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Comment Re:Yeah, be a man! (Score 1) 592 592

I wish that was the popular consensus, but look at the amount of backlash over the confederate flag or the fact that Donald Trump is leading in the Republican polls.

It's the Democrat president that is not issuing the pardon.

Trump is ahead in the polls because he's new and loud. It doesn't matter if you agree with Trump, it is refreshing to have someone that doesn't pretty up their speech or lie to voters. Especially after the lies we have dwelt with from both parties.

Comment Re:Prediction (Score 3, Informative) 152 152

I have started using my own server for this (for privacy and space reasons). Unfortunately, a lot of my exif tags (dates in particular) seem to have messed up when I downloaded them from Google photos. I did it using the download archive function - ended up with an 8 GB zip. I assume it was during the download because Google have them correct on their site.

Trying to go through and correct those has been really frustrating - particular since that is where all the pictures of my deceased wife are, and I really have trouble holding up well checking each photo. I wouldn't even bother but it is very jarring to run into pictures of her when browsing from May of this year.

Comment Re:Texas? (Score 1) 114 114

Based on his comments, he knows nothing about Texas other than the sterotypes that Hollywood pushes forward.

You don't expect people like him to actually not believe everything they see on TV - other than Fox News, of course? I'm sure he has been warned (and even seen 15 second out-of-context clips to reienforce his belief) on the evils of Fox News.

Comment Re:What Eric Holder says is irrelevant (Score 1) 194 194

He'd do it now if he wanted to. With everything else he has gotten away with, what is this in the scheme of things.

The problem is exactly what NotDrWho stated. This president hates whistleblowers (at least that call out stuff done when he was president) with a passion.

Comment Re:MITM or unencrypted (Score 2) 104 104

My last job (KCI) was like that. All supervisors had admin access and could connect to any network (secured or not) we wanted. It was amazing what my peers decided to install on their company issued laptops.

I still remember one day, HR sent out an email to all 4000 employees with everyones SS#, salary, and address (the person attached the wrong file - they meant to send out a flyer for the company picnic.) IT department's solution to keep that file from getting out was to block gmail and yahoo mail. Since everyone had full read write access to the usb ports, this was not much a solution.

Now, at my new job, I get to experience the joys of a locked down laptop that requires an RSA secrurid to log into the network, web is locked down, and no read/write access on the usb ports.

Comment Re:It's like Venezuela but without all the gun cri (Score 1) 431 431

Social program such as an oversized pointless military? Yes that is a one of their problems.

Do people really think that socialist countries will not have over-sized pointless militaries? The whole issue is that most things government run becomes oversized and useless.

Comment Re: It's like Venezuela but without all the gun cr (Score 1) 431 431

Yet every time someone want to rein in the spending in the US, we hear "we have a paying bills problem, not a spending problem."

It's hard to correct course when you have a mindset that all spending is now set in stone (not counting the automatic increases each year.)

And yes, the war in Iraq caused a lot of that but the idea that we can use this to justify every increase in debt is silly.

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