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Comment: Re:more NOS and less lense flare (Score 2) 327

The idea of a transporter that can safely put people (or anything else with about the same mass...) onto planets in other star systems is just too huge a break in the balance of power. It's literally an apocalyptic weapon; unless you can figure out how to put transporter-proof shields around every valuable target you've got (and remember here that a planet counts as a valuable target, if you can beam a big enough antimatter bomb much less some "red matter"). It's a modern stealth bomber when your enemies have nothing newer than steam engines. The Borg don't have anything that comes close to being as effective a weapon, and they have single ships capable of defeating fleets and time travel tech (First Contact).

Comment: Re:Am I alone in not being bothered by the lens fl (Score 1) 327

The lens flares were excessive but were not by any means the major problems with the movies. I actually thought the 2009 film was pretty well done too, for all that the "sci-fi authors have no sense of scale" thing was taken to an absurd level even by Star Trek standards.

Into Darkness contained so much shit I really can't forgive it for the excessive suck, though. The idea of a transporter that can put a few hundred pounds of mass safely on the surface of a planet in another star system, for example, is an absurdly overpowered superweapon along the lines of a modern nuclear missile submarine during WW1. That was far from the only problem with Into Darkness, but it was more than enough. Nothing else in the show makes sense once you have something like that. Then again, with extremely rare exceptions, Star Trek has never appreciated the military prowess of the transporter.

Comment: Re:Action movies are boring. (Score 1) 327

The episode is "Fortunate Son", season 1 episode 10. Directed by LeVar Burton (who has apparently directed a lot of Trek since his days on TNG).

Of the handful of Enterprise episodes I've seen (most, unfortunately, from season 1), it was one of the better ones. I'm told the show got better in later seasons but I have never seen anything from later than mid-season-2. It's not *all* dross, though.

Comment: Re:MITM legalized at last (Score 1) 290

by cbhacking (#48663817) Attached to: BT, Sky, and Virgin Enforce UK Porn Blocks By Hijacking Browsers

That was a (reallllllly stupid) bug in Debian/Ubuntu, then. Making it that easy for an attacker to interfere with the update process in a way that leaves no sign of the interference is just plain moronic. Simply blocking the outbound request - about all an attacker can do when it's over TLS - would have been detectable as "hey, where's my update server go?" Allowing the attacker to manipulate the update list - I hope to hell they couldn't manipulate the actual updates, for example to supply outdated DEBs instead of ones that fix bugs - is nothing less than a security vulnerability in the OS. Maybe not a critical one (unless the update packages aren't sent securely) but still a vuln, and a terrible idea.

Yes, your ISP shouldn't be intercepting your HTTP requests. But your OS should *never* be using plaintext HTTP for anything remotely serious.

Comment: Re:Except that.. (Score 1) 276

by cbhacking (#48656553) Attached to: TSA Has Record-Breaking Haul In 2014: Guns, Cannons, and Swords

A good point indeed. I'd be more worried about somebody in top physical condition and well-trained in any offensive martial art than about the average person with a box cutter. Yes, technically the blade can do more damage, but the trained fighter is still going to be a lot harder to stop.

Similarly, I'd be more worried about somebody with a short-barreled semi-automatic pistol than somebody with an AK-47 or a .50 sniper rifle. The rifles have way more firepower and probably more magazine capacity, sure, but they're also unwieldy as hell in the confines of an airplane, and the whole "walk very close behind somebody with your weapon muzzle just behind their heart, telling them what to do" deception is really hard to pull off when your weapon is three feet long.

Of course, the TSA is not, and never has been, focused on what an intelligent person would be worried about. It's merely the natural symbiote of the fearmongering politicians: make the populace terrified, and then show yourself to be doing something about it! The fact that it lets you divert lots of tax dollars to your buddies who make fancy scanning machines is the cherry on top...

Comment: Re:And how many were terrorists? Oh, right, zero. (Score 3, Insightful) 276

by cbhacking (#48656487) Attached to: TSA Has Record-Breaking Haul In 2014: Guns, Cannons, and Swords

Not only does it let you lock the gun, but there is no way in hell any airport or airline is going to let themselves be "the one who lost a passenger's gun", because that means some criminal somewhere just got their hands on a firearm that they were responsible for transporting safely. If you want your luggage to arrive safely, a starter pistol or flare gun or similar are probably among the best insurance options you can buy.

Comment: Re:Established science CANNOT BE QUESTIONED! (Score 1) 718

He said "One study estimated that it could be completely gone during summer in less than 22 years"

Yes, he is promoting the idea that the ice caps are going to be gone.

You can see him claim 5-7 years here (from 2009) :

BTW, it is now 5 years later and there was still ice this summer.

Comment: Re:What a horrible first world problem (Score 1) 291

by Archangel Michael (#48653145) Attached to: Amazon "Suppresses" Book With Too Many Hyphens

"Too many" is not "wrong kind"

We should be able to articulate what we intended much better than was done here, especially those people criticizing literature and editing skills. If this was a formatting error (as was indicated) then that was the problem, the letter should have indicated it. And since it was a formatting problem, it was easy to fix, as was proven in this matter.

There was no need to remove the book, and a human (not an automated response) could (and should) have politely asked for a correction. Amazon simply came across as a boor.

Comment: Re:What a horrible first world problem (Score 2) 291

by Archangel Michael (#48652543) Attached to: Amazon "Suppresses" Book With Too Many Hyphens

And "The Interview" was a problem for Kim (North Korea, not Kardashian) so what? The problem with listening to every whiner is that they get too much power in the process, and normal people start being impacted by all the various "rules" the whiners come up with that serve no purpose other than to annoy everyone else.

Hey, I just described political correctness :-D

Comment: Re:My sockets are made of high quality steel (Score 1) 152

by NormalVisual (#48646235) Attached to: NASA 'Emails' a Socket Wrench To the ISS
Wouldn't an impact wrench have been a more appropriate tool in that case?

Yes it would, but I didn't have one available at the time.

Or a regular wrench + a good number of firm taps with a hammer?

Tried that before breaking out the jack.

An 18" lever and floor jack sounds like a good recipe to break off a frozen bolt.

Yeah, it is a lot of times. After the first attempt, I let it sit for a couple of days with penetrating oil on it, and I had the drill ready to go if things went south. I was frankly surprised that the bolt *didn't* break, and even more surprised that the threads were perfectly clean, with just a little bit of blue Loctite on them.

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