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Comment: Re:So... (Score 1) 122

by JackieBrown (#48672517) Attached to: App Gives You Free Ebooks of Your Paperbacks When You Take a "Shelfie"

Yeah - I sure he know that there are ways to circumvent it. For me, it would be quicker to torrent the book then to edit a photo with gimp to add my signature.

But hopefully you felt clever showing how much work you are willing to put into getting a free ebook and sabotage this guys company

Comment: Re:Action movies are boring. (Score 1) 324

Very true. And very limited to Americans. That is why these movies do so poorly oversees....

I think the sad truth is that that movies are now made to appeal to the broadest base (and nowadays this includes the people in Europe and Asia as well as the Americas) there is many issues "safe" to tackle.

Comment: Re:more NOS and less lense flare (Score 1) 324

Heh... although only Simon Pegg as Scotty good get away with a line like:
"Ach, maybe if I put some NOS into the Warp Core we could overtake 'em... what do I look like a stupid git? I'm givin' her all she's got!"

Babylon 5 had a similar line
When ordering the White Star to turn around from a planets gravity
Sheridan "Now! Give it everything you got"
Lennier "If I was holding anything back, I'd tell you."

Comment: Re:more NOS and less lense flare (Score 2) 324

No one will think of Wrath of Khan or First Contact when they hear the word "shit". These two were the best Trek movies period.

I hate what they did with the Borg. They went from a terrifying, leaderless race of aliens with a goal of self improvement to a queen with a bunch of mindless zombies (drones) with a goal of absolute power.

Comment: Re:Public land closures (Score 1) 48

The responses aren't that heavy handed. They just close things off and the yahoos who want to go off-roading in wilderness get pissed.

Honestly - who do you think this effects? The people going off the trails are not going to stop because there is yet another sign saying not to go off trail a bit sooner.

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