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Comment: Re:You are completely correct (Score 1) 474

I do generally agree on that, although there are some exceptions to that rule - where the sheer reputation of a developer studio is enough to guarantee a good game. So yes, I've preordered Witcher 3 and Pillars of Eternity because I'm almost 100% sure that these games will worth the money.

But mostly yes, I wait for reviews and more often than not buy games on Steam sale or something like that.

Comment: Re:There are no "remote" exploits for bash (Score 1) 329

by Jade_Wayfarer (#48018363) Attached to: Bash To Require Further Patching, As More Shellshock Holes Found
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it still a pretty common case to have ssh and/or web-server services enabled on a server? And I think I saw examples of bash-exploits through HTTP-requests for Apache - could it be used with these Shellshock vulnerabilities?

Comment: Not surprising (Score 4, Insightful) 200

by Jade_Wayfarer (#47917017) Attached to: WSJ Reports Boeing To Beat SpaceX For Manned Taxi To ISS
Well, on one hand they have some small company praised by unorganized groups of geeks, and on the other hand - really big player with thousands of employees and way more people directly or indirectly depending on them - Military-Industrial Complex is not a child's toy. So if you are making a political decision (even not considering "campaign contributions"), it's a no-brainer - supporting Boeing gives you much more political bonus points than supporting some small hipster company. Questions of efficiency, final costs, terms and other "technicalities" are absolutely not important in this case. So, of course, it is sad, but highly logical.

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