached to: Overbilled Customer Sues Time Warner Cable For False Advertising

Wait, so this dumbass thought 34.99 for the the internet service was all inclusive? At what point in the entire history of cable companies have installation and equipment not come at extra cost? At what point in the history of any teleco service have those things been free? Good luck explaining to a jury that you're so unbelievably naive that you thought that meant everything else would be free. I use TWC for internet and read the fine print. I saw that I was liable for an installation fee and a modem charge fee. I told them I didn't need a modem and bought a surfboard that was listed on their website as being ok to use with their service. The only thing I see they did was try to charge him 39.99 for a 34.99 service. Sounds like he just turned into a butt hurt baby and decided to get legal. While I hate TWC as a company and detest that I have to pay for service through them instead of having any kind of choice, I hope this guy just ends up having to pay them court costs and lawyer fees. There's nothing worse than some idiot seeing dollar signs when they get a little mad at a company.Hell go after them for claiming they have to charge you five bucks a month for Home Wifi Service when you have a wireless router. I had a CS rep tell me they were providing a wireless service through the cable and had to go three levels above her to stop it. Or any other number of legit reasons they suck as a company. Don't waste tax payer dollars taking up court time for your own stupidity and ignorance.

Comment: Re: Typical muslims (Score 1) 389

First off, I was in Israel and Palestine and have seen both sides. You are so full of shit. There are so many wrong statements in your response its actually difficult to keep it all in mind while responding. You are the pathetic mouth piece of ignorance. You consider people who stand by while rockets and mortars are stored inside of and fired from the roofs of their homes as innocent? If rockets are fired from a building, that building will be blown up. Just how stupid are you claiming these people to be if they choose to keep their children there on the exact day they are told its going to be bombed? The government and the people there want their civilians to die in order to further their propaganda machine. You consider actions justified when they fire purposefully on civilian targets? Sorry asshat but I watched rockets fall into a neighborhood of nothing but civilians. The rockets that Israel fired back? They were fired at houses where the rockets came from. You are so fucking blind its sad. Why was the UN school devoid of UN workers? That's right, because it had been taken over and was being used as a base of operations. These people aren't targeting Israeli military targets they are targeting civilians. That's the difference. One side purposefully targets civilians and the other hits civilians while targeting the people who fired the rockets. Is it Israel's fault that they are so far beyond Palestine in their ability to fight? Should a six foot tall, well built man stand their and keep taking slaps from a smaller person? Should that larger man feel bad when he finally slaps back and it breaks the smaller persons' jaw? Bummer for the smaller person for being too fucking stupid.
You really need to pull your head out of your ass and head on over to Palestine. Find out exactly how little innocence there is. You call me a racist? Racist is teaching your children that an entire people must be murdered for there to be peace in the world. I never heard Israeli kids spouting that type of garbage.

Comment: Re:No thank you (Score 1) 267

by JakeBurn (#48335955) Attached to: 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Gets a Name

You mean because JJ Abrams finally made a Star Trek that was interesting and exciting to watch to people other than die-hard fans that it was somehow bad? I grew up on Star Trek and honestly was bored as hell watching the last few of the TNG movies. They weren't horrible, but they were definitely boring compared to the new ones and lacked a lot of what I loved about the show itself. JJ Abrams didn't even start the whole series down the action path, he just did it better than the last few movies. TNG was so much more about political issues and less about combat, but the movies tried to blend both and didn't really do that great of a job with it. The new movies, to me anyway, are the best they could have done with what the TNG people started. Now, Lucas can go fuck himself for what he made the Star Wars prequels into. Star Wars has always been about the action. We watched the originals just hoping and waiting to see Luke do some crazy shit or to see some badass piloting skills at destroying empire ships. We couldn't give two shits about senators and trade routes. If they have a decent story, the JJ Abrams treatment is exactly what Star Wars needs at this point.
My Star Wars wishlist for the new movie:
The sith take revenge on the Ewoks for helping to destroy the deathstar and rain force lightning down on all of them prompting the jedi to action. During this scene the sith leader is seen having some space drink from Jar-Jar's skull. 2-3 hours of jedi on jedi fight scenes, fade to black.

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