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New FCC Rules Could Ban WiFi Router Firmware Modification 230

An anonymous reader writes: Hackaday reports that the FCC is introducing new rules which ban firmware modifications for the radio systems in WiFi routers and other wireless devices operating in the 5 GHz range. The vast majority of routers are manufactured as System on Chip devices, with the radio module and CPU integrated in a single package. The new rules have the potential to effectively ban the installation of proven Open Source firmware on any WiFi router.

ThinkPenguin, the EFF, FSF, Software Freedom Law Center, Software Freedom Conservancy, OpenWRT, LibreCMC, Qualcomm, and others have created the SaveWiFi campaign, providing instructions on how to submit a formal complaint to the FCC regarding this proposed rule. The comment period is closing on September 8, 2015. Leave a comment for the FCC.

Comment Re:After the Mozilla fiasco, they will be careful (Score 1) 129

Of course, most conservatives these days seem to think that they're all millionaires who are temporarily down on their luck, even when they're living in a trailer, so they could very act the way you describe anyway

I know what you are trying to say here but you are wrong. The problem with statements like yours is they are too simplified.

For example, during the gay marriage debates, how often did you hear about the fallouts from states that did enact this law? Did you hear on the nightly news all the religious orphanages that were shut down by the state since they wouldn't allow kids to be adopted by non-traditional families?

Comment Re:More spyware and ads? (Score 2) 70

I'm a linux / android guy who only uses windows on my work assigned locked down laptop. But my desire to run those OSs stems from their open source nature (although it did start with a frustration of windows - but that was over 10 years ago.)

But I have been reading a lot of stories on slashdot that at least some divisions are becoming open source friendly.

Comment Re:Ironic (Score 2, Insightful) 213

Trump isn't remotely honest, but he does say the xenophobic things

Please keep making comments like this. Comments like this are what is fueling Trumps campaign.

We are so fucking sick of being called out as racists or mean or anti-woman or anti-science or whatever sanctimonious bullshit phrase you want to throw at us.

And yes, I'll get a flamebait mod with a few smug responses like "well then don't be conservative" or some variation of that but these comments are getting old.

Just look at this thread...

For me to defend Bush makes me sick but these lies and name calling are getting ridiculous. And we are not really even into the primaries yet!

Comment Re:*BUSH* administration?!?! (Score 1) 59

And to add, if it's not a paid for democrat, then why are none of the democrats or progressives calling out these lies? Do they really add to any conversation?

In this thread alone...


And I haven't refreshed the page otherwise I'd probably see more.

Comment Re:*BUSH* administration?!?! (Score 1) 59

Wow. I'm sorry but these posts are too common and too frequent for me to believe that this is not a democrat propaganda. Post often enough and people believe this shit - or at least start sub consciously believing the spirit of these posts.

If this was a MS or Google shill, they would be called out in a New York minute. Hell, they at least are more subtle than this.

It's a real shame what politics have come too.

Comment Re:Because its not just a NASA facility (Score 3, Insightful) 59

New Orleans on the other hand was crumpled like a beer can under the might of Katrina, and smelted in the incompetent furnace that was the Bush administration.

You mean because of the governor and mayor, right? Bush had to wait until the state authorize the use of the military to jump in. Or do you want the president to have the power to jump in and take control of a city?

His failure - if you have to find one - is that he didn't publicly chastise the governor until the governor was shamed into doing that. Unfortunately, that was not his style - otherwise he would have blamed 9/11 on the Clinton administration since that is when most of the preparation and planning took place.

Comment Re:Priorities (Score 1) 71

The problem is that both the Republicans and Democrats want the illegal immigration to continue so they offer lip service to the securing the border but focus on using "keeping families together" as an excuse to keep everyone illegal here.

Can you imagine how different our job market would be for our unskilled labor force without the millions of illegals here working for scraps?

The thing is, the Democrats want the illegal immigration because minorities typically vote Democrat. Republican leadership wants it to continue because the leadership has already been bought by corporations that want the free/cheap labor.

Fortunately, people are starting to see through that.

Comment Re:So I guess CEO's don't get hit with non-compete (Score 2) 134

They may be able to successfully sue you for NDA violation, as long as they have a sufficient factual basis to show that it was more likely than not that you had actually violated the NDA.

That would be difficult to prove in this case since he has been gone for 20 years and apples reputation for keeping it's trade secrets secret.

Comment Re:Colour me suprised (Score 4, Interesting) 449

About 18 months after my wife died, I went on POF and was on it for about 6 months. I didn't want to date anyone from work and am to socially awkward to meet people at bars or clubs.

There are an amazing number of available woman. It took me a while getting used to how fast people moved on a first date - even on a lunch first date.

That said, I met a few quality people and am now engaged with someone I met from that site.

Somebody ought to cross ball point pens with coat hangers so that the pens will multiply instead of disappear.