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Comment: Re:inflation embiggens numbers (Score 1) 534

by JRV31 (#48925217) Attached to: Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever

and also if thats the issue, why are there talks about increasing taxes on gas now that the price has finally dropped to a reasonable level? all they are gonna do is continue to demonize big oil, while taking the money themselves.

What do you mean reasonable level? The oil companies started the inflationary spiral with thier fake oil shortages. It should cost 30 cents a gallon. Capitolism is a ponzi scheme.

Comment: Re:Everything would suddenly have an alien connect (Score 1) 333

by JRV31 (#48924979) Attached to: The discovery of intelligent alien life would be met predominantly with...

There would probably be precious little talking to the aliens themselves. Except for those looking at how to take advantage of the aliens. Or how to use the aliens to take advantage of or obtain mastery over other people.

The USA would try to keep it secret, most of us would never know.

"Nature is very un-American. Nature never hurries." -- William George Jordan