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Comment: Re:Talk to Tom Hudson (Score 3, Informative) 545 545

Prostitution in and of itself is a victimless crime. If two consenting adults decide to exchange money for sex, where is the crime? It is only when prostitution is considered a crime by society do the incentives to commit prosititution create situations where we end up with victims (pimps exploiting runaways, sex-trafficking, etc.) Legalize it and require certification (like plumbers) and suddenly the State will have a legitimate revenue stream.

Comment: Re:Bad definition for planet (Score 1) 208 208

But ratios aren't in the definition. From the wikipedia article: "...a planet is a body that orbits the Sun, is massive enough for its own gravity to make it round, and has 'cleared its neighbourhood' of smaller objects around its orbit." These three criteria define a planet and Pluto definitely meets the first two. As for the last, Pluto's perihelion is inside Neptune's orbit, thus (in my humble opinion) still clutters Neptune's orbital neighborhood. I think the definition should have been chosen so as to expand the number of planets in the Solar System, possibly sparking a renewed interest in astronomy/space for the younger generations. Instead, the definition comes off as picayune and close-minded.

Comment: How to prevent theft (Score 1) 163 163

A lot of comments talk about prohibiting theft. Why not have the carts tagged via RFID and have floor scales at the checkout line and subtract that particular cart's weight subtracted from what the total weight of the loaded cart and compare it to the weight of the scanned items? If the delta is off by x percent (and that x percent can be varied based on the average weight per item), it triggers a human audit of the cart.

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