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Comment Re: No transit costs. (Score 3, Interesting) 106

they have to agree to certain rules that might seem weird in a free market

There's no such fucking thing as a fucking free fucking market ... a free market is a lie, because companies will always lie, cheat, steal, collude, and otherwise game the system.

There never has been, and never will be, a free fucking market.

You can pretty much replace corporations with anything run by people (including the government).

Difference is, it's easier (not easy, just easier) to get out of the way of a corporation than it is to get out of the way of government.

Example, I hated sprints customer service so I switched to t mobile. I have my city's electrical company but the cost of switching away from that is much higher (have to move, find a new job, etc.)

Comment We get it (Score 4, Insightful) 139

Gygax had something of a reputation for borrowing things without giving proper credit, and this latest revelation shows how the open and collaborative environment of early gaming was quickly exploited for commercial purposes.

We get it. Commercial is bad. Everything should be non-profit. We should all make the same wage. We should all have the same stuff.

Comment Re:Passwords leaked from where? (Score 1) 165

One of the problems I have is with my work passwords. I used to put some thought and creativity into my passwords. But the policy of having to change my password every 3 months (and 1 month for some apps) has made it difficult to keep up with security / ability to remember my "clever" password.

Now it's a simple password with a * in it and a number in it. Then I add 1 to that number which covers me for 9 months.

Comment Re:It's a scam. (Score 1) 82

Buy Your Own Device. It's a means to allow your employer to skimp on the hardware expenditure and get you to unwittingly pay instead, and feel empowered for it. You don't even get to keep your device for personal use, as security requirements demand the employer maintain control over it so long as it is used for business purposes.

I haven't worked for a job where I was not allowed to use my BYOD for personal use. It was a pain that they could remote wipe my phone, but with Android and root, it was pretty easy to block that ability.

My new job uses GOOD which sounds good in principle - a sandboxed corporate environment that doesn't interact with my personal stuff. Problem is that GOOD checks for root and I'd rather use adaway and lug my laptop around than get work emails/calender on my phone. There is an old version of GOOD that I can use along with a xposed module but that version no longer works very well with my phone (it freezes allot).

Comment Re:Forgot to mention: (Score 5, Informative) 307

You are correct
From the study

Standardized measures of intelligence were administered at ages 9–12 y, before marijuana involvement, and again at ages 17–20 y. Marijuana use was self-reported at the time of each cognitive assessment as well as during the intervening period. Marijuana users had lower test scores relative to nonusers and showed a significant decline in crystallized intelligence between preadolescence and late adolescence. However, there was no evidence of a dose–response relationship between frequency of use and intelligence quotient (IQ) change.

Comment Re:Great Parents!! (Score 0) 307

Science cares about reality.

Your fiction of "what if" and fear of the unknown is how we ended up with prohibition in the first place. This attitude that "if it feels good it must be bad for you" is puritan, religious non-sense.

The test was done to prove or dispute a hypothesis. If it was settled and indisputable, there would have been no need for the test.

You get bonus troll points for somehow working in prohibition, religion, and puritan in your response when none of that was in the post you responded to.

Comment Re:So we're using nearly 40% more power? (Score 1) 115

While it's nice and all that we're getting 72x more performance per watt, since we are at 100x times the performance, that means that we are using 100/72=1.39 times the power that we used to.

If we are getting that much of a performance boost, we are most likely not spending as much time maxing out the card's performance (and using that extra energy) as we were before.

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