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User Journal

Jabbrwokk's Journal: Evolution debate degrades

Journal by Jabbrwokk
Sigh... once again an article about evolution on /. degrades into a multitude of sneering nerds insulting in straw man attacks anyone who believes in creation of any form.

I believe a creator God brought this universe and all its components - living and otherwise - into existence and set its processes in motion. How he did it is for science to try and explain, and I see no conflict between science and the Bible - which is more concerned with WHY God created the universe, than HOW.

It's a shame that some posters, apparently vehement atheists, feel they need to boost their positions by attacking and belittling anyone who disagrees with them.

And it's a shame that Christians keep trying to engage in a fruitless debate instead of living their lives the way Christ wants them to live. Arguing never brought anyone into the Kingdom of God, and shaping America into a religious nation is definitely not what Jesus was talking about when he talked about the Kingdom of God.
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Evolution debate degrades

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