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Comment No landings (Score 1) 24 24

Sounds great, as long as they don't have to take off or land. The huge amounts of money they will have to spend on sensitive ground radar measurement equipment will be a boon for the economy, and the constant crashing at the border of the two airspaces will make for pleasing entertainment and personal injury lawsuits.

Comment Re:Amazon doesn't understand helicopters (Score 1) 24 24

I wonder how they handle all those cases with respect to activities such as:

1) RC model airplanes 2) Model rocketry 3) Sporting (think golf, skeet shooting, baseball)

all of which may involve objects exceeding 200 ft but below 500 feet. Whatever do the poor misunderstood helicopters do?!?

All of these have designated areas in which they can happen. So do drones, but the problem is that people have been using them outside of those confines.

Comment Re:Kickstarter? (Score 1) 332 332

So what should DICE have done to add value to the site and turn it into a money-maker?

The first thing would be to understand that slashdot is not something that needs to be turned into a moneymaker.
There was no need to add value to the site as it was already perfectly fine as far as the clientele were concerned. The only improvement would be perhaps a single readthrough of the article submission before posting it.

Comment Re:Just don't use the latest and not-so-greatest (Score 1) 117 117

> this means developers must make the difficult choice between using the latest tools or risking crippling bugs such as this one.

Not so difficult. Just don't use the latest and not-so-greatest stuff.

Que 1000 "waaaaah, I wanna to use teh new shiney!!11!!" replies....

Agree. How is the choice difficult? It is a tool, it is not the code itself. It is not your project. You could write your project WITHOUT the tool entirely. It is merely the hammer that you use to pound your nails. So the latest one has been "upgraded" with a shiny new "2015" sticker. As it happens, they also removed the claws on this hammer. Your old hammer has a head AND claws, but it has a "2014" sticker on it. Guess what, I'm going with the tool that works over the new shiny.

Comment Re:Change Is Life (Score 1) 117 117

I might be flamed for saying this, but if you can't be a software developer without "community support" like asking questions on StackOverflow, then you're not really a software developer. (Likewise, if a tool can't be used without asking questions on stackoverflow, it's the wrong tool to be using for anything serious).

I have yet to ask a question on stackoverflow, but I refer to it a lot when dealing with third party tools and libraries. The reason being that documentation is usually extremely weak. You can usually find a reference to the methods, but to understand when you might want to use one or another is not really explained. it is helpful to find an example of someone who has used it. Then, you have to figure out what the latest hipster way to instantiate an object is since apparently constructors aren't cool anymore, and the best practice for instancing changes from week to week and the documentation is sometimes not updated to reflect that, it just has a constructor. Of course, examples are always point in time, and nobody ever goes back to edit those, so a lot of the time, you at least get deprecated warnings in example code, if not just outright failure because methods have gone away or signatures changed.
In other words, the same community that complains about MS constantly fixing what ain't broke, is constantly fixing what ain't broke.

Comment Re:Change Is Life (Score 1) 117 117

The folks I feel sorry for are the students - Win 10 is released Friday, all the new computers being bought for Fall term starting will have it, students taking programming courses will often be stuck with the newest of the new since the instructor adopted (or wrote) the latest text book,

That certainly wasn't the case when I was in school. They were years behind on versions of programming languages. As for IDEs, there weren't any in use. I used vi for my programming assignments. Borland C++ was available, but only on Windows, and the University mostly had Sun and SGI workstations.
On the whole, though, I think it worked out better, because I got an understanding of working with libraries and linking that would enable me to understand how to get something to work if it didn't work automatically in an IDE.

Comment Sounds pretty organized (Score 1) 53 53

This sounds like an organized, well thought out network. It's a shame that they are only getting $20 a pop. If they were to use their powers for Good instead of Evil, they could probably be making many times more money.
The thing that pisses me off about theft is that the thief only gets away with $5, but the damage they cause is $500. When they steal 40 cents worth of copper from your AC, you now have to buy a new $5,000 AC. When they steal your identity for $20, they ruin your credit for the rest of your life and reduce you to begging on the street. I guess you could steal, too, in order to get by, but most people's ethics wouldn't allow them to do that, even if they are destitute. Human beings don't steal.

Comment Re:How many LifeLock employees? (Score 1) 53 53

I expected a mention about causing the death of thousands of people abroad, but apparently there's nothing worse than intoxicating oneself, having sex between consenting adults, and not being a vegetarian.

It's not like they directly caused them, or even had a desire to cause them. If nobody had blown up the Twin Towers, this all could have been avoided.

Comment Re:How many LifeLock employees? (Score 1) 53 53

These days if you tried that they'd be hauling your butt off to jail. This HIPPA thing make this a serious liability and hospitals and doctors have got nuts about it, so much that I cannot even make a doctor's appointment for my wife anymore, unless she's signed their form that says I can....

Yes. Same here, and my wife speaks English pretty well, but she is sensitive about her English and always wants me to talk to the doctors. What pisses me off is that the patients and the low level peons have to obey every jot and tittle of the HIPAA code, while you can hear doctors casually discussing cases and identifying information with one another. Also, in the massively overcrowded hospitals with multiple patients in a room, they don't bother to get all of the other patients and patients families out of the room before discussing details of a patients medical history.

Comment Re:Still a problem more than a year later? (Score 1) 140 140

Even if they can't get their shit together to fix the fundamental problem, couldn't they at least kludge in a piece of gateway software that would intercept the USB port data and raise the difficulty level of gaining access and exiting kiosk mode?

Or disable the USB the not installing it.

Comment Re:Kickstarter forever (Score 1) 89 89

first, define "angel" investor. Now define kickstarter investing. If you're getting a guaranteed return, it isn't called investing, it is called "buying." Purchasing a stock certificate in order to hold onto it is called investing. That's different than "playing the market" even tho you buy stocks in companies in both cases.

If we are going to classify Kickstarter Projects as an investment, then we have to understand this: The maximum possible ROI is 0% (value of product equals what you put in ), and it goes down from there.

Comment Re:Ironic (Score 1) 289 289

If the court that wants him is part of the government that blatantly violates the 1st Amendment, he may be justified in questioning if his other rights will be honored should he appear.

Like it or not, once the government starts sliding down the slippery slope, those questions become justifiable.

The government didn't violate the 1st amendment. He has a right to say whatever he wants, but that doesn't mean they have to give him a microphone and speakers to do it. The government also has a duty to protect the citizens. There was concern that if this violent man was allowed to perform, then his encouragement of violence could lead to violence. So the venue and the promoter agreed that he would not perform. And then he performed anyway.
If the venue has to allow violent rappers like this to perform, then they have to also allow nazis, KKK, or whoever else wants to perform.

Comment Re:Ironic (Score 2) 289 289

Being "wanted on warrant" means his crimes are merely alleged at this stage.

The crime he committed was not violent, but his refusal to show up to hearings indicates that he has no respect for society. I was not referring to his alleged crime, but just to the fact that he instigates violence through his music and lyrics. This is not the sort of person you want at a rally against violence.

Comment Re:And this is why I dont have a 500 abarth. (Score 1) 82 82

Honda has the crappiest paint in the entire automotive industry, and the recalls are repainting with the same low grade crap that will fail in another 5 years.

Maybe this is a regional thing, and it could be worse where roads are salted in the winter or near oceans. Neither of these applies to me. I have never really noticed any issues with any Honda factory paint job. Aftermarket paint jobs, on the other hand, I have never seen a good looking aftermarket paintjob on a Honda.

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