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Submission + - Amazon, Abebooks Profit from White Supremacy

An anonymous reader writes: There is a debate in the West about whether hate speech should be protected, or outlawed. But most "reasonable people" would probably agree that reputable companies like and should not be profiting from White Supremacy. Yet they are. With their marketplace/storefront services, and allow third parties to list new and used books for sale. Unfortunately White Supremacists and Holocaust Deniers are taking advantage to peddle their wares to a larger audience.

Two notorious Holocaust Denial books The Myth of the Six Million and The Hoax of the Twentieth Century: The Case Against the Presumed Extermination of European Jewry are available for sale on both (here and here), and Abebooks (here and here). A Holocaust Denier has set up a storefront on Amazon, where DVD's with titles like Why Do Some People Dislike Jews? and Judea Declares War on Germany are sold. Abebooks has a White Supremacist storefront here, where material in such categories as White Nationalism, American Nazi Party and Anti-Semitic is sold. (Screenshots archived here).

Does protection of Hate Speech extend to the right of companies like and to profit from it? Does the Amazon or Abebooks brand appearing beside a title like "Why Do Some People Dislike Jews?" give these ideas legitimacy? Or, if free speech is allowed with impunity, does it follow then that online marketplaces should not vet what they sell?

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