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Submission + - 400 parts per million CO2 breached->

symbolset writes: Over the past month a number of individual observations of CO2 at the Mauna Loa Observatory have exceeded 400 parts per million. The daily average observation has crept above 399 ppm, and as annual the peak is typically in mid-May it seems likely the daily observation will break the 400 ppm milestone within a few days. This measure of potent greenhouse gas in the atmosphere should spark renewed discussion about the use of fossil fuels. For the past few decades the annual peak becomes the annual average two or three years later, and the annual minimum after two or three years more.
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Submission + - Dvorak Claims US CIO Vivek Kundra is a Fraud->

Philip K Dickhead writes: "From the "can-you-spare-some-change dept.":

John Dvorak researches the background of the US Chief Information Officer, Vivek Kundra, and discovers some very serious questions pertaining to his background and qualifications. Regarding his claimed MS in Information Technology from the University of Maryland? "The registrar has no record of it. After initially posting this article the degree has cropped up apparently at the nearby University Campus in 2001. This was found by Nextgov.Com. But his degree in biology has yet to appear as his record shows a degree from College Park Campus for Psychology and nothing more." "I first suspected something was fishy about this fellow by listening to... his common referrals to Twitter and Google Docs as some sort of high-tech breakthroughs and a way to save money and empower the public... pure cornball pop culture and the blogosphere, not... computer science or Information technology." "He hasn't done anything to warrant this appointment. There are no great policy papers. There are no books. There is no invention. There is nothing but vague tech positions in city and state governments. How does this make him a "techno-whiz" as he was portrayed by the New York Times? It took him six years to get a simple undergrad degree in psychology! Was it just because he uses Facebook and likes Twitter?" These are not the first troubles and dubious circumstances related to Kundra and his appointment."

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The Best Keyboards For Every Occasion 523

ThinSkin writes "ExtremeTech has written an article on the best keyboards in every category, such as gaming keyboards (macro and hybrid), media center keyboards, keyboard gamepads, and so forth. Of course, the big companies like Microsoft and Logitech dominate these lists, while smaller companies like Razer, Ideazon, and others play an important role as well."
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Submission + - Facebook used to serve court papers

yorktimsson writes: The age says that Australian courts are using facebook to serve court papers...

"Today in what appears to be a first in Australia and perhaps the world, Master Harper of the ACT Supreme Court ordered that a default judgement could be served on defendants by notification on Facebook."

Submission + - Wine goes 64-bit with Wine64

G3ckoG33k writes: Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator) is a popular way to run Windows programs on Linux, and it has an impressive compatibility list. After 15 years of development it reached version 1.0 a few months ago. Now, Wine developer Maarten Lankhorst have succeeded in running 'Hello World' in 64-bit, natively! The 64-bit variety is unexpectedly named Wine64.
GNU is Not Unix

Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) Released 482

SDen writes "Bang on target, the new version of Ubuntu Linux is available for our downloading pleasure. Amongst various changes it sports updates to the installer, improved networking, and a new 'Mobile USB' version geared towards the blossoming netbook market. Grab a copy from the Ubuntu website, and check out Linux Format's hands-on look at the Ibex."

Comment Uh what? (Score 2, Informative) 30

I just read the article... and I am astonished just how little content can make up an article. So we have one returning character and two babes, one maybe playable, but we don't know. We have different enemies that are different from the different enemies we had before (and yes, I purposely overused the word "different" here). And we have rumors on how they'll die, decompose, all the while burbling and turning into slime. Could someone please explain to me how this is relevant news concerning a new computer game? No details, no specs, no screenshots, just some Japanese magazine having seen a soon-to-be-released trailer and another newsfeed picking up the story, summarizing ineptly what will become perfectly obvious from watching the trailer which you'll be able to watch soon yourself. And yes, I must be new here and all, but please... wake me up when there's NEWS to be had.

Comment Re:Proof (Score 4, Insightful) 131

Pffft. So tell me-- why when I browse a site in the "Internet-zone" and then print a table of links, does that function run in the 'Local Zone'?

I'll tell you why: because it has to. You can't access local devices in the Internet Zone. That's the point. Granular approaches would allow you to print without accidentally giving other permissions to something that shouldn't have them.

At the enterprise level, with something like NoScript, you can just allow entire domains, say or whatever your organization uses.

Next thing you're gonna tell me is that you think Microsoft should do away with ACLs at the individual file level or even the directory because users are just too stupid to figure that out. They should just have "file zones" and people will just have to stick their files in the right zone. Pffft.


Submission + - VIA releases 16,434-line FOSS framebuffer driver

billybob2 writes: VIA has released 16,434 Lines Of Free & Open Source code that enables Linux to natively use the framebuffer on VIA's graphics chipsets. This comes a month after VIA announced that it will provide Open-Source drivers and documentation on its website so that its hardware will work out of the box with Linux distributions. This gives VIA-powered systems that come pre-installed with Linux, such as the gPC, 15.4" gBook, CloudBook and Zonbu the ability to output graphics through digital connections such as HDMI and possibly making them the best-supported framebuffers Linux has ever had. Look forward to documentation and drivers from VIA as well in the near future.

Submission + - No sex please, we're Amazonian Mollys

Smivs writes: "A fish species, which is all female, has survived for 70,000 years without reproducing sexually, experts believe. Scientists from the University of Edinburgh think the Amazon Molly may be employing special genetic survival "tricks" to avoid becoming extinct. The species, found in Texas and Mexico, interacts with males of other species to trigger its reproduction process. The offspring are clones of their mother and do not inherit any of the male's DNA. Dr Laurence Loewe, of the university's School of Biological Sciences, said: "What we have shown now is that this fish really has something special going on and that some special tricks exist to help this fish survive. "Maybe there is still occasional sex with strangers that keeps the species alive. Future research may give us some answers.""

Submission + - Feds to collect DNA from everyone arrested-> 2

TheKnightShift writes: "The federal government has announced that it will soon begin swabbing the mouths of EVERYONE it arrests, in order to collect DNA samples. This will be regardless of whether or not a person is actually charged with a crime. The DNA will then be stored in a central database, and it will be extremely unlikely that anyone cleared of a criminal charge will be able to have their sample removed from it. The Department of Homeland Security is apparently eager to begin using this new power."
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Submission + - Fake Subpoenas Sent to Pwn CEOs->

An anonymous reader writes: The Internet Storm Center is reporting that a round of e-mails is being sent out that looks like a subpoena being sent to the CEOs of major US corporations. The e-mail tries to entice the victim to click on a link that gives them "more information" about being subpoena'd to testify in a federal court case. According to ISC Handler John Bambenek:

We've gotten a few reports that some CEOs have received what purports to be a federal subpoena via e-mail ordering their testimony in a case. It then asks them to click a link and download the case history and associated information. One problem, it's total bogus. It's a "click-the-link-for-malware" typical spammer stunt. So, first and foremost, don't click on such links. An interesting component of this scam was that it did properly identify the CEO and send it to his e-mail directly. It's very highly targeted that way.
An interesting problem is that while the courts do send some electronic notices out, they are not PGP or Digitally signed to ensure that they are authentic.

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Submission + - SPAM: Study: H-1Bs Go Hand-in-Hand with Job Creation 8

narramissic writes: "A new study by the National Foundation for American Policy (NFAP), a pro-immigration think tank finds that between 2002 and 2005, for every H-1B position requested, tech companies listed on the S&P 500 stock index increased their employment by five workers. For tech firms with fewer than 5,000 employees, each H-1B request corresponded with an average increase of 7.5 workers, the group said."
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