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Comment Re:Uh huh. (Score 1) 221

To sell cars in the US VW had to pass the test.
VW passed the test.
I actually wonder if they did break any laws or regulations. They without a doubt broke the spirit of the law but...
The simple truth is that the EPA probably has a regulation stating that the car can not have any special emissions testing modes that cause the care to perform in a way different than if driven under normal circumstances.
It is possible that the engineers did not know the law but simply knew the test.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 1) 88

Neither of them have the IOPS needed for any kind modern applications. And if you don't have IOPS, you might as well go for a less expensive system that can create the same level of IOPS, with better redundancy using off the shelf drives, that have the same performance capabilities (See BackBlaze for statistics) as the "Enterprise" drives used by Dell, for half the cost.

THE ONLY reason you buy either is for "Enterprise" support. While that may be worth it to you, I personally would rather have more capacity, better redundancy and lower actual costs. And knowing what is in the pipe in the way of drives, my horizon for buying Long Term Storage is about 2-3 years, when we start seeing SSD drives in the 16 TB size with 100K IOPS per drive start showing up, completely displacing spinning drives altogether.

The problem is, most people don't have a proper horizon view of their needs and over spend now, so they don't have to spend later, only to outstrip their own predictions and need replacement storage much sooner than expected. "If you build it, they will come".

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 1) 88

Compellent and Equalogic are to of the great examples of Dell buying a competent lineup, and ruining it forever. They are forever a day late, dollar short. There is, however, a class of bosses who value "Enterprise" labels on things, because it removes them from poor decisions. Dell is the new IBM that nobody got fired for buying. And eventually, they will end up like IBM as Just Another IT Services Company. I'll let you decide if that is worth anything in the long run.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 1) 88

Their "enterprise" level support is excellent and the products generally perform as advertised

No. They buy good products, and turn them into bad products with "Enterprise" support, which is enough to keep pointy head bosses happy. You'd be surprise how much leverage "Enterprise" matters to people.

Comment Re:The first two launches will take place in 2017 (Score 1) 73

"If your goal is to put something - anything - on the Moon in one piece, as a technology demonstrator, maybe that tradeoff works."
Maybe but I find the idea of electrically powering the turbo pumps of the engine as very questionable vs classic turbo pumps.
I wonder if they are using thermal batteries?

Comment Re:Give me a raise (Score 4, Informative) 307

I got a better idea of what a good manager was from reading the book "The Soul of a New Machine".
The problem with good managers is they look like they are doing nothing.
A good manager fixes problems before they happen. You are going to need a logic analyzer next week and it shows up on your desk on Friday of this week.
It is just transparent.

"Anyone attempting to generate random numbers by deterministic means is, of course, living in a state of sin." -- John Von Neumann