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Comment Re:Not hoverboards (Score 4, Insightful) 178

While I am not surprised that clearly- unbiased source, "reason.com" calls this an example of runaway nanny-state regulation, the fact remains that millions use the sidewalks of NYC every single day, and those people have the right to safety.

Digging a bit deeper into the question of their legality, we find this article from the NY Daile News

It appears that these motorized electric scooters - which I've personally only recently become aware of, and until reading this article had no idea they were becoming so popular, essentially fall under a broad "motorized transport" classification.

I guess that it is easy to paint a picture of "big government wants its pound of flesh" surrounding their registration. However, the interpretation I take is that any tom, dick, or harry can't just go driving a motor-propelled vehicle on the streets and sidewalks of NYC. In fact, the whole topic of this thread is that 15,000 of these things are siezed in the UK for being unsafe. Are the scooters being sold on the streets of NYC coming from a different chinese factory? Is there any less of a problem of bootleg, unsafe goods?

I'm sorry, but I'f I'm walking down the streets of brooklyn or wherever, I don't want someone slamming into me on their unsafe, unregulated, apparently-on-flames motorized fad-scooter.

But you're right, government only exists to regulate, regulate, regulate. It's all just rules and red tape, isn't it?

Comment So, business as usual for the FBI. (Score 1) 189

So, what, I guess this is stingrays on drones overhead? Collect IMEI numbers of every person there, drop them in their little database of "umamerican agitators"?

I mean, that's always what it is, right?

"Drugs" is that magical code word for "the dangerous evil of non-conformity of decent hard-working American values, like having no problem with g-men goons watching every move you make? Fuck the FBI and its gang of morally-bankrupt thugs.

Comment Re:Installed in a VM (Score 0) 284

Just making sure I understand you here - you're a businessman, and one of the services you provide is to assist your customers in violating their software licensing agreements because "it was a long time ago", or "they just don't want to upgrade". I mean, because from what you've just described, you're not even talking about a 1:1 physical-to-virtual, but rather, multiple virtual copies of one physical license.

Gotta tell you - you sound like a real classy professional.

Comment Sigh. 28nm... (Score 4, Interesting) 77

..and just like Nvidia, still using .28nm process for the GPU, same as it has been since ~2010-2011... by "technology standards", this is and incredibly long period of time. I totally understand the issues with supply from TSMC, Samsung, etc, and that the products of "latest-and-greatest" in chip fabrication are supplying the smart phone and tablet industry as fast as they can.... But my point is that these days, every time I see either AMD or Nvidia releasing yet another hot and power-hungry rehash, I sadly shake my head. Gigs and gigs of RAM are great - so is 1440p and 60 fps, but I want lower-power consumption and I want less heat. I don't want increasingly complicated cooling solutions.

Comment Pull the Other One (Score 3, Interesting) 89

Given the challenges Intel faced with yields at 14nm.... and indication they face the same challenges with 10nm, evidenced by the push back to 2017 for the technology - I'm pretty goddamned skeptical that IBM has "beat" anyone to anything. Could I go to an Intel laboratory today and see a proof-of-concept 7nm chip? 5nm? Probably using all manner of interesting silicon replacements? I bet that I could.

No, as you can see from the market today, this is merely an attempt by IBM to resurrect their flagging stock prices (which has worked).

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