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Comment: Rover? (Score 1) 32

by globaljustin (#47436669) Attached to: Mars (One) Needs Payloads

if MarsOne was in any way legit, nations and orgs would be lining up to get these payloads...Russia, China, ESA, NASA, MIT, UCLA, India, not to mention private companies including mining companies

i'd put a rover up to test preselected areas...


have a rover -AND- a craft that detaches in orbit or before that goes an explores a pre-select asteroid

i saw someone suggest "Lego Mindstorms" above...that's where this is'll be like a Raspberry Pi thing they select

Comment: it was in my original post (Score 2) 80

No fan of the Republicans here, but enforcement is the Executive Branch's bailiwick. :/

yeah...I addressed your point, directly...from the post you responded to:

> enforcement: GOP excuse: "can' money to do it...we got us a budget crisis b/c of government spending"

the GOP controls the budget...exec branch included...this is the end of the discussion

Comment: Colour temperature vs CRI (Score 1) 207

by spaceyhackerlady (#47432963) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

This was an educational experience for me, learning the difference between colour temperature, which is really only valid for continuum sources, and colour rendering index, more applicable to spectral line sources. Low CRIs don't necessarily have a low colour temperature, but they definitely distort perceived colour, whether they're too blue, or the weird orange of sodium vapour lights.

The most stringent CRI requirement in my home is my makeup mirror. Which is the last incandescent bulb...


Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 462

Yeah, the Lenovo T420s has an array of mics up top around the webcam, and in theory they can be used to filter out noise from typing and be tuned to pick up the voice of the talker and not the speakers. But I went through all that calibration and it still sucks... it does filter out a lot of the keyboard noise but it also attacks the voice as well. Maybe someday Lenovo/Conexant will release better, more tunable drivers, but I haven't seen anything positive on any of the Lenovo support message boards yet.

In Lenovo's defense, I bought a z710 for my wife, and it appears to work great with Skype and stuff out of the box (though I've never sampled the audio quality on the far end of the call). It's a nice little desktop replacement box, at the time probably the cheapest laptop I could find with a 1920x1080 LCD and a half-decent NVidia GPU. Of course, it still has an Intel 4000 integrated GPU as well for "hybrid power savings"... you can't disable the iGPU, and the thing would BSOD with any 3D applications using the Nvidia GPU until I installed the right combination of driver updates relatively recently.

Comment: because: Republicans (Score 3, Insightful) 80

"why not go after the worst offenders?"

"go after" means the Federal Government to **enforce** laws or pass new ones

Republicans block every effort to pass new Net Neutrality laws or enforce currenet ones

> enforcement: GOP excuse: "can' money to do it...we got us a budget crisis b/c of government spending"
> pass new laws: GOP excuse: "can' laws are 'regulation' and that's bad for business and jobs"

So the answer to "why not go after..." is simply BECAUSE REPUBLICANS

if you must contradict my dual thesis...policy and laws exist and we enforce them...Republicans and Democrats control that...on both issues my thesis is that Democrats want to "go after verizon, comcast" and that Republicans oppose such actions by vote and by administrative must show Republicans who advocate for both Net Neutrality AND increased enforcement/regulation on big teleco's specifically if you want to have a discussion

Comment: proved my point (Score 1) 279

by globaljustin (#47428699) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

"Free will" is undefined, unexplained magic, and thus of no scientific meaning.


right...that means the reverse is true....***science cannont disprove the existence of "free will" either***

which agrees with ORIGINAL POST said the exact same's even in the title...

questions of "what is intelligence?" and "what is free will?" are **not answerable by science**

"free will" and "intelligence" are socially constructed words to describe observations of human behavior....they "exist" as concepts only in the context of human interaction

you can say "free will is an illusion" but that doesn't take away my ability to sue you in court if you violate my "free will" by drugging me and raping me

so I'm cannot disprove the existence of "free will"

Comment: pedantic response (Score 1) 132

you're trolling...but I want to respond for posterity as it is theoretically possible that someone could be misled by your response.


and you can take that money and exchange it for dollars **anywhere they exchange money**

you're attempt at finding fault in my conclusion is completely official monetary issuing body accepts BTC

again...when I can pay my taxes and mortgage with BTC it is "money" until then it is a hobby currency

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 462

Onboard sound sucks.

My work laptop (Lenovo T420s) is useless for microphone audio (some Conexant chip). The company keeps wanting us to use Skype and Lync and SoftVTC to do meetings, but all the people who try to use the onboard audio are inaudible (because the built-in noise cancellation keeps ducking their voice), or if they manage to dig 5 dialogs deep to disable the noise cancellation (with an option that gets reset every reboot), they have lots of system noise over their voices (even if they're using an external mic. ). So everyone dials in via phone for group VTCs and mutes their PCs.

I have an expensive Jabra headset with a USB dongle. That gives me pretty clean audio. Should be able to use bluetooth too, but that takes more driver updates and even then it's still a pain.

My gaming PC has somewhat nicer onboard audio, but even with a S/PDIF link to my Logitech Z-560 speakers, I still get a hiss whenever the OS turns on and "opens" the audio device. Would be nice to be able to input digital audio somehow for Skype, but I ended up just plugging in a cheap USB webcam with a digital mic instead.

Still, it's kinda sad that any cheap mobile phone has a better microphone with AEC (for speakerphone use) and NC than you can get on most computers.

Comment: science & computing not philosophy (Score 1) 279

by globaljustin (#47425243) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

another thing, you missed my point (which I put in bold text) completely

my point was that discussions of "what is intelligence?" ARE NOT SCIENTIFIC OR COMPUTING QUESTIONS

sure, investigating how the human brain works is science...

and trying to make a faster/better computer by applying that knowledge is science...

but arguing language and definitions of abstract concepts?

philosophy major's job

Comment: logical contradiction & you agree with me? (Score 1) 279

by globaljustin (#47425161) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

you criticize me for saying something, then tell me that the OP was right **for saying the same thing**

OP's point, which you're deliberately missing, is that whatever intelligence is, it is not an observer-relative thing which demands that the observer be unaware of the mechanism

that was MY point...

intelligence IS NOT OBSERVER RELATIVE...that's why the Turing Test and Lovelace Test are completely unusable and foolish as a test of acheiving "artificial intelligence"

because they can **move the goalposts**

you're agreeing with me, getting upmodded...but talking as if you have presented a counterpoint

Comment: all tautology & frankenstein (Score 1) 279

by globaljustin (#47425101) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

In particular, if one could hypothetically replace someone's brain with a computer and not know the difference then the computer must necessarily be intelligent, insofar as humans are intelligent

simply untrue...

why? your scenario is incomplete

what is the **context** of this test of the computer-brain hybrid person?

how long do i get to talk to them? can i spend all 24 hours of each day with them? I have many more questions about the complexity of the 'test' for this frankenstein

the whole notion that "if people think it is X then it is X" is a tautology...tell that to your philosophy friend

Comment: you can steal 'not-money' (Score 1) 132

article headline is stupid...

ruling that something can be stolen does not prove it is "money"

anything of value that can be owned can be stolen (in monetary terms)

"money" is a dumb word to use as a milestone

BTC's problem is that it is not accepted as payment for things like taxes, mortgage payments, car's not accepted's a hobby currency

when you can pay your mortgage or taxes with BTC then it is "money"

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