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Comment Media server with raid 5 (Score 0) 983

Lecie big 5 networked servers could hold that much data. Save doubling your storage by using raid5. Better speed and you can save all your data if a drive fails. Some of these options are affordable but 20tb will probably cost you a bit. You could also use the drives you already have in a barebones setup.

Comment Productivity and Entertainment Applications (Score 0) 531

Most noticeably I use VLC, can't live without it anymore. Windows media player is such a piece of junk. Then install MS Word and Excel. uTorrent is also among the few applications I can not live without. Need silverlight for Netflix and install WinRar only if needed(which is seldom anymore). I also install AVG free antivirus and dropbox is always a happy addition. Backup this restore point so trying out new apps won't bog down my system to unusability over time. Cheers!

Comment Other uses (Score 0) 214

Nuclear missiles may be the obvious use of plutonium, but does this article completely forget about the lack of this material concerning space exploration. The need for this material in the future is going to increase exponentially. I can't imagine how much of this stuff it would take to get to another planet that has liquid water.

Comment Re:Require? (Score 0) 279

Agree the significant word here is 'need'. An argument can be made if we really 'need' internet at all. It certainly helps when searching for work, and streaming is a luxury I couldn't go without. For my needs my 6Mb/sec connection is enough although I would always rather have it faster.

How One Drunk Driver Sent My Company To the Cloud 290

snydeq writes "Andrew Oliver offers further proof that drunk driving and on-site servers don't mix. Oliver, who had earlier announced a New Year's resolution to go all-in on cloud services, had that business strategy expedited when a drunk driver, fleeing a hit-and-run, drove his SUV directly into the beauty shop next door to his company's main offices. 'Our servers were down for eight hours, and various services were intermittent for at least 12 hours. Had things been worse, we could have lost everything. Like our customers, we needed HA and DR. Moreover, we thought, maybe our critical services like email, our website, and Jira should be in a real data center. This made going all-cloud a top priority for us rather than "when we get to it."' Oliver writes, detailing his company's resultant hurry-up migration plan to 100 percent cloud services."

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