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Comment: Re:Autodesk is as bad as they get (Score -1) 89

Yup. Feature development at autodesk has almost disappeared since they sent much of their software development overseas to asia. Softimage for example is an embarrassment the past two versions. I'm not sure it matters if Autodesk changes their pricing policy because there may be nothing of value to buy.

Comment: Re:I tested Windows 8.1 (Score -1) 543

Nerds on slashdot are the worst kind. They are religious zelots that love their linux and hate microsoft, no matter how shitty linux actually is, or how good microsoft actually is. Thats not to say linux is shitty or that MS does good all the time... but theres no room for fair honest opinions around here. Its all religious holy wars.

Comment: Re:More likely YouTube, too (Score -1) 202

I'm on Fios. for 3 weeks Youtube was completely unwatchable. There is a thread on fios's user forums about this, and it was fucking disgraceful.

Fios did nothing, no response from them, nothing. I reported everything to google in hopes google would fist fuck fios into submission.

Comment: None of this will benefit the artists making games (Score -1) 379

This will all go to the suits. Fuck them. Fuck microsoft. Everyone else will still work overtime without pay, hard crunch deadlines, low pay, and no health care on a project basis.

The only one feeling the change will be the gamer buying games and the suits pocketing all the profit of those artists.

+ - Slashdot sucks dick because if you say you like Windows 8, you get karma fucked->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: is so full of insecure linux nerds, that when you say anything positive about Windows 8, you're modded down into oblivion so your "karma" prevents you from being seen or talking.

This is proof that Slashdot is full of zelots and nazis. Fuck you all, you weak minded babies.

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