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Comment: This again? (Score 1) 744

Apple is not alone in this, via Wikipedia:

Foxconn manufactures products for companies including:

(country of headquarters in parentheses)

        Acer Inc. (Taiwan) [27] (United States)[28]
        Apple Inc. (United States)[29]
        ASRock (Taiwan)[citation needed]
        Asus (Taiwan)[citation needed]
        Barnes & Noble (United States)[citation needed]
        Cisco (United States)[30]
        Dell (United States) [31]
        EVGA Corporation (United States)
        Hewlett-Packard (United States)[32]
        Intel (United States)[33]
        IBM (United States)[citation needed]
        Lenovo (China)[citation needed]
        Microsoft (United States)[34]
        MSI (Taiwan)[citation needed]
        Motorola (United States)[31]
        Netgear (United States)[citation needed]
        Nintendo (Japan) [35]
        Nokia (Finland)[29]
        Panasonic (Japan)[citation needed]
        Samsung (South Korea)[36]
        Sharp (Japan)[citation needed]
        Sony (Japan) [37]
        Sony Ericsson (Japan/Sweden)[38]
        Vizio (United States)[39]

Comment: Re:Irking (Score 2) 389

by Jackdaw Rookery (#38439442) Attached to: <em>Star Wars: the Old Republic</em> Launches

Thanks for the info, but 45 for a game that you then keep spending on monthly still just doesn't add up.

Why isn't the game free? Wouldn't they get more subscribers that way? After all, it is the monthly subscription that makes them the money.

They seem to be deliberatly hampering themselves by sticking to the WoW model much to closely.

Comment: Irking (Score 4, Informative) 389

by Jackdaw Rookery (#38439264) Attached to: <em>Star Wars: the Old Republic</em> Launches

You see, I'd love to be playing this, but at 60 for the game and 15 a month, that's just too rich for my tastes.

I think the game itself should be free and downloadable, then charge a monthly fee for the online access. I'm going to wait for the cost of the game to come down :(

But damn, it's so tempting to buy ...

Comment: Re:I disagree with that last one... (Score 1) 219

by Jackdaw Rookery (#38435842) Attached to: IBM's Five Predictions For the Next Five Years

Exactly. If marketing material is more and more targeted and all pervasive:

- I would find it really freaking creepy. I don't care if it is relevent or not
- I would make a point of NOT shopping at anywhere that targeted me in this manner

Of course stores *may* realise that people don't want this kind of unsolicited hassle and start stating that they don't use this technique. You never know ...

Comment: Re:Legalize it. (Score 1) 302

by Jackdaw Rookery (#38404574) Attached to: Google Donating $11.5M To Fight Modern Slavery

You hear completly wrong. I meant exactly what I said and I stand by it.

"You are right, it needs legalising and regulating. Nothing wrong with the concept of prostitution, it's all in the implementation.

Right now that's what's messed up. Legalise, tax it, regulate and it will be healthier, safer and better for the economy."

This isn't the place for personal stories, but lets just say I have personal experience relating to this.

Comment: Re:Easy to do (Score 4, Informative) 302

by Jackdaw Rookery (#38373848) Attached to: Google Donating $11.5M To Fight Modern Slavery

You're an idiot. You understand that these factories don't just make Apple products, right? They make products for lots of big players.

Copy/Paste from Wikipedia's Foxconn page:

        Acer Inc. (Taiwan) (United States)[16]
        Apple Inc. (United States)[18]
        ASRock (Taiwan)
        Barnes & Noble (United States)
        Intel (United States)
        Cisco (United States)
        Hewlett-Packard (United States)[19]
        Dell (United States)
        Nintendo (Japan)
        Nokia (Finland)[18]
        Microsoft (United States)
        MSI (Taiwan)
        Motorola (United States)
        Sony Ericsson (Japan/Sweden)[20]
        Vizio (United States)

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"