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Comment: Rope-a-dope (Score 1) 221

by globaljustin (#46830365) Attached to: F.C.C., In Net Neutrality Turnaround, Plans To Allow Fast Lane

Romney would have rolled over like a trained collie & done anything he was told. It's lunacy to assert otherwise. Obama is a legit President, not like Nixon, Ford, Regan, Bush I & II and Clinton...Obama isn't perfect but he's not illuminati.

Obama stretches decisions bad for the Oligarchary out over time...he doesn't fire Sebelius when all the media heat is on it happens after...the Keystone XL pipeline is another example...

Net Neutrality isn't decided yet. I've seen alot of long well-thought out comments on this story but the FCC has no teeth & Obama likes to avoid using executive privilidge in the FCC.

As for voting...there is never a time you're not "voting for the lesser of two evils" from a systems perspective. Is the glass half-full or half-empty? It's both...and you always are choosing a **representative** that could never possibly do exacty as you would want. It's always a best choice of many (usually two at the national scale...state/local is different at times)

I'm freaking about Net Neutrality, but I have been since 2006 (check my comments) more than ever people are aware of it & understand the implications

Net Neutrality will win at the end of the day.

Comment: Re:equal protection (Score 1) 353

Selectively apply "Affirmative Action"

You can't just pick and choose...this whole thing is due to Michigan Law School's stupid, reductive points system...which Affirmative Action was never intended to be applied that way

Affirmative Action is not in any way a quota system & its proponents are consistent with that...except for a few places, with policies made by idiots, like Michigan Law School

This decision, on the larger scale, will help (republican) pols avoid equal rights requirements

Comment: Re:Hackers (Score 4, Insightful) 61

by JWSmythe (#46827509) Attached to: The Hackers Who Recovered NASA's Lost Lunar Photos

Check your dictionary. Lots of things have two or more meanings.

Among readers here, the preferred IT meaning is roughly "an expert who uses his knowledge to do things requiring extraordinary skills." It's not "the kid who tricked you into giving him your Facebook password."

I'm curious, are you just a confused child, or a troll?

Comment: Re:Does this mean no more Gnome desktop? (Score 1) 693

by Shark (#46826815) Attached to: The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money

Well, they sort of did... About as much as Windows did the Start menu. They added a layer of extensions on top of all the crap you don't need to give you back the features they had removed because they decided that you weren't using your computer properly.

What I'm having trouble figuring out is how this thing can be so very sluggish and memory hungry when all they appear to have done is remove stuff the stuff Gnome 2 users were actually using. Of course, you need to spawn all of Webkit and Spidermonkey to have Gnome Shell running so that might have something to do with it. I also have to congratulate them on their ability to waste more screen space by making the interface simpler. One would expect a simpler interface to leave more room for your work, not less.

Oh well, I've decided to spend my efforts adding the few little things missing from LXDE rather than trying to tame Gnome3 back into becoming usable.

Comment: Re:Still hoping they make a movie camera (Score 1) 122

by JWSmythe (#46826707) Attached to: Lytro Illum Light-Field Camera Lets You Refocus Pictures Later

Well.. I count myself as one of the manual focus crowd, as well as anyone who uses anything but a point & shoot camera. As you said, it's the focus point gets you. The "bird in flight" photo you describe is a great example. Are you managing to keep the bird on the auto-focus point (or the majority of points for multipoint focus)? While you're tracking it? Including when you press the shutter?

I've seen a lot of photos like that, and they do a wonderful job of some very pretty well focused cloud photos, with a blurry spot in the foreground.

Most people will mangle the bird in flight on an auto camera because the shutter speed was too long and the photographer's tracking wasn't perfect (and the bird did something silly like flap it's wings). Most of the point and shoot I've used refocus when you actually shoot, so there's an extra second while it adjusts, while the bird disappears from your view. Most of those either focus on the clouds, some tree on the horizon, or tall grass in the foreground.

Manual focus, you can set the focus with the bird on the ground. Your effective ISO (for most decent DSLR) and shutter speed were already set. If you use manual focus cameras, you intuitively readjust while you're shooting, so a change in distance isn't a big deal.

This camera actually looks pretty cool, since it will compensate for that. "damned close" becomes "perfect +- a good bit". Did I want the birds wingtip or his eye to be focused? I can look at the options later. :)

I'm annoyed more than anything, when I only have a point & shoot (like at an amusement park, or other places that I don't want to carry gear), and the perfectly framed snapshot (heh) ends up focusing on the wrong thing, is hopelessly blurred, or just took too long to auto-adjust before actually taking the shot.

Like, if you're taking a photo of your kids on a roller coaster. You snap when they come into view. It adjusts and takes the photo either as a blur of the last car, or a perfectly focused and exposed shot of the tracks. "Ya kids, I saw you rolling down *those* tracks!".

I'll admit, sometimes I do get lazy, and leave everything on auto. When I want the good picture, I switch to manual.

In your "bird in flight" example, sure, if the camera is set to all auto, I'll track and shoot, and hope it comes out. If I see the bird getting ready to fly, I'll take the time to get the good shot.

Comment: Sotomayor != racist (Score 1) 353

Anyone who thinks Sotomayor is a "racist" is a total idiot.

Michigan's Law School brought this whole thing on themselves by their Frat Boy interpretation of "affirmative action"

If you read the opinions, all the justices agree this ruling is for a narrow application of the concept of "affirmative action"

The Michigan Law School had a stupid, reductive, over-simplified method...

4.0 in undergrad? +1
clerk for a judge? +1

black.... +1

it's fucking ridiculous...anyone who knows anything about "affirmative action" knows that application by the Michigan Law School would be **bound** for a court challenge

Michigan's Law School practically set this up. It's almost a perfect "test case"....

Comment: Re:This is completely absurd! (Score 1) 353


I agree with "affirmative action"...Michigan's Law School brought this on themselves by how they chose to enact the policy.

Seriously...blacks and hispanics do suffer a racial bias that still exists...but Michigan's system was made as if it was intended to provoke this kind of decision.

Comment: Michigan's system was stupid from the start (Score 1) 353

Michigan's Law School used the absolute dumbest interpretation of "Affirmative Action" which precipitated this whole mess.

"Affirmative Action" does not mean your Law School has to use a "point system" where points are awarded for characteristics.

1 point if you were a clerk for a judge

1 point if you are black


Comment: Re:Still hoping they make a movie camera (Score 1) 122

by JWSmythe (#46818619) Attached to: Lytro Illum Light-Field Camera Lets You Refocus Pictures Later

Focus is a horrible problem to solve.

"real" photographers don't use auto-focus, because you're almost guaranteed that it will focus on the wrong thing. When I'm taking point-and-shoot pictures with pocket camera, I have to be careful, and hope that nothing distracts the camera. When I'm doing serious photography with my nicer cameras, it stays in manual mode.

Unfortunately, this camera looks cool, but it would be relegated to use like my nice DSLRs are. I bring them with me when I'm doing a shoot. It's silly to carry it with me everywhere. I did for quite a while, but eventually it became too much trouble, and I realized i was taking snapshots with my phone more than the DSLR. Eventually, it was more like thief bait, because it just sat in the back seat of my car waiting to be used.

I'd love to give this iiium (lllum? lilum? ilium?) a test drive. I'll let my friends know, if they happen to win the lottery, I'd like one to be delivered in my new Bugatti Veyron (I hope my newly rich friends will be generous).

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