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Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 455

Actually, you miss my point entirely.

Personally, I think the best response for such language would be for Siri or Cortana to simply reply with "that sort of language really turns me off" and then power down (maybe wait for the 3rd example). It's a relatively gentle chiding, and enough of an inconvenience that people would avoid it. And it would kind of be funny.

I have no problem with these systems discouraging uncivil behavior or language. No problem there.

What I have a problem with is the sense of aggrievement now spreading to inanimate objects. It's a memetic cancer.
Personally I don't believe that a society can long function if one has to filter ones' comments (and let's be honest, THOUGHTS is the real intent) for every person's conceivable sensitivities. Offense is personal; you cannot insult me if I don't care what you say. Far more sustainable to grow a reasonably thick skin and live your life without looking for opportunities to claim victim status.
Expanding the "hurt feelings" franchise to machinery is frankly ridiculous.

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 291

If you need examples, ask every victim of every revolution or warzone who suddenly had saw their rights disappear when the men with guns showed up.

Their rights didn't disappear, their rights were denied. Infringed. Interfered with.

Governments don't give rights. Governments impose limits on them, or protect against that happening. But they don't create them. Hopefully you're not confusing rights with entitlements like so many people do.

Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 3, Insightful) 209

I wish people would watch Sarkeesian's videos (or read the transcripts) before making assumptions about what she says.

You mean the part where she says that "everything is sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic" or the part where she starts whining because it doesn't cater to her political ideology and she gets upset over it and goes running to the UN?

Yeah, she's no different then Jack Thompson...except for her gender. Which get's her a free pass where any criticism is labeled has harassment.

Note that she doesn't need to offer "proof" for her opinion that portraying women (and men) better in games is the right thing to do. She is a feminist, her position is backed up by decades of feminist theory, and you can debate it all you like. She isn't making a falsifiable hypothesis, she is stating an opinion based on a large body of widely accepted philosophical work.

No, she needs to offer proof. The second she claimed she wanted to make the series to be included in the classroom and for educational purpose. And the second she decided that she wanted to go speak before crowds. She's wants to spew her stuff, but doesn't want anyone to turn around and call her out on her bullshit.

Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 1, Flamebait) 209

Consumers, like any other demands/requests for content in games. If you think they and the people who listen to them don't represent enough of your market share to care, then you can feel free to ignore them. Although funny enough, those with actual money and marketing research seem to think it is more important to listen than those that want to make up statistics from their mother's basement.

Well we've seen that already. Women make up the vast majority of the casual market, feminists whine and complain that the non-casual market which is primarily male dominated doesn't cater to their needs. Looks like the situation is working out fine and marketing and research departments are doing a good job of realizing that. So why is it that feminists and sjw's who in general don't play those games, want to shove stuff down everyone elses throats?

If they really wanted to, they could make their own game and see how well it holds up under public scrutiny. My guess? Dismal failures much like the various walking simulators and games like Gone Home(note the disconnect between reviewers and gamers).

Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 5, Insightful) 209

Well considering she's the one claiming it's 100% one way. Never mind all those fashion magazines, or romance novels either. She's just another scam artist, the fact that she refuses to debate anyone even when offered 5 figures or the donation of that money to the charity of her choice should tell you a lot. Even Jack Thompson would debate people after he was called out. He looked like an idiot, but that's more then what she's done.

Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 1) 209

She has some very good points though. It's funny to watch the videos with all the male characters having strategic butt coverings, but not female characters.

You don't play very many video games huh? Sure is strategic butt covering in here.

People overreact though, "raawr, she wants to change my game very slightly!" And GG had some very repulsive actors in it, they don't know how to debate so they decide to send threats.

Sure thing, lots of death threats there. You of course realize it's not a slightly. How's that Fire Emblem censorship going? SFV? GTA5? Those claims that gamers just "being localized" and all that(except of course when it's something they steven universe then it's censorship)? If she actually gave a shit on anything she said, she'd make her own games and let the market decide if they're worth anything or not. But nope, she'd rather run to the UN and claim that criticism is harassment. And being told to prove her arguments is harassment.

Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 1) 209

That doesn't stop them from crying about xyz being the new moral panic. Then again, some of them are just out for the sweet victim buxs like Anita Sarkeesian, others are out to make a name for themselves like Tipper Gore, and others think it's their job to save everyone like Jack Thompson.

Comment Fuck you, protesters (Score 0) 256


- fuck you and your ridiculous stone age religious sympathies. (BTW I'd say the same thing to Christians if they prevented building a telescope on a Chilean mountain because "Jesus' spirit lives here")
- fuck you and your revisionist history; if Hawaii was still its own country, you'd have your own 1%ers that would instead own that land, the normal people STILL wouldn't be allowed there, and the astronomers could build their telescope there simply by paying someone a hefty bribe with probably 10% the complications
- fuck you generally.

Comment Re:We are returning to the dark ages. (Score 1) 99

Tell that to the victims of abortion clinic bombings.

I can't even remember one of those happening here in Canada, and if I remember right the last one in the US happened almost 30 years ago. They were ostracized and called batshit insane by the Christians even the crack-pot Christians.

Muslims though? You hear a blip here and there, like the organizational leader of a group of mosques here in Canada saying all mosques should be under surveillance and so on. And then you hear the rest of them going nope, we're fine...followed up by chanting god is great and then send some 14 year old off to join a terrorist organization.

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