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Submission + - Oculus Rift raises another $16 million->

Craefter writes: On the E3 it seems that the Oculus Rift caused a mental erection with the investors this year. Some investors (Spark Capital and Matrix Partners) were able to push $16 million in the direction of Oculus VR in the hopes for the product to hype.
This is all very nice, the HD unit looks a bit more slick than the ski goggles with the tablet glued in front of it from the first version but it would have been better if the next gen consoles would commit support for it. We all know how well the wave stick from the PS3 was adapted as an afterthought.
That said, major titles like the 9 year old Half-Life 2 and the 6 year old Team Fortress 2 are getting full support for the Oculus. I hope in the future developers would implement support for a VR headset per-default in their games and not years after the fact. A bit like the EAX standard from Soundblaster. That worked out well too.

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Comment Sounds like.... (Score 1) 1 1

Halting State and Rule 34 by Charles Stross. When I originally read the books, I thought this type of technology was a couple years further down the road than it turned out to be.....Though the cloud and HUD and all that good interlinking stuff probably isn't integrated nearly as well as the books, so there's a bit of solace to be had!

Comment Uhm..... (Score 1) 398 398

I've got a Goal Zero Nomad 7 and their Guide Plus. So that doesn't count as a UPS, but I do have batteries. A number of flashlights. Not really snacks, as such, the SO and unwanted roommate are on a healthy diet kick. Most of the food (salad stuffs aside) require cooking. I'm sure if there were some kind of disaster, we could go outside and find a store or something, so not too big a deal. Plus, car. :)

Submission + - Using open source to build sustainable communities->

angry tapir writes: A documentary from Filament Features coming out this year will feature the work of the Open Source Ecology project, which aims to produce a set of open source tools capable of building environmentally sustainable communities. The project aims to design a 'Global Village Construction Set' (GVCS): a set of 50 modular, easy-to-replicate tools that can be used to construct sustainable communities, with the designs available under an open source licence.
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Comment Wait, did I miss something? (Score 4, Informative) 180 180

All the people here on /. should know that most recent-ish 'Linksys' gear is supported by aftermarket firmware; DD-WRT and Tomato among others. Granted, a lot of people might not know the difference, but they run much much better than the shit that ships on them.
Hell, I'm still using a WRT54G from forever ago, and it's been online almost constantly (barring my tweaking and futzing up the install occasionally) since mid-2005. No slow-downs, no hiccups (not counting misconfigurations), etc, etc. And this is old old MIPS with 16MB RAM, guys. You know in the newer (WRT120N was mentioned above) hardware should at the very least perform as well as previous products, if not better. But it doesn't. Flash your firmware, and see the difference. Seriously. I'm sure if they cam pre-installed with something like Tomato, out-of-the-box, Linksys wouldn't have this weird brand identity crisis. But of course, Cisco and open-source are at polar opposites of the world, it seems. Also, WTF Slashdot? It's 2012, please get a WYSIWYG editor, instead of arcane HTML formatting and such. Line breaks.

Comment For the firewall (Score 0) 503 503

If you are going to use the Windows Firewall, because it's preloaded and free, you can download an add-on for it called TinyWall ( and can add applications, define what they can and can't do, with what and when. Allow certain ports via TCP/UDP? Allow certain EXEs but not others to access the network? Done. And it's pretty easy to use, honestly. And it's super lightweight, in terms of resources. And you can prevent modifications if you want, via a password to the settings themselves. And import/export rulesets, in case you need to nuke-from-orbit! :)

Comment Needs more... (Score 0) 55 55

SNK stuff. You know, NeoGeo, and the MVS arcade systems. Of course, for the MVS, they can charge like $.50 per play or something to get some extra funding. But then I imagine the incredible amount of space required for a couple of these, and I just cry :(

Comment There are a few out there (Score 4, Informative) 446 446

There's Mozilla's Browser ID, which is uses nowhere....Google, Yahoo, et al seem to have been 'bundled' into the Disqus 'platform' across various sites. I think it's more that no one wants to give up 'control' of their user data and associated metrics to a single open standard. By forcing users to continue to sign up for their 'services' they get to collect whatever they want through the use of EULAs, ToS', etc. For their own ends, of course.

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