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Comment Re:Yes/No (Score 1) 216

Hecklers veto. If police are concerned about an attack on the protests, they should beef up security around the protests, not block them altogether.

In reality, Paris just wants to suppress dissent. So do you.

And that beefed up police presence worked well for the two nuts who did the boston bombing right? Remember that unlike those of us who live in Canada or the US the laws on the books are fundamentally different in many parts of Europe.

In reality, I'm playing the devils advocate. You're just making an ass out of yourself.

Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 1) 290

No, there were no WMDs in Iraq

Ok, so the WMDs in Iraq, used by Saddam to kill thousands of people in Iraq - those didn't exist? This sort of nonsense is supposed to make you sound credible? Who do you think your audience is - people just like you, but even dumber, who won't wonder if you paid any attention whatsoever to stacks of dead people killed with Iraq's chemical weapons? Man, it must be really annoying to be you, with reality being such a constant irritant like that.

Comment Cynical? (Score 3, Interesting) 111

Maybe I'm just becoming increasingly cynical in my old age, but this article reads like a slashvertisement.

Taking the time to look up DAVID SCHELTEMA and CHIP and Next Thing, either a) he's a committed hobbyist who out of altruism spends the majority of his time promoting projects that he genuinely feels are superior in dozens, scores, perhaps even HUNDREDS of articles for more than a year across nearly every conceivable media form from magazines to blogs to twitter, or b) he's a paid shill (or investor) in this project.

Comment Re:Yes/No (Score 1) 216

Before Fox would air a new episode of 24, would you put a new set of vinyl sheets on your mattress in preparation for a night of terrified bedwetting?

Do you turn around and ignore reasonable assessments of threats, and then bury your head in the sand when there is a credible possibility? After all, that's what led to the cancellation of a soccer game in Germany last week. One can't forget about what happened in Brussels last week either.

It's fun to play 'what if' so let's do that. Let's say the government doesn't use emergency powers to block the protests. And a couple of weeks after a series of terrorist attacks, terrorists use the opportunity to splody-dope themselves from within the crowd. The public response would be: "Why didn't you stop the protests." And on the other hand, you have the "Why is France stopping the protests, are they afraid or something?" Because they're taking a reasonable precaution.

Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 242

Give links, man. Let everybody see what you're talking about so they can understand your commitment to ethics in journalism.

The zoe post vs what the media reports.

Common knowledge is quite uncommon.

Really? You should let the courts know asap. My theory that the sky is actually puce in colour should go over well then.

Comment Re: Isn't this why computers are great (Score 1) 242


Common knowledge, it doesn't require a citation. Want a recent pop culture example? The Zoe Post, and examine the media's stories on it. In nearly every case, the stories are factually wrong, even though the story will cite(the zoe post) and make incorrect statements and claim they're factual.

Comment Re:This is *SO* unethical ! (Score 1) 242

Sadly, EULAs and the like tell them they can do this. Courts have upheld it. Which means taking them at their word is pretty much useless.

What? If the user who wants to participate in online discussions on a private company's web site agrees to a EULA that states that the owner of the web site reserves the right to change the conditions of using the site, then that's exactly what you signed up for. The only "sadly" involved is users sadly not reading what they agree to. Most people in the gimme-dat-free-stuff mindset don't think things through anyway.

Real names policies exist because companies say "what value can I get from selling the fact that SuitWrinkler53 commented on the website?" and deciding that they can't sell that information.

Or, if you're a publisher, those policies exist in order to spare the publishers huge ongoing legal expenses in dealing with inquiries and even subpoenas related to digging out real names or other information about trolling, libelous, or otherwise criminal users.

And then you realize they don't know much about the underlying technology, and are probably using something like WordPress.

No, then we realize that you're talking out of your ass and haven't bothered to so much as view the source on one of their pages in order to see that you're wrong. And that the paper - like so many who can't afford to go about it in any other way - are using a third party SaaS solution. Which means a single code base for many clients, which means no, customizing it for one customer isn't always desirable or even do-able.

They just have to remind you it's technically private property, and that the license says they can change the terms if they wish.

Oh, so you DO get it. What are you bitching about, then?

Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 1) 290

The reason why Saddam was under that disposal and inspection regime was *because* of those things

You mean, the things that didn't exist? What are you saying exactly? You're trying to have it both ways.

What Saddam did in the past and was under restrictions for is itself not a valid pretext for invasion.

Sure it is, because he refused to comply with the requirements that arose from everything that went before. And you're STILL pretending that his forces never ceased to target those protecting the no-fly zone, wasn't robbing from UN food and relief funds to buy more weapons, and so on.

Where was the evidence of WMDs? None.

I know, I know, you're trying to wish away the deaths of thousands of people killed with exactly those non-existent WMDs that you simultaneously say were the basis for the inspection regime. I suspect you're don't actually listen to yourself, in order to avoid realizing how silly you sound.

Almost 15 years past we have not found any evidence of hidden/buried caches

Right, just the places where they USED to be, and which were blocked from inspection while he was still in power.

Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 0, Troll) 290

Do you mean waterboarding? The very same technique to which thousands of US military people have subjected themselves during routine training? That sort of thing?

And "behind the Irag invasions" ... what? Do you meant the invasion conducted by dozens of allies following Saddam's attempt to take over Kuwait? Or do you mean the follow-up invasion that occurred because Saddam never met any of his obligations following the cease-fire has his invasion was pushed back, and as he continued to fire on aircraft patrolling the no-fly zones over the territories occupied by the ethnic minorities he'd been systematically killing with air strikes and WMD's? Silly me, of course you know all of that, and you're just a cowardly anonymous troll out to re-write history and, as a another lying little lefty, trying to distract everyone from the fact that the party you want in power will be run by Hillary Clinton, who saw all the same intelligence and supported (through her own votes and vocal support) both the original conflict and the second one that completed it. Hint: people actually pay attention, so just lying about it doesn't actually change history.

Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 1, Interesting) 290

There was never any strong evidence for WMDs regardless of what rumors may have been out there

You're actively pretending that Saddam didn't USE his chemical weapons to kill thousands of people. And you're completely mischaracterizing the UN inspection team's early observations of large caches of VX that could NOT be later accounted for (remember the huge, completely phony "documentation" dump provided by Saddam's people to the UN, followed by active blocking of UN inspectors whenever they asked for unplanned inspections of the very places they thought they might find such things?). Yes, I remember Hans Blix, but you're choosing not to remember how things actually played out on the ground as his inspectors were turned away time and time again.

Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 181

Kinda the sweet spot for hybrid-electric drives, no?

Well trains aren't hybrid electric, but they're diesel driven electric. A few companies like Freightliner and Mack have been messing around with it for a few years, but there's problems mainly to do with the raw torque requirements for trucks, especially on heavy grade pulls. One of the solutions(can't remember if it was Mack or Freightliner), went with both. Diesel-electric for long cruising and diesel drive only for startup pulling and grades.

Comment Re:Good old fashioned crisis management... (Score 2, Interesting) 290

Seems to me it's closer to paraphrasing. On top of that, the elaborated sentence can also imply that if you know that a crisis exists and you postpone it for whatever reason(time/public backlash/money/others don't believe it's urgent/etc), you can then use that opportunity to implement things that you wouldn't be able to do so before. That also includes implementing things that the general public would find highly objectionable, but would allow in a crisis moment. Or to ram though legislation that would have failed previously.

Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score -1, Flamebait) 290

Seriously, the CIA is responsible for the creation of Al Qaeda as a threat to America, you're welcome for 9/11.

So let's see ... as everyone has had to do through all of history, we worked with regional interests to help push back against the greater bad guy (the Soviets, continuing to try to expand their territory). The regional guys turn out to have their own post-Soviet-fight agenda. You, however, as typical nonsensical racist, think that people from that region aren't able to make their own decisions or set out to fulfill their own wishes. No, to you those Foreign Brown People are like zombies that would sit and do nothing without the controlling wizardry of Teh Eeevil Amerikkka blah blah blah.

the drone killing campaign which spawns ten terrorists for every one it kills

I see. So you're a bigger fan of going in on the ground with huge column of armor and troops and the supporting logistics so that we can, instead of using deliberate air strikes, get into a non-stop series of random street fights while trying to kill the same terrorists, but instead rack up huge collateral damage while also telegraphing every move on the ground and chasing the targets out of range for months on end. That is an EXCELLENT alternative. And of course that strategy wouldn't do anything to inspire new jihaddi recruits, no not at all.

stupid illegal invasion of Iraq

Oh, here we go. I didn't realize you were just trolling. Sorry. Since you're revising history and just making stuff up, I guess we'll call it a day.

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