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Submission Browser Fingerprinting with HTML5 Canvas Element

JackyBrown writes: There was a study some time ago "Pixel Perfect: Fingerprinting Canvas in HTML5". They propose a new browser fingerprinting method: render text and WebGL scenes to a canvas element, then examine the pixels produced. The fact is it will produce different images on a different web browsers, depending on environment on which it was launched.

The proof-of-concept demonstration with a black-box collected signatures db, and the original project for a white-box browsers examination.

Comment Another PoC of this (Score 1) 131

Last 3 months I developed my tiny web-coding sandboxie, and it was my first work:

Same idea, but it more visual demo, cos it uses apps icons detection.
By some reason I didn't try to use manifest, and write huge parser to collect 10k db... :)

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