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Comment Re:Fixed it for you. (Score 1) 440

I'm 48 years old and 100% of the married men in my peer group (middle class, mostly white males married to mostly white females, all with white collar jobs) complain about their wives lack of interest in sex. ALL of them. I don't think any of the conventional explanations make sense.

Of course it makes sense. Men want sex their whole lives, women only want sex to have kids. Society doesn't want to accept this and oppresses male sexuality by enforcing this primitive concept called monogamy. Once you accept that sexual monogamy is a myth, life gets a whole lot easier.
(It's worth noting that social monogamy can still be maintained with sexual freedom, just don't tell the missus)

Comment Re:Fixed it for you. (Score 1) 440

When a woman gets married and has children, her whole life changes. Her husband is no longer the focus of her life, her children are. She loses interest in sex, and doesn't see why she should have to do it any more. If she wants another child, sure, but otherwise not. To her, it's just one more person who wants something from her at the end of a long day at work, and this one she can actually say "no" to. So, she does.

Meanwhile, the husband, cut completely off from one source of sex he is allowed to have, grows increasingly desperate and unhappy.

There is an easy fix for this. They're called hookers.
Stay married, and have as much sex as you can afford. Win, win.

Comment Re:At least a call girl is honest (Score 1) 440

But even selfish assholes, being selfish, try to look out for their own interests.

Everything you do is selfish. People steal because it makes them feel good. Others give money to charity because it makes them feel good. People like being married because it makes them feel good. Some of them fuck around because it makes them feel good. At no point is there any option which isn't self serving in some way.

Comment Re:At least a call girl is honest (Score 1) 440

I think there's more than only two types of marriage. Some people are emotionally connected but not sexually. Some actually like to share. Some have marriages of convenience so sexual restrictions are not part of the deal, and some are happily married but simply need sexual variety. I'm sure there's many others.
Imposing your own traditional view of marriage based on some concept invented by primitive goat herders has shown time after time to result in disappointment.

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 2) 440

I know a guy that met one of them. She played the whole married looking for an affair game, said she just wanted to fuck around, and he got hooked.
So the deal was she'd organise a hotel for their rendezvous if he'd split the bill. He rocks up, she asks for the money, quick shower and sex, and within the hour she asks him to leave. Through sheer chance I heard the exact same story from another guy, same girl, same hotel room. She probably had 10 guys lined up for the day and made a decent income, although you can only pull that off for so long.

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 1) 440

a good-looking guy asks 100 Americans and 200 European females if they want to have sex with him. I think he may have gotten ZERO in America and 2 in Europe but one was a prostitute.

Because women are looking for different things in a partner to a man. We want physical beauty, and will happily sleep with someone based purely on appearances, but most women prefer a charming personality over looks (within reason). So this 'experiment' is flawed.
I've had friends that picked up every single time they went out. I'm talking multiple times per week for years on end. The formula was the gift of the gab, being confident, funny and interesting, and having no standards of physical appearance. Not once did they ever walk up to a girl and ask for sex straight up. The female libido simply doesn't work that way.

Comment Re:"Correct" Is Subjective (Score 1) 154

They have the right reaction, they're just aimed in the wrong direction. If your business is based on a technical solution, then your decisions must have a technical basis. If you're making what is technically the wrong decisions for "business reasons", then either your business or your reasoning is suspect.

Yes, but equally, there's a lot of technical people who think they know what's good for the business, but really don't. Cloud services are a prime example, there's so much irrational hate out there, but all the FUD has been debunked. Ultimately it comes down to risk, and both cloud and on-prem come with risk, the cloud option however generally is easier to define and insure against, which is why business is a big fan of it.

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