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Comment: Re:Writing on the wall (Score 1) 176 176

I'm not so sure. I agree there'll be initial resistance as there is to all major societal change. But, particularly in Europe's densely packed major cities, that tiny prototype 2-seater concept (probably Google's?) without any steering controls or unneccesary "fluff" starts to make a lot of sense when you think about the challenges currently faced with regards to traffic control. Fast, tiny, space efficient, zero-emisions. Seems unlikely for it to not be a competitive space, as well.

Comment: Writing on the wall (Score 1) 176 176

I'm all for protecting folks' jobs and I'm solidly on the side of labor in most things. But a minister ordering police to begin seizing cars without any kind of due process is beyond the pale.

I'm also inclined to wonder how France plans to handle self-driving cars which will 100% definitely be replacing cab drivers in the next 10-15 years.

The profesion of taxi driving and trucking is _over_. It is just a matter of time.

Comment: Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 277 277

I feel like you have to be trolling. But in case you're not, Windows 7 is vastly, vastly easier to manage as a fleet than Windows XP. Improvements to group policy alone make it a "killer app". But, the important stuff like roaming profiles, document redirection, etc etc etc. There is no comparison. I suppose I could see how it might be a minor inconvenience to add a domain prefix to your user account. And I suppose if you were an inexperienced systems admin who didn't understand how to optimize network access and configure your LAN properly, yes there are some obstacles.

Comment: He's Had a Long Career... (Score 4, Interesting) 214 214

He's 71 years old, and has worked on the show for 25 years. I'm sure he has more money than he can spend, and maybe he just wants to do something a little different with the remainder of his life and career. Hasn't there been enough Simpsons?.

I hate to shamelessly plug, but Harry Shearer was recently on WTF with Marc Maron - I think it gives a lot of insight into the guy and his career and all that good stuff..

Comment: Re:An ever bigger torpedo (Score 1) 228 228

In the 0.01% of situations where the right thing has to be done quickly, the computer is able to instantly draws upon thousands and thousands of such encounters that is in its database. The computer doesn't panic, it doesn't need to take a second to quickly survey the area around it. Machine learning is here, and it is now. We are not "quite a number of years away from sorting it all out".

It's been sorted, it's been done. The technology is here, the technology is now. Humans do not excel as you believe they do.

Comment: Re:A first: We should follow Germany's lead (Score 1) 700 700

I understand the "slippery slope" argument that you're making and I applaud your integrity. Not wanting to debate the merit of any one religion vs. another, the fact is that Scientology is a 20th century cult, with undisputed history, and their criminal and near-criminal actions are well documented. They exploit and prey upon the human psyche and cause real and measurable damage to others.

For example, the government prosecuting and jailing con artists is a prime example of why we collectively even cede authority to governments to begin with: to protect the just from the unjust. It's not a subtle attack on free speech rights when it happens. It's not the start of "governmental abuse" when police make arrests.

Lastly, I think you're being a little dramatic when you say "giving the state the authority to destroy religions it disagrees with". When the situation you describe is that Germany doesn't recognize Scientology as a religion. It shouldn't be recognized as such in the US, either.

Comment: Re:Who wears a watch these days (Score 3, Insightful) 290 290

Much like a nice pair of off-the-rack-yet-properly-fitted slacks, a shirt correctly sized, and a decent pair of clean shoes, a modest watch says a lot about you as a grown man both professionally and personally. It's telling to me that several women have tried to steer you towards this, and yet you've disregarded them because for you it's part of some "status symbol" thing. No dude, it just means you're a grown man who knows how to take care of himself and takes a degree of pride in himself and appearance.

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