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Can't tell if sarcastic and stupid or intelligent and stating the obvious. Diamonds are going for around 3500 a carat. Even a two carat diamond would be much smaller than ten notes folded as small as you could possibly fold them. They don't show up in magnetic scanners like money does either,(USA dollars have magnetic strips and ink with high iron content but not sure Euros).

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by JakeBurn (#48144405) Attached to: The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers

Since when, (starting from the invention of the camera until today), has anyone ever took a nude picture of themselves, or allowed another person to take their nude picture and not understood the risks that they might end up in a third party's hands? How completely oblivious can a person be who doesn't get that? The internet is completely irrelevant to the entire argument. No analogy is necessary. If you've hit puberty and don't understand that, bummer for you. You are allowed outrage if someone climbs into a tree and snaps some nudes while you're in your home because you otherwise keep what you want hidden under your clothes. When you take a picture, of anything, you are documenting it for all times.

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by JakeBurn (#48068719) Attached to: Is an Octopus Too Smart For Us To Eat?

While carrion technically is any decaying meat that is no longer inside of a living animal, its definition is certainly restricted when talking about carrion eaters,(scavengers). Decay is retarded in aged meats by not allowing natural agents in that would start the normal decay process. Otherwise all meat eaters would be classified as carrion eaters as the instant the chemical signals for life stop, the meat becomes carrion. And they don't age most beef to give it any sort of 'carrion tang' they do it to break down the callogenic fibers that hold the meat together and give it a less tough texture. Any noticeable flavor only comes long after the time limits they put on most meats you can buy in the USA. I used to hunt deer and spent extra money to have some of it aged, and unless you dry age for a long time the taste is pretty much the same as straight out of the animal. Only its lack of toughness is noticeable. That's also why you only find high end places, (that charge considerable amounts of money), selling anything with any sort of aged flavor.

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by JakeBurn (#48060587) Attached to: Intel Drops Gamasutra Sponsorship Over Controversial Editorials

I don't believe any law relating to inter-state trade or hate crimes regulates what people choose to do. If calling a gamer a faggot somehow physically kept them from going to the store it would still be out of scope for those laws unless he also caused physical bodily harm. Solely emotional damage is not counted in those laws. Nearly every law pertaining to hindering interstate commerce have that as a sub-section to get bigger fines/punishments for whatever other crime they are wrapped up in,(hate crimes, firearm crimes,etc), but every one of those deal only in physically hindering or through threats with weapons that can do bodily harm.

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by JakeBurn (#48016447) Attached to: Researchers Develop Purely Optical Cloaking

I was just thinking that same thing. A reasonably titled 'cloaking device' would need to actively camouflage an object from detection. Limiting not only the viewing angle but also the viewing distance makes this more like an optical illusion or magic trick than the practically useful device the name cloaking device confers. A board covered in glue, then covered in dirt, being used to cover a hole in the ground could technically be called a cloaking device with such a ridiculously broad definition. Maybe more so as nearly any above ground distance and angle would still result in the cloaked object not being perceived.

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by JakeBurn (#48012503) Attached to: The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy

Have you actually stepped into a hardware store this decade? Look at the packaging and you can find dimmable versions of led's and cfls. You may lock yourself out of choices by only wanting a certain wattage equivalent or temp color but they all have soft white and in multiple wattages. I have three different dimmable CFLs and one that does three different wattages in a touch lamp.

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by JakeBurn (#47609583) Attached to: Robotic Suit Gives Shipyard Workers Super Strength

Whoever modded you up as Insightful has never done any real manual labor. I worked at Home Depot for a few years and had to fill in as a loader a few times. That's hundreds of bags of concrete on to carts for people every day,(or 10 skids, 42 bags per pallet in a six hour shift). That's 80lbs, (36-37 kg), over and over, all day long. And reading TFA really didn't give any kind of impression that they were being used as often as that. While the idea of the exoskeleton has been awesome since Ripley first jumped into one, we are years away from anything that will even come close to replacing your average construction worker for strength and ability. That prototype suit has trouble dealing with slopes of any kind, slippery surfaces or can't assist with turning. The key point there being that turning while carrying a heavy load is the quickest way to a bad back. Even at 20kg you're asking for trouble if you turn the wrong way or repeatedly. Add to that the fact that using this prototype suit actually keeps your core from getting use it seems like it will make those types of injuries even more common for the wearer. Until they fix that its a pipe dream for long term use. Sadly, at best, that article is a few years too soon.

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Wait, so just because Israel has modern guided missiles they should just stand by while Palestinians get their killstreak up? So its ok that the Jews have had their schoolkids and babies killed by hundreds of suicide bombs because they have better weaponry? Palestine's mission statement was officially, and still is unofficially, that every single man, woman and child Jew must die. Their suicide bombs, that were officially sanctioned by their government, were not targeting military installations. They targeted malls and public places, during the day when women and children were the most likely targets. Bummer for them that they are too stupid to not fire 50's era unguided rockets at a nation with a modern arsenal.

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Except the SA farmers weren't sending thousands of rockets into Britain and aiming them at civilian population centers instead of military or government targets.
That's just so far this year. I am in no way absolving Israel for their part in this mess but they didn't just one day decide to lock everything down in Palestine on a whim. Until Palestinians want to live more than they want to hate they will continue to allow their neighbors to fire rockets blindly into Israel.

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by JakeBurn (#47578793) Attached to: Ford, GM Sued Over Vehicles' Ability To Rip CD Music To Hard Drive

I thought it used the cd player that was designed to play cds to do this? Or is there a completely separate drive that I missed in TFA? It seems exactly the same to me. A drive meant to read disc based media in order to translate that data into sound can also take that data and store it on a local drive.

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I think these kinds of stories are awesome. Fuck people. Seriously. Fuck them. Working for years in a customer service position made me sick of most assholes and their entitled bullshit. If he had a legit complaint, great. Voice it then sue the shit out of them for taking you off the plane. Once I was promoted a few times it didn't take long for me to give up 65k a year to do something else because of guys like that.

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by JakeBurn (#47450479) Attached to: Predicting a Future Free of Dollar Bills

Its more likely to be a hard sell to the millions of poor people who don't have bank accounts at all. Or try convincing banks to start allowing people to have checking accounts with less $1500 in them without no fees. Where I live there are a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck that can't even begin to think about opening a bank account because all of the banks around here demand a minimum amount in the account in order to keep it open without charging you out the ass in fees. Because of that we have tons of places that charge even less to cash checks and most people stick with cash and money orders.

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