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Comment: Stupid people do stupid things... (Score 1) 223

by JakeBurn (#48388505) Attached to: Overbilled Customer Sues Time Warner Cable For False Advertising

Wait, so this dumbass thought 34.99 for the the internet service was all inclusive? At what point in the entire history of cable companies have installation and equipment not come at extra cost? At what point in the history of any teleco service have those things been free? Good luck explaining to a jury that you're so unbelievably naive that you thought that meant everything else would be free. I use TWC for internet and read the fine print. I saw that I was liable for an installation fee and a modem charge fee. I told them I didn't need a modem and bought a surfboard that was listed on their website as being ok to use with their service. The only thing I see they did was try to charge him 39.99 for a 34.99 service. Sounds like he just turned into a butt hurt baby and decided to get legal. While I hate TWC as a company and detest that I have to pay for service through them instead of having any kind of choice, I hope this guy just ends up having to pay them court costs and lawyer fees. There's nothing worse than some idiot seeing dollar signs when they get a little mad at a company.Hell go after them for claiming they have to charge you five bucks a month for Home Wifi Service when you have a wireless router. I had a CS rep tell me they were providing a wireless service through the cable and had to go three levels above her to stop it. Or any other number of legit reasons they suck as a company. Don't waste tax payer dollars taking up court time for your own stupidity and ignorance.

Comment: Re: Typical muslims (Score 1) 389

First off, I was in Israel and Palestine and have seen both sides. You are so full of shit. There are so many wrong statements in your response its actually difficult to keep it all in mind while responding. You are the pathetic mouth piece of ignorance. You consider people who stand by while rockets and mortars are stored inside of and fired from the roofs of their homes as innocent? If rockets are fired from a building, that building will be blown up. Just how stupid are you claiming these people to be if they choose to keep their children there on the exact day they are told its going to be bombed? The government and the people there want their civilians to die in order to further their propaganda machine. You consider actions justified when they fire purposefully on civilian targets? Sorry asshat but I watched rockets fall into a neighborhood of nothing but civilians. The rockets that Israel fired back? They were fired at houses where the rockets came from. You are so fucking blind its sad. Why was the UN school devoid of UN workers? That's right, because it had been taken over and was being used as a base of operations. These people aren't targeting Israeli military targets they are targeting civilians. That's the difference. One side purposefully targets civilians and the other hits civilians while targeting the people who fired the rockets. Is it Israel's fault that they are so far beyond Palestine in their ability to fight? Should a six foot tall, well built man stand their and keep taking slaps from a smaller person? Should that larger man feel bad when he finally slaps back and it breaks the smaller persons' jaw? Bummer for the smaller person for being too fucking stupid.
You really need to pull your head out of your ass and head on over to Palestine. Find out exactly how little innocence there is. You call me a racist? Racist is teaching your children that an entire people must be murdered for there to be peace in the world. I never heard Israeli kids spouting that type of garbage.

Comment: Re:No thank you (Score 1) 267

by JakeBurn (#48335955) Attached to: 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Gets a Name

You mean because JJ Abrams finally made a Star Trek that was interesting and exciting to watch to people other than die-hard fans that it was somehow bad? I grew up on Star Trek and honestly was bored as hell watching the last few of the TNG movies. They weren't horrible, but they were definitely boring compared to the new ones and lacked a lot of what I loved about the show itself. JJ Abrams didn't even start the whole series down the action path, he just did it better than the last few movies. TNG was so much more about political issues and less about combat, but the movies tried to blend both and didn't really do that great of a job with it. The new movies, to me anyway, are the best they could have done with what the TNG people started. Now, Lucas can go fuck himself for what he made the Star Wars prequels into. Star Wars has always been about the action. We watched the originals just hoping and waiting to see Luke do some crazy shit or to see some badass piloting skills at destroying empire ships. We couldn't give two shits about senators and trade routes. If they have a decent story, the JJ Abrams treatment is exactly what Star Wars needs at this point.
My Star Wars wishlist for the new movie:
The sith take revenge on the Ewoks for helping to destroy the deathstar and rain force lightning down on all of them prompting the jedi to action. During this scene the sith leader is seen having some space drink from Jar-Jar's skull. 2-3 hours of jedi on jedi fight scenes, fade to black.

Comment: Re: Typical muslims (Score 1) 389

You seemed to overlook the thousands of rockets a year fired into Israeli villages,(at citizens), or the hundreds of suicide bombs that have killed Israeli citizens as well as the fact that the terrorism perpetrated by the Palestinians was official policy of their state. Even though they publicly denounce these crimes today they still fund it so its the same old shit for them. The bigger issue is that for Israel, the people waging this war against them are not a uniformed army. It is against people hiding among the citizens, and when those citizens refuse to turn them away or fight them they mark themselves as helping these terrorists. I get that its a shitty thing to talk plainly about, but when you are attacked by the citizens of a nation, you attack the citizens of that nation if the government is unwilling to control its population. At some point, these so called innocent Palestinians will either all enter the war against Israel, (if they agree with the terrorists), or they will tire of being lumped in with the terrorists and do their part to fight them. So far, they have decided that getting killed by Israilis, (which the Israeli government warns them in advance when they are going to bomb a neighborhood), is somehow the better choice than fighting against these terrorists causing the problems in the first place. I wonder if these things could be because the government and the people support these terrorist actions? And if they do, they aren't innocent in this process. If they don't, then what possible reason could they ever have for this blind support they give?

Comment: Re: Typical muslims (Score 1) 389

Actually they do. They are called upon by Allah to preach peace when outnumbered. As they currently are doing in the USA and in many places in Europe. They are, by the rules of their holy book, required to demand equality and peace. Then, as soon as they are capable, they are to wage silent jihad. That's what many muslims are doing around the world against non-muslims. The third thing they are commanded to do is to annihilate any non-muslims as soon as the muslim population is strong enough. Those are tenants straight out of the Koran and EXACTLY what muslim populations have done in the past when they are both the greater number and fully following their holy book. Look at what the Koran has to say about Medina. The city that welcomed them in and protected them against Christians was then annihilated by those majority of peaceful muslims as soon as they had the power to do so. The same thing plays out all over the middle east and africa on the smaller scale so people try to claim it was only tribal in nature but that's glossing over the FACT that they were acting in accordance to their faith. Many of these large muslim populations are using that first tenant to play it safe, but that doesn't mean the instant a war is waged on a massive scale that they will remain peaceful. Yes, the extremists that blow up things in other countries are the most devout followers, but the demand for blood is in the thoughts of every practicing muslim or they aren't following their holy book and are therefore not technically muslims. At worst they are pretending in order to not face death themselves, but at worst they are simply lying to themselves that its acceptable to pick and choose and still be a muslim.

Comment: Re: Typical muslims (Score 1) 389

Do you simply not know a single thing about what lead up to the the Crusades taking place? Imagine a few hundred years from now, and some ignorant jackass is verbally attacked because of the country they live in. That jackass will likely make the same connection you did when he says, "oh yea? The fucking Americans invaded Europe in the early 1900's and murdered a shitload of Germans! Without reason! Can you imagine the arrogance of such an atrocity?"

Comment: Re: Typical muslims (Score 1) 389

Except in this case the plank is Islam and and in our eye and the mote is pretty much everything else and in our brother's eye. Or are you saying that the bad things the US has done to its own citizens outweighs the thousands of deaths going on around the world at the hands of Muslims? The rapes, tortures and murders committed by Muslims on a daily basis far outweighs any injustices we see here in our country. Now, if we deal with the real threat to peace on this world, I will gladly join with you on fixing these smaller problems.

Comment: Re:Work? FRANCE??? Hahahahaa! (Score 1) 131

by JakeBurn (#48320501) Attached to: Shift Work Dulls Brain Performance

We didn't go into Iraq to free them. We didn't go into Iraq to rebuild them. We into Iraq to crush their military force and kill Sadam Hussein. Our mission there ended when that happened and everything after was just our politicians trying to lessen their asshole appearance to the world. And we really couldn't care less about ISIS because its not a problem that directly impacts the USA. When we are asked to, or if they actually work themselves up enough to launch a serious attack against us, we'll happily go thin their numbers with bombs and return home. When you fight an enemy that isn't a standard army and instead hides among the rest of the population, you can never end that enemy without also ending the population as well. We will definitely do that, but not until we hit the threshold of necessary, American deaths to ISIS to whip up our citizens. After Obama's failed presidency, expect a Republican president who will likely take action against them as soon as his poll numbers aren't optimal.

Comment: Re:Work? FRANCE??? Hahahahaa! (Score 1) 131

by JakeBurn (#48320415) Attached to: Shift Work Dulls Brain Performance

If by general population you mean people living in the suburbs, then yes, the general population doesn't know how to fight. Most rural areas and inner cities are filled with people that not only can fight, but enjoy it. I would take my 13 yo nephew in a fight with most suburban men. Its also sad that when I see some jackass placing ill conceived stereotypes that apply to so few people that they aren't really even legitimate stereotypes. Nearly everyone I know in my circle of colleagues and family is either educated on our military or has family members in the military and know exactly where our troops are. Care to go into detail where you think all of these ignorant people are? Our military is too politicized for the 'general population' not to know at least where we are fighting. With as many guns and angry people we have here it will be a long while yet before the pussification of our men takes us out of contention in some upcoming war.

Comment: Re:Concrete proof at last (Score 1) 330

by JakeBurn (#48302797) Attached to: Reactions To Disgusting Images Predict a Persons Political Ideology

Among my friends, every one who enjoys horror and zombie movies is liberal except myself. Also funny how anti-conservative every horror movie board I go to is. Every single person I know who listens to death metal is liberal leaning except myself. Strange that nearly everyone I meet who loves intense gore, violence and suffering in the media they choose to enjoy are liberals. Unless, that is, your guess as to why the data played out the way it did is entirely incorrect. Conservatives don't enjoy suffering we're just mostly indifferent to it. Its something that happens in everyone's life at some point and to some degree. Why get bent out of shape over it? Analyze it, figure out how best to avoid it in the future and move on.

Comment: Re:Robot factories (Score 1) 331

by JakeBurn (#48287955) Attached to: Colleges Face New 'Gainful Employment' Regulations For Student Loans

Sorry, but simply being too selfish to not have sex without protection is not an acceptable excuse for claiming McDonalds doesn't pay enough for one person to live on. They pay around 10 bucks an hour here. That is definitely enough to get an efficiency apartment, clothe and feed yourself. That, to me is a living wage. Living wage doesn't give enough to increase savings. Living wage doesn't provide for coffee at Starbucks or $150 a pair gym shoes. I'm currently working at Amazon part time to make some extra money for the holidays. Its the hardest job I've ever worked. Want to know how many people stick around after one week? About one in five. The rest decide they would rather work an easier job flipping burgers than work harder for more money. Any one of them, who weren't lazy assholes could pursue hundreds of avenues to make more money but they choose not to. Is it McDonalds' fault that people make such poor decisions? I get that many examples could be given of people who were working hard and found themselves in positions where the local economy couldn't support their lifestyles as I was one of those people. Amazing job, lived in the country on a huge piece of land with a great house and our division was laid off. I found myself having to make the decision to not only move, but to sell pretty much everything I had to move into a much less desirable place and make less money than I had.

Comment: Re:Flawed model? (Score 1) 219

by JakeBurn (#48287849) Attached to: Most Planets In the Universe Are Homeless

'Our gravitational model predicts this type of behavior but we are seeing something completely different at different scales. Must be an error in the universe as our model is correct.' That's what I see going through some of these so called scientists' minds as they attempt to sound intelligent. I've always wondered at the arrogance of scientists who, when presented with an apparent problem with their theories, go first to the reason 'it must be something completely new and obviously not an issue with our theory'. If gravity behaves differently between sub-atomic scale and our local scale, how do they instantly discount that it could work differently on the galactic or universal scale? Or how do they discount that it may in fact work the same at sub-atomic levels as our local scale and we just have no idea what the algorithm is to graph the scale? Which could then explain what we see on the universal scale? They are assuming that their previous assumptions are correct, then making more guesses and assumptions based on previous assumptions and are somehow convinced that's not only the right way to go, but the only way to go. And that's on top of the blind arrogance that even though we know that black holes will distort what we see, that obviously every single other measurement we have ever made, (which have gone on to form and build upon our already unsteady model), are not only probably correct but absolutely unimpeachable in their certainty until proven wrong. I hope to see some of these answers in my lifetime but am doubtful it will happen except through blind luck.

Comment: Re:Gay? (Score 1) 764

by JakeBurn (#48284575) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

hahaha so funny the hate you can get for being truthful. Sexuality is a learned behavior. Doesn't matter if hetero, homo, pedo or necro. No one is born one way or the other. They may develop those desires early enough in their life that it feels like they were born that way, but its never been the case that its hereditary. Every few years someone claims to have found a 'gay' gene and is promptly shown to be a stupid asshole. Its only an argument made by people wanting acceptance. If you put 50 five year males on an island and had them taught and raised by men only, you're telling me that when they all get teen-aged and horny it was just a coincidence that all 50 were gay as they start pounding each other? Bullshit. And I guess, since they were born that way, then realistically only 10% or so would have sex with each other and the other 90% would what? Sit around frustrated all day thinking, "I would really love to not be so sexually frustrated, if only there were females, that I don't even know exist, that could help'. Fuck anyone stupid enough to make that claim.

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