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Comment Re: My sister is a nurse (Score 1) 232

As far as the ACA, written originally by the Heritage Foundation (including Mitt Romney), Did not get passed by congress back in the early 90's (IIRC, not Googling for a AC retort)
Adopted by Dems, because true single payer would never get passed, so now it's evil.

The bulk of Republicans that were for that were not in office when this thing got passed. Assuming the current crop of republicans want what the republicans wanted in the early 90's makes zero sense. If they wanted it, they would have passed it during Bush's time.

Comment Re:You can get the same effect pretty simply. (Score 1) 107

If GroupOn was willing to let you implement pool retention algorithms (reservation required for all GroupOn customers! Walk-Ins do *NOT* get to use the GroupOn coupon!), then you might have an argument for deep visibility interiours on restaurants.

They did allow that. It was a bit annoying when I bought one without reading the not-so-fine print on some bowling passes I got. But that was my fault for not reading the 3 sentence description before buying it.

Comment Re:Should've taken Google's $6B offer (Score 1) 107

like instead of selling 20 coupons they would sell 400. flooding the business with low profit clients who were angry for not being able to get an appointment.

This would be the fault of the barber for offering to many coupons. A lot of deals where limited to 20 or so.
You can also say it is the fault of the consumer for not checking the business before buying a groupon for that business. Groupon really is the middle man here.

Comment Re:"We're stronger than ever" (Score 1) 107

How is it snake oil? It does not pretend to be anything other than what it is. I have purchased a few groupons. As long as you are willing to plan ahead, you can save a lot of money using them - especially when it comes to restaurants, bowling, and car washes.

Comment Re:"We're stronger than ever" (Score 1) 107

I would bet you are in the minority. I am not a coupon shopper and even I heard of them. Most of my coworkers and friends use it often.

Maybe it is a class thing? These are coupons that we are talking about (and coupons that you have to buy to use.) My friends and I (well not me anymore) make around 40,000 or less - which is livable wage in Texas, but does not leave a lot of disposable income.

Comment Re:The only Gaming Notebooks are P&P (Score 1) 90

Most people in the corporate world use laptops not towers.

My job (UHC) and my last job (KCI) only assigned laptops to mobile personal and people that might need to work from home. Most of the other hundred thousand employees use desktops. There just isn't a need for laptops

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