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Comment: Hotel WiFi (Score 2) 72

by Jager Dave (#47627805) Attached to: Expensive Hotels Really Do Have Faster Wi-Fi
I'm the GM of a large, non-brand, hotel south of Miami. But guess what, by trade, I'm a network engineer (I burned out, and I like the hotel business). But I had a hand in designing our new WiFi network. It's free to guests, just requires a 'token'/password for the guests to access, that everyone gets when they check in. I have the routers configured to limit each device to 5Mb, and even though I only have 100Mb bandwidth to the gateway, guests are always commenting on how we have the fastest WiFi in any hotel they've stayed at, even when we're full (160 rooms).

OK, I'm waiting to see how it works for the NASCAR championship in November, when there's going to be a couple hundred people watching streaming race clips all weekend... Might need to keep a fire-extinguisher next to the router...

Comment: Re:Don't buy cheap android (Score 1) 291

by Jager Dave (#47501735) Attached to: Why My LG Optimus Cellphone Is Worse Than It's Supposed To Be
I have an LG F3 (without the "Q" he mentioned in his title). I've had it for six months, and have had no major complains (except when you're putting a quote right after a word, it moves the quote back a space... So if I said GO "AWAY" - it'd come out GO" AWAY". That's minor in my book.

Comment: Under $200 now... (Score 1) 234

by Jager Dave (#47035197) Attached to: Why Cheap Smartphones Are Going To Upset the Industry
Got my LG Optimus F3 for $150, no contract... Everything I need and fast enough to play some multiplayer games on (as if I have the time, but I tried). 32gb expandable (second thing I bought for it after the case), GorillaGlass©, 5mp camera/vga-front-facing... Only thing that differs it from the F6 (for $75 more) is NFC and Infrared, neither of which I had a use for...

It's a sweet phone that a Macophile friend of mine said "It's a little slower than my 4S, but it seems easier to use..."

Comment: Re:IMHO (Score 1) 203

by Jager Dave (#43529043) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Science Books For Middle School Enrichment?

On the contrary, reading older science fiction and writing a report through a lens of 50 years in the future can be quite useful.

I am unable to recall even a single iota of actual science in the book.

What about when Ender (read "a pilot") controls a Starship (read "a drone") from billions of (read "thousands of") miles away, to smite the enemy (read "the enemy")... Real-world science/technology as used in Ender's game (albeit on a much smaller scale).

Comment: Mostly a scam... (Score 1) 53

by Jager Dave (#43424747) Attached to: Gambling-Focused Internet Cafes Now Illegal In Florida
One of the companies, in Florida anyway, that runs a chain of these (Gambling) Internet Cafes, was doing so supposedly to support American veterans. After a thorough audit of their business (which is partly responsible for this bill being drafted in the first place), it was found that out of the (10's of millions of) money the "organization" made that year, only 2% went to their charity, and a larger percentage going to political donations (which, apparently didn't help them much in the long run :> ).

Comment: Win7 6to4 (Score 0) 965

by Jager Dave (#43165131) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Mac To Linux Return Flow?
If you go back to Win7 - make sure you disable the Microsoft forcibly-installed 6to4 adapter (just google it - there's plenty of posts about it) - because if you don't, and you're running an IPV4 home network, your linux box(es) will do nothing but complain.... I have an iPad, and two laptops - older of which I use primarily as a file server running Ubunti... when I went to Win7, I suddenly got crawling file transfer speeds, despite being on a hardwired full-duplex 100mbit network... once I disabled 6to4, it got happy again...

Comment: Verizon too! (Score 1) 798

by Jager Dave (#42779893) Attached to: AT&T: Don't Want a Data Plan for That Smartphone? Too Bad.
There was a point a few years ago, I lost my phone, and was not at a point to replace it immediately, so I bought a cheap Pay-as-you-go phone, and activated it under my contract... Then a friend went "Hey, I still have my Android, since I went to the iPhone, you want it?"... Of course I did. Verizon didn't. They wouldn't let me turn it on for JUST phone service. DEMANDED I had to have a data plan for it.

me: "but I'm not going to use it for data..."
them: "but you could"
me: "only if I had a data plan"
them: "which is why we insist you have a data plan"
me: "so you make people buy a service they're not going to use just because they have the capability to use it?"
them: "Yes, you have a device that uses data."
me: "but I'm not going to use data."
them: "But you can."
me: "No, I cannot, without a data plan."
them: "Which is why we insist you have a data plan."
me: "Your logic would therefore dictate castrating ALL catholic priests, since they have balls, and the capability to use them, but they don't..." (and hung up)

Demanding a data plan on phones JUST because they have data capabilities is just an absolutely stupid idea, and we should probably start a White House petition to stop it. I'll get started on the draft immediately...

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