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For about the sixth time, in only about two weeks, I am prompted to remind people of this:

Just recently -- only a couple of months ago -- a Federal judge ruled that the FAA has no authority over small low-altitude drones or models, regardless of whether they are being used commercially.

The ruling has been stayed pending appeal, but the judge ruled on the basis that it was never Congress' intent to give FAA authority to do this, and his argument was very strong.

In the meantime, the FAA has seemed to be intent on regulating everything in sight, before the appeals court slaps them down... which it is extremely likely that it will do, since it is pretty clear that it wasn't, in fact, Congress' intent to give the FAA such authority.

In that way, they have been acting just like the EPA, apparently trying to usurp every possible authority they can before the 2014 elections. I have no other explanation for their sudden, intense attempts to pass further regulations.

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Are you denying that you're accusing me and my colleagues of fraudulent bullshit lies (obviously you don't think your accusations are baseless)? Or are you denying that you're pathologically lying about facts as simple as your own gender? Or both?

As you well know, I have many times denied both of those.

And I have no reason to continue denying them on demand. Shove it up your ass.

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Speaking of which: do you even have a job anymore? I wonder what YOUR employers would think about your rantings here on Slashdot. I doubt they would see them in a very favorable light. Not much of anyone else does, from what I've observed.

Other than pointing out how unethical that post you made above was, I repeat that I am done with you here. You can expect no more replies from me.

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by lgw (#47439347) Attached to: Police Recording Confirms NYPD Flew At a Drone and Never Feared Crashing

Is that a bad thing or a good thing? If the ideal case is for taxation to decrease during lean times, and to increase during times of plenty, that might make a rather nice automatic adjustment.

Except it's not the tax rates going down! Those stay the same. It's incomes going down, which really doesn't help recovery.

While too much income concentration can certainly be a problem, it's not what the tax code is for. Taxes are for funding the government, after all. (And those with very high income have great flexibility as to when, where, and how they receive compensation - it's those in the "Second 1%," small business owners, doctors, lawyers, and top-tier salaried workers, who really get screwed by attempts at social justice through the tax code. The executive making $500k has other options to dodge taxes, such as getting paid in Ireland, or get pay spread over 5 years, or whatever.)

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Last weekend Mars, Ho! passed the magic 40,000 words, the number of words necessary for a science fiction work to be a novel.

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by Marxist Hacker 42 (#47437797) Attached to: Fun with SQL Server 2012

I didn't explain the behavior adequately.

SELECT * FROM dbo.GetReferencedModelPointsByJobID(@JobID)

Returns someplace between 2-56 rows, depending on JobID

The second query does NOT error out, but is not returning a comma delimited string of all rows, but instead, in some cases, is returning only ONE row.

Since I'm using this to build a temp table, it doesn't error out until I attempt to fill columns in the temp table that do not exist.

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