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Comment: Re:Inevitable (Score 1) 823

by Jade_Wayfarer (#47782243) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine
That's even more true in Russia. How Putin could pull out of Ukraine without some serious reason and not "lose his face" now? His 85%+ ratings are hanging on the very thin line now. Imagine - he declares that he stops all support of the separatists in the morning and resigns due to the "health problems" by the lunch.

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by Jade_Wayfarer (#47405519) Attached to: Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots
I wish I had some mod points - there are so many misconceptions about Marx and communism that it is sometimes painful to watch. Although, if we'll take anarchism or libertarian capitalism in their extreme (and unattainable) forms, they'll result in a really nice societies as well. We'll just need a different types of people for each of these systems to work properly. Right now it seems that we have the system that we deserve, no more, no less.

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Hmm... you wouldn't buy some cheap knockoff, would you? If your phone costs less than $800, it's not "premium" or "VIP" or how do they call these things nowadays. So no, prices would remain the same because people are already buying phones at current prices, and even if it will go up they'll gladly pay for the magical "status item". Lawyers and marketologists could ask for a raised salary, though.

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That's the difference in the mentality - when we say "government corruption" or "lack of freedoms" we don't mean the same things as citizens of Canada or US do. They just don't get it why are we laughing so hard when they tell us about their "outrageous" problems at DMV or somesuch.

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Yeah, no argument here. I'm afraid that for the equation "most ethical business = most profitable (or should we say most rewarding?) business" to work we'll need a different society. More insightful, more long-term thinking as a whole. But I don't think that even the best engineers in the world could manage such an accomplishment.

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Wait, are you implying that Bezos and Musk are the same? Well, why not just throw in Larry Fucking Ellison - great futurist and visionary. Amazon and Walmart are working hard on becoming the monopolies, using so many dirty tricks in process it's mind-boggling. They are on the level of Monsanto now. While Tesla opens up their patents, Amazon still holds it "one-click buy" stupidity as a Holy Grail. And you think that future with this kind of people at the helm would be bright? Sorry, no sell.

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