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+ - Astronauts' Hearts Change Shape in Space->

sciencehabit writes: Astronauts who go into space come back with rounder hearts. Scientists who had astronauts regularly take images of their hearts with ultrasound machines found that the organ becomes more spherical in space by a factor of 9.4%. The researchers believe the change in shape, which is temporary, indicates that the heart is performing less efficiently in zero gravity.
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Comment: What is with this anti-readability trend? (Score 2) 100 100

So, I was logged in and didn't get to see the beta so I just checked it out. I have to ask something. Why oh why has light grey on lighter-grey become the new trendy style for UI? Do people no longer wish to be able to read the shit that is on a page and just mindlessly stare at a whitewashed screen? You do realize that some contrast is OK right? There is a reason that people use black type on paper. The Kindle isn't coming out with a light grey on white version to make it cooler. Fuck! It was bad enough when I first opened my iOS 7 mail on my company iPhone. Now I have to see the same shit mimicked on the last semi-intelligent website on the internet? First Yahoo fucks up my homepage that I've been using for the last decade and now Slashdot has to go and screw up my favorite website since 90's. Damn you guys! Keep this shit readable! New for the sake of "new" is not better!

Comment: Same situation here! (Score 1) 324 324

I'm in almost the exact same situation as you. What is worse is that I only live in a 10 home sub-division. We have all tried to commission Time Warner who is right on the main road but they keep saying no. I believe they will do it if we pay them and even informally quoted us at some point (several thousand or tens of thousands of dollars if I recall). It's very frustrating to be able to practically see the line from my house and not be able to tap into it. We just moved here so to say that going from 50Mbps on TW or WOW (both in my previous area) to 5Mbps on a good day through Centurylink is frustrating is an understatement. Luckily I packaged with DirecTV for one year to get the fantastic deal of $30/month for the internet portion. Next year it goes to $60/month. $60/month for 5Mbps down and 0.5Mbps up! Now THAT is a monopoly!

Comment: Don't get frustrated (Score 2) 823 823

I believe a lot of this comes from frustration of the environment. Fellow employees/students that simply do not agree with you, nor understand what you do and who you are. A lot (maybe most) of SMART people are horribly introverted and poor communicators. Have you ever had to give tech support and got more and more angry as the conversation continued? Have you ever had to explain yourself rather than just saying, "I'm right. Go look it up." A lot of people simply give up, go in their corner and code/develop/engineer. You appear to be one step ahead in that you are already self-aware. Not everybody is built the same. Try not to get frustrated and realize that not everybody has the same genetic makeup and education as you do. But that doesn't make you better. It just means you are talented in your area of expertise. Make sure that reflects respect and not contempt.

Comment: It's called a cherry-picked CATV System (Score 1) 539 539

We do it all the time in schools and it is really easy. First, choose how many channels you want to modulate through the facility. Let's say 10 for the sake of discussion. You would then get 10 cable boxes. You would run these cable boxes into multiple modulators then through a combiner and out to the rest of the system. Each TV can tune to any of the 10 stations you selected. If you need to modify one of the channels (2-10), simply re-tune the cable box. Blonder Tongue has a plethora of modulators, demodulators, and converters to suite your needs. I would use the MICM-45 modulators They go into a chassis (MIRC-12V) w/ a power supply (MIPS-12C) and you can house up to 12 in 2 Rack units.

Nokia Trades Symbian For MeeGo In N-Series Smartphones 184 184

An anonymous reader writes "Nokia announced that moving forward, MeeGo would be the default operating system in the N series of smartphones (original Reuters report). Symbian will still be used in low-end devices from Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Ericsson. The move to MeeGo is a demonstration of support for the open source mobile OS, but considering the handset user experience hasn't been rolled out and likely won't be rolled out in time for its vague June deadline outlined at, could the decision be premature?"

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