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Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 415

That still doesn't mean that ALL crashes can be avoided with awareness. Plus, are you at your 100% best every single time you drive, every day? You never have a bad day? You never, ever make a mistake?

Never said they did. Ultimately it's risk management, and I'm comfortable that I don't need to spend more money on a safer vehicle, when even the unsafest car is still safer than my motorcycle.
Out of interest do you wear a helmet when you drive? It would be safer, yet you probably don't do it. This is exactly the same logic.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 1) 297

Suburbs would work just fine if we built SkyTran PRT systems.

I'm not so sure it would.
"Maximum capacity of (SkyTran) is 11,500 passengers per hour". As comparison the 20 year old MRT in Hong Kong already does 75000 passengers/hour.
Scale is the biggest issue in large city transport systems, and in an event like a football match or concert, this system can't scale to that capacity. Rail is still the only available solution that fits the requirements of a large city.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 415

This is my point, it isn't luck, it's awareness that prevents accidents.


I don't care if you're Mario Andretti (and I guarantee you aren't). It doesn't matter how great a driver you are, because in many of those "easily prevented" accidents you look at, some moron is doing something stupid, and then running into another driver.

Well actually they aren't. Those do happen but they are in the minority, and as a motorcycle rider who has been riding for 30 years and faces fuckwit drivers on their mobile phones, or old grannies with limited vision cutting me off nearly every day, I assure you that being aware of those around you is the greatest preventative measure to reducing accidents.

BTW Mario Andretti skills are different from defensive driving skills. He was good as getting a car around a track quickly, but these are not the same skills required to avoid crashing your car, or avoid being run into in traffic.Yes some amount of crashes are out of your control, but the majority can be avoided with suitable awareness.

Comment Re:What they really need (Score 2) 297

Seems to be a common problem these days, a combination of NIMBYs who don't want any development, and a local govt with no vision for growth are causing an massive imbalance in supply/demand. The only solution for large growing cities is high density and mass rapid transit. I've lived in both Singapore and Hong Kong so have seen it working first hand. When done properly, most city dwellers shouldn't need to own cars as you can walk/train everyhwere. High density also means more convenience since everything you need is close by, and more green space since everything is so compact it takes up less land.
I can't understand why we continue with the failed suburb/car model from the 1950's.

Comment Re: Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1163

Ok so irrational paranoia then....

There can be no meaningful conversation with someone who makes such a statement.

The facts are clearly on my side, but you choose not to see it.

If you have facts present them. Where are the "many" first world countries that have confiscated all the guns from their citizens?
As stated elsewhere, the countries most similar to the US, the UK, Canada and Australia have have stricter gun controls, but a responsible person can still own a gun, and more importantly, because of these restrictions, less people are getting shot.
These are the facts which you choose to ignore.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 415

That just means you're lucky. Most people in fact probably don't have a life-threatening crash in their lifetimes. However, over 30,000 people a year die in the US alone (I think it used to be closer to 50k, but it's fallen thanks to safer cars). Do you want to play the odds? I don't.

This is my point, it isn't luck, it's awarness that prevents accidents.
Have you ever watched Air Crash Investigations? I have a similar thing for car crashes, I take interest in all the major accidents in my local area, and you'll be surprised how many accidents (ie most of them) are caused by simple carelessness ie whether via speed, alcohol, drugs, fatigue, inattention, or mechanical failure, accidents can mostly be avoided by being an attentive, focussed driver.

Then you wind up with a car with crap stuck all over the inside, wires hanging around, etc. And even if you get some nice all-in-one stereo you're still stuck with a noisy car (they've gotten a lot quieter in the past decade or so), and a gas-guzzler (fuel economy has increased greatly in the last 5 years). Plus you also have a car that's constantly having problems and needs expensive repairs because things wear out after 100-200,000 miles.

I've owned a few old cars, like an old house the character makes up for the flaws. I'm not talking an old bomb, but a classic.
And if you have an interest is fixing things yourself, and old car can be a labour of love :)

If it's one of the newer ones with the JCI/Visteon infotainment systems, check out and Disabling the speed-related touchscreen lockout is pretty simple once you figure out how to log in (you'll probably need a USB-to-Ethernet adapter).

Yeah it's a brand new CX5, I'll check it out thanks.

Comment Re:Why do they need ANY info? (Score 1) 415

Fuck that. I don't want a car that kills me in a minor fender-bender, I want a car that has state-of-the-art crashworthiness,

Don't believe the hype. I've been driving 30 years and haven't come close to crashing. I'm sure it happens, but I think the industry feeds on fear. I've also been riding motorbikes for 30 years, so maybe I haven't become as accustomed to the false sense of security the modern car industry likes to pedal, I also tend to keep my wits about me on the road which is 99% of the problem.

and also has useful technological features integrated such as a Bluetooth phone interface.

Aftermarket parts can fix that easily

Or block the passenger from doing it, just like my car does with the GPS.

Yep, my car used to do that too. Thankfully, however, it's a Mazda and the infotainment system runs Linux, so a bunch of people have been hacking on it for a while and figured out how to change things.

I have a Mazda, please post a link and save me from this hell...

Comment Re: Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1163

Except, that it doesn't...

Yes it does. That's the thing with logic, no amount of believing otherwise changes it.

I'm not afraid my government will want to one day seize all the guns...

Are you sure? Because it sounds exactly like that's what you are afraid of.

There is ample evidence from many nations in just the past 30 years that many governments want to disarm their populations...

Which ones are those then?

Any type of gun lists or gun registry makes that really easy to do...

If I saw that governments in general respected law abiding citizens to be armed, I'd feel otherwise. But since they don't, you simply can't trust them.

Ok so irrational paranoia then....

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1163

No, and how you get that out of "If you really want to be a gun free zone, you need the sort of protections that airports and courtrooms have." is beyond me...

Er, because Airports and Courtrooms have strict gun control (quite obvious I thought)

Because you're a sheep and ok to be disarmed by your government?

OMG, a civilised society that doesn't feel the need to carry firearms to get an erection! Please god nooooooo!!!

Seriously, I don't say that jokingly, gun registration is one step away from gun confiscation,

And one step away from "Communism!" too right?

and dozens of governments in first world nations have done it within my lifetime.

Which ones are those then? I leave the space for below for you to fill in the details...

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1163

Except, you do and you're just kidding yourself...

Er, not in my country we don't....

It is a stupid rule. If you really want to be a gun free zone, you need the sort of protections that airports and courtrooms have. That is the only way for it to mean anything.

So gun regulation then? Makes sense to the rest of us, why do Americans find this point so hard to accept?

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