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Comment: Re:Remind my why they are being sued (Score 1) 484 484

Currently cable companies pay the broadcasters to carry their channel. If Aereo was allowed people might cut out the cable company and just receive the programming for free. This would be lost revenue for the cable company and broadcasters. So instead of providing a competing product, they sue to keep their monopoly.

Comment: Would hav ebeen more impressive if (Score 1) 72 72

Since the 1960s, geophysicists have known that some earthquakes are preceded by ultra-low frequency magnetic pulses that increase in number until the quake takes place.

The pluses would have been more impressive if they decreased in number at some point with anti-pulses. I'm guessing they meant frequency instead of number.

Comment: Crash into whoever violated the rules (Score 1) 800 800

Crashes should be very unlikely when everyone is following the rules of the road. So if the car has to pick between the guy that cut it off or the car next to it, it picks the car that cut it off. Maintain the right of way if no other option is available without creating a crash.

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