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Comment: Re:illogical captain (Score 1) 903

by JackieBrown (#47902123) Attached to: Why Atheists Need Captain Kirk

atheists tend not to tell people what to do.

if only this was true. ..
Instead we get people that demand the stopping of the use the word Christmas, people praying in public, crosses being visible at cemeteries and monuments, bibles in the military, and on slashdot I have seen an amazing number of posts stating that patents shouldn't be allowed to teach religion to their kids.

Comment: Re:Read the GP's comment, fuckface. (Score 1) 288

by JackieBrown (#47897079) Attached to: California Declares Carpooling Via Ride-Share Services Illegal

So you would rather everyone (except you I'm assuming) work in third world poverty conditions because that is what capitalism seeks (those with the means controlling production and hence wages)?

I guess that is why everyone in America makes minimum wage, right? Because with your warped view of capitalism, that would be the case.

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by JackieBrown (#47834497) Attached to: Hackers Break Into

I would suggest you check out for better information about how the ACA has actually saved lives.

Do you realize that healthcare actually was working for the vast majority of people? ACA has not really been around long enough to determine if it saved lives. And will you count people that die because their previous insurance was lost because of ACA the fault of ACA or the fault of the private insurance?

I have a feeling that in your mind, anything good regarding ACA is to the credit of government and anything bad is the fault of the businesses or republicans. That's a nice, sheltered world to live in. (I base this on your comments that you don't even listen to alternative views and will always vote democrat.

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