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Comment Re:Geocities (Score 1) 103 103

I remember when "everyone" that got online, wanted to start their own website on e.g. Geocities. Easy to set up, pictures (animated 'E-mail' icon) happily copied from wherever you found it, etc. Now the Dark Side (copyright mafiaa) is taking over and soon it will be illegal to link to "unlicensed" content, and soon thereafter it will be illegal to link to links to "unlicensed" content.

To be fair, those Geocities sites were crap and of little value to anyone. And if the content owners won't let you use their content, make your own, unlicensed. It's pretty hard to cry foul when you have the best tool in the universe for sharing original content and your biggest complaint is that you want to be able to copy someone else's.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 2) 103 103

This can be fixed. Create content without ads that only links to other content without ads. There's no reason why "www2" can't be just like 1990's www.
All you need is a simple spec for hosting that anyone can follow, ie no ads, content on one page where possible, no multimedia unless absolutely necessary, and start the revolution.

Comment Re:Barking at the wrong tree (Score 1) 103 103

The point of much of social media is not to share links but to replicate content and isolate it from it's original context.

One reason for this is that the original host is useless at hosting data. eg my local news site publishes video in low res that always freezes and buffers, and you can't pause or fast forward and they're loaded with ads. Whenever I see an interesting story, I Google the same thing and find a source elsewhere (usually youtube) which I can actually watch without all the problems.

Comment Re:Barking at the wrong tree (Score 1) 103 103

When I've looked for a home, the realtor and I were busy defining exactly what we were looking for. In short order we had a short list. We checked out that list. If that didn't work out, we re-defined and repeated.

I never understood this approach. With information, the two basic methods are browse and search. If your data set is small, you don't need to search, since you can browse a dozen items quicker than any search, with a zero error rate which is the biggest flaw with search. I've been in the Real Estate market a few times, and in a city of 5 million I know which suburbs are of interest, and out of those there is only a dozen or so new listings every week. So each time I'm in the market I can simply browse all listings and sort them within a minute. The agent really serve no purpose other than to get in the way and take a fee.

Comment Re:Oh boy, here we go... (Score 1) 238 238

And people aren't fixated only on one or two power sources, as opposed to the ones who trot out the line "there is one solution - nuclear".

To put that in context, that is the response to the question of baseload. I've never heard anyone not include renewables in the mix, but you need a base-load, and currently Coal and Nuclear are the only viable candidates.

Comment Re:Could not agree more (Score 1) 238 238

BUT, if you run the numbers, you will see that we NEED nukes. In particular, we need gen IV nukes since they can not meltdown. In addition, these can make use of the nuke waste/ aboveground thorium, rather than mining for U. Yet, the far left fights it.

This is the issue in a nutshell. Logically, Gen4 Nuke is the least worst option, but the most people can't get past the emotional response. Chernobyl! Fukushima! Imagine if we gave up flight after the first couple of plane crashes? You fix bad engineering by better engineering, not giving up.

Comment Re:Yeah, great (Score 1) 144 144

more socially conservative societies that restrict outlets for harmless sexual release do indeed have higher rates of rape and sexual violence in general. there is much truth to the concept of catharsis as a way to reduce rape and sexual violence. it doesn't prevent everything, just some of it

There is also evidence that a lot of exposure to Porn, especially at a young age is detrimental to brain development, especially respect for women. And that respect for women is one of the key differentiators between an advanced society.
So yes, free porn offers benefits, I personally love the stuff, but am also aware that there needs to be some limitation somewhere to ensure like drugs, alcohol and other good stuff, it doesn't get abused (Note I don't support India's action, but can see understand the frustration some people have around this subject, and the knee jerk reactions to a seemingly unsolvable problem).

Comment Re:Inflammatory Remark Warning (Score 1) 221 221

Yes but that's the benefit of being able to think about and discuss things as rational humans, we can work out which concepts have value and which do not.
IMO both advanced medical research and computational power are must haves in any powerful democracy.

Comment Re:shooter should have talked to owner first (Score 1) 502 502

If one of your neighbors turns out to not rise to the same level of manners that you do, are feeling the right, then, to take out a shotgun and destroy some of their property? No?

If it occurs entirely on my property, then I reserve that right.

Comment Re:shooter should have talked to owner first (Score 1) 502 502

If the guy flying the quad knows he isn't doing anything wrong, then he's really not under any obligation to go door to door telling people that,

Apart from manners you mean? I have neighbours, and sometimes when someone is planning a party or going away they let their neighbours know as courtesy. Not because of any legal requirement, but because not all people are selfish jerks.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 473 473

No they don't. Most home users only need...

The argument is about "most people" not "most home users". The biggest spending on PCs is by business, therefore their needs represent the biggest demand.

When you say "etc" in the majority of cased you can either find a commercial equivalent which you pay for or a free one which is normally just good enough.

No you can't. We hear this all the time from the FOSS crowd, but anyone who thinks Libre Office is functionally equivalent to MS Office is someone who has never relied on an Office app to do their job.

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